Metal Experience

Do you hear the storm? Enjoy the Hi-Fi metal experience.

Playlist Tracks

Hangar 18 (Remastered) Megadeth 05:11
Enter Sandman Metallica 05:31
Demanufacture Fear Factory 04:12
The Mirror Dream Theater 06:45
The Book of Souls Iron Maiden 10:27
Stinkfist TOOL 05:12
Memento Mori Lamb Of God 05:48
Down from the Sky


Trivium 05:34
Spectrum of Eternity Soilwork 04:01
Duality Slipknot 04:12
Mourning Palace Dimmu Borgir 05:13
A Nation on Fire Machine Head 05:33
I'm Broken


Pantera 04:24
Crystal Mountain Death 05:07
Heartwork Carcass 04:33
Resurrection Chimaira 04:37
Twist The Knife (Slowly) Napalm Death 02:53
Children of the Next Level Testament 06:13
Mechanize Fear Factory 04:41
Downfall Exodus 06:21
Master of Puppets (Remastered) Metallica 08:35
Divine Step Coroner 07:05
The Moor (Remastered) Opeth 11:26
Air Atheist 05:34
Life Devin Townsend 04:31
Nevermore Symphony X 05:29
Pages Circus Maximus 05:00
Atlas Stone Haken 07:33
La After Rain Cloudkicker 06:30
Twilight Of The Thunder God Amon Amarth 04:08