On a Mission from Dub

Select cuts from the Dubmission catalogue

  • by Dubmission Records
  • 118 tracks
  • 11 h 47 min

Playlist Tracks

The Void (Bungalo Dub Remix) Tor.Ma In Dub 05:25
Aftermath (Paddy Free Dub) Kingfisha 05:23
Mafia (Dub Remix) Uncle Fester on Acid, Misled Convoy, Bim Sherman 06:34
Shipwrecked Dub International Observer 04:14
Fearless (mcthfg Dub) Mcthfg, Supercozi 04:38
Apply the Pressure Misled Convoy, Kat Five 05:21
Did You Get the Message (Erothyme Remix) Pitch Black 04:44
Shapes and Patterns Drew Id 04:54
Soul Sail Kalpataru Tree 06:13
Theremin in Hand Gaudi 03:32
Sonic Artifact, Pt. 3 Dreadlock Tales, Mikko Heikinpoika 05:51
Finding Each Mcthfg 04:57
The Dream of Lucy (Paddy Free Dub) Tor.Ma In Dub 05:31
Eglinton Valley Subset 05:35
Sound Tlakotli (Mexican Stepper Remix) Sudden Reverb, Nahuatl Jaguar 04:03
Pangolin Dub International Observer 03:34
Back to My Roots (Deep Fried Dub - Roots Remix) Isaac Chambers, Dub Princess 03:41
Cross to Theremin Gaudi, Dennis Bovell 03:18
The Elder Gods Tor.Ma In Dub 06:22
Daylight Wasting (International Observer's Durian Hook) Pitch Black 04:45
Weka Shankara NZ 04:25
The Lighting (Continuum Remix) Tor.Ma In Dub 05:29
Opposite Poles Interact Misled Convoy, Uncle Fester on Acid 05:56
Sixteen Sunsets (Adrian Sherwood's Enter the Void of Sound Delerium Mix) Misled Convoy 04:43
Twilight Akasha Experience 06:44
Woman Will Rule the World (Deep Fried Dub Remix) International Observer 05:14
The Everything (IshDub Remix) Tor.Ma In Dub 05:24
Third Light (Bodie Remix) Pitch Black 05:08
Flowstate Continuum, Mas Nalgan 07:13
The Colour from Space Tor.Ma In Dub 05:44