This Is: Colemine Records

This playlist is an introductory course in the soulful goodness we've cranked out over the years. It's a starting point to see what we're about: authentic, soulful music!

  • by coleminerecords
  • 261 tracks
  • 15 h 58 min

Playlist Tracks

ATL GA-20 05:12
Drift The Winston Brothers 03:47
B.A. The Jive Turkeys 03:53
Wrap Myself Up In Your Love Say She She 03:25
Free Ride The Winston Brothers 04:12
Blockhead Ghost Funk Orchestra 03:44
Do You Know The Man The Harlem Gospel Travelers 03:27
Hang On The Winston Brothers 03:04
Changing Light The Ironsides 04:46
Fortune Teller Say She She 03:19
This Life (Live) Kendra Morris 04:06
Why? Ghost Funk Orchestra 03:31
Help Me To Understand The Harlem Gospel Travelers, Aaron Frazer 02:59
Pink Roses Say She She 03:18
Fairweather Friend GA-20 02:45
Scatter Ghost Funk Orchestra 02:44
Prism Say She She 03:52
Stop Bothering Me Lizzie No, Ben Pirani, The Means of Production 03:09
Dry Run GA-20 03:16
Brownout Ghost Funk Orchestra 02:08
1% Crown Scone Cash Players 04:30
NORMA Say She She 03:41
Waiting For The Storm Ikebe Shakedown 03:59
Hold Your Head Up The Harlem Gospel Travelers 03:16
Trouble Say She She 03:06
Sweeter Than Strychnine Lizzie No, Ben Pirani, The Means of Production 03:53
Easy On The Eyes GA-20 03:31
I See You Runnin' Reverend Baron 04:04
Cloud Of Smoke (Live) Andrew Gabbard 03:34
Little Mama The Gabbard Brothers, Andrew Gabbard, Buffalo Killers 02:55