Euradio new music of the week

Every week on mondays, the new tracks we air: mostly new independant music from all over Europe (and beyond). Enjoy!

  • by euradio
  • 70 tracks
  • 3 h 47 min

Playlist Tracks

La flemme Bonbon Vodou 04:26
Affet Beni Kit Sebastian 03:38
Bongolia Incredible Bongo Band 02:11
Filles garçons Barrio Colette 03:04
Full Moon (Odyssey Part II) Dragon Rapide 02:10
War Outside (feat. Lex Amor)


Kojey Radical, Lex Amor 03:56
She Can't Love You Taggy Matcher, Celia Kameni 04:04


Эрика Лундмоен 03:11


Palas, Babylit, Tina Turnup 02:32
Freedom Elle Valenci 03:00
Childish Fear Yndling 04:20
Space 3 Nala Sinephro 01:15
De la fortune Nicolas Michaux 02:36
Balúrdio Maria Reis 03:16
I Don't Wanna Love Ya Now Bria 03:41
Nina Wayne Snow 03:07
Et Hop Corridor 03:14
Est-ce que tu Boost 3000 03:36
A Lot to Ask Boy Scouts 02:38
Simé Love Dowdelin 03:30
Take It Back (I Want More) Kwamie Liv 03:47
Take This Necessary Funk Break Exmiranda 01:02
Avoid Things Tems 03:44
Language Is an Ocean (Single Version) Bishi, Nikesh Shukla 04:33
Storyline District Five 05:18
Once Upon a Time Moderator 03:29
Ttappa Kato Antonis Antoniou 04:35
Marimba La Jungle 03:10
Voix off Turquoise 02:55
Kasekesed Puuluup 03:07