50 shades of soul

50 soul artists to make your romantic night special.

Playlist Tracks

Tell Me Why Gotts Street Park, Olive Jones 03:51
Tonight / What Has Love Done For You? Filah Lah Lah 05:01
My Jewels Darina 02:10
Come Over Ella Gilbert 03:09
Sonder Clara Hannigan 02:48
Sunrise Raven 03:49
Falling In Love Bria Amira 03:36
In Love With A Dream Nathan Farrell 03:58
War Bloom 03:28
Love Song (feat. D.Higgs) Alan Avry, D.Higgs 03:12
Love Me Yang 03:19
Get Up Again Thea Lissi 03:06
Lunatica Sofia Nuccio 03:19
Sense Of Gravity Elly Shane 03:00
Star Angela Nashed 03:19
Preaching Anushka Bibi 03:01
It's You JUST BECCA 03:06
フェルマータ Nao'ymt, Yusuke Yamada 04:10
Dear Me (feat. Re Love) (Radio Edit) Divine Sól, Re Love 05:40
Alone Beau Diako, Ego Ella May 03:03
Forest Titose 02:54
The Flood (Live at Maida Vale) Jordan Rakei 04:43
Wiser Maddy Brown 03:22
Secrets Oryo 03:46
Alone In Paris Faith Richards 04:00
Comfort in Lies Elle Eliades 02:52
Me In Her Tamara Canada 03:09


Rebecca McCartney 02:50
Keep Me Safe Milan Ring 02:03

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