Summer Swing 2022

The thermometer is rising and the calendar is pointing to summer, so it's time for our Summer Swing Playlist 2022. We browsed deep into the Electro Swing box and selected the best summer tunes for you. From Swing House to Neo Swing, to Swing Hop and

  • by electroswing
  • 99 tracks
  • 5 h 14 min

Playlist Tracks

Summer Swing Glenn Gatsby 02:38
Something Serious DelaDap, Wolfgang Löhr, Reinwald Kranner, Melinda STOIKA 03:10
La Femme Jolie The Soulmate Project, Might be Vero 02:53
Bella ciao Betty Booom 02:59
Gringos Revenge Parov Stelar 03:58
Parla più piano / In cerca di te (Electro Swing Mix) Glenn Gatsby, Free Shots 02:48
Ponder (Betty Booom Remix) Marina & the Kats, Betty Booom 03:21
Mambolero Pisk 04:11
Illusion Varrick Frost 04:12
Shadow Hat Glenn Gatsby 02:57
Boring 20s Tamela D'Amico, Wolfgang Löhr, Ashley Slater 02:50
The Barber DanyloM, Betty Booom 02:56
Somerset Freshness (Album Edit) Tape Five 03:13
Bukovina Mr. Jazzek 02:53
Again Retronic 02:42
Someone New Wolfgang Löhr, Sonia Elisheva 02:56
King of the Conga (Glenn Gatsby Remix) Swing'it, Glenn Gatsby 02:27
Summery (Original Mix) Chemars 06:23
Wannabe Swingrowers 03:00
Mambo Rap Parov Stelar 03:23
Re-Ain't She Sweet (Electro Swing) Wolfgang Löhr 03:04
Fly 11 Acorn Lane 02:56
Bongo Cha Cha Cha Goodboys 01:53
Bella di notte (Wolfgang Lohr Remix Radio Edit) Free Shots 03:23
Via con me (Electro Swing Mix) LVDS, Iolanda Boban 02:47
Posin Glenn Gatsby 03:03
Happy Swing a Dilla 03:09
Mad Swing DJ Mibor 04:00
Wellerman (Electro Swing Mix) Betty Booom, Ashley Slater 02:18
Freedom Szigeti Juli 03:01