Cosmic Rock

Sit back, relax and take a ride to the furthest galaxies of rock.

Playlist Tracks

Cloudburst Flight Tangerine Dream 07:28
Evening Star Robert Fripp, Brian Eno 07:50
Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft Klaatu 07:10
Inside (Remastered) Eloy 06:42
I Robot The Alan Parsons Project 06:02
Black Forest Goblin 06:06
Solomon's Rising Lucifer 03:25
Gleis 10 Kraan 04:58
Astronaut's Nightmare Nektar 06:27
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Pink Floyd 05:20
Over 'N’ Above Soft Machine 07:23
Love Theme Klaus Schulze 02:11
Seeland Neu! 06:54
So Far Faust 06:20
Taurus Spirit 02:37
Brave New World Jeff Wayne, Richard Burton, David Essex 12:14
Coltrane sundia Magma 04:14
Liebesarie (Stereo) (Remastered) Einzelgänger 04:03
21st Century Man Electric Light Orchestra 04:07
The Word Hurricane Air 02:32
Sing Swan Song (2004 Remastered Version) Can 04:49
Astronomy Blue Öyster Cult 06:23
The Court Of The Crimson King (Including "The Return of the Fire Witch" and "The Dance of the Puppets") King Crimson 10:02
Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) Tangerine Dream 03:43
Metropolis Edgar Froese 11:12
The Moorish Idol Ray Manzarek 05:25
Back to Heldon Heldon 08:35
Olympus Mons Rick Wakeman 05:20
Alive After Death John Carpenter 04:04
Cosmic Tears Birth 07:41

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