100% Audioslave

All the best from rock supergroup formed by Chris Cornell and Tom Morello.

Playlist Tracks

Like a Stone Audioslave 04:54
Be Yourself Audioslave 04:39
Cochise Audioslave 03:42
Doesn't Remind Me Audioslave 04:15
What You Are Audioslave 04:09
Your Time Has Come Audioslave 04:15
I Am the Highway Audioslave 05:34
Original Fire Audioslave 03:38
Bring Em Back Alive Audioslave 05:28
Revelations Audioslave 04:12
Gasoline Audioslave 04:39
Wide Awake (Album Version) Audioslave 04:26
The Curse Audioslave 05:09
Give Audioslave 04:05
Man Or Animal Audioslave 03:52
Shape of Things to Come Audioslave 04:34
We Got The Whip Audioslave 04:04
Yesterday To Tomorrow Audioslave 04:33
Sound Of A Gun (Album Version) Audioslave 04:20
Jewel Of The Summertime (Album Version) Audioslave 03:53
Be Yourself (Live from Sessions@AOL Music) Audioslave 04:50
Like a Stone (Live BBC Radio 1 Session) Audioslave 04:55
Super Stupid (Live BBC Radio 1 Session) Audioslave 03:23
Set It Off (Live at the Quart Festival-Fade Edit) Audioslave 04:16
Black Hole Sun / Like a Stone (Live at Live 8, Siegessäule, Berlin, 2nd July 2005) Audioslave 07:04
Show Me How To Live (Live In Cuba/2005) Audioslave 05:09
Out of Exile (Live at the Quart Festival) Audioslave 05:04
Show Me How to Live (Live at the Quart Festival) Audioslave 05:02
Loud Love (Live from Sessions@AOL Music) Audioslave 04:52
Doesn't Remind Me (Acoustic Live from Sessions@AOL Music) Audioslave 03:49