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  • by Rebecca Riss
  • 14 tracks
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Time to Say Goodbye Rebecca Riss 03:36
The Winds of Change (feat. Rebecca Riss) Dan Lizhot, Rebecca Riss 03:08
Pillows of Pain (feat. The Slipstream Project) Rebecca Riss, The Slipstream Project 03:22
Sometimes (feat. Yvan Nunez) Rebecca Riss, Yvan nunez 03:52
Remember the Times Rebecca Riss, Peter Dieck 04:37
Without a Trace Rebecca Riss 03:47
I Am the Night Rebecca Gay, Peter Dieck 05:24
You Can't Take the Music Away from Me Rebecca Gay, Peter Dieck 05:00
Just Like RicMargadona, Rebecca Riss, Frederic Osuch 04:41
Standing in the Void RicMargadona, Rebecca Riss, Luiz Muniz, Marcelo Breve 05:41
Show Me How RicMargadona, Rebecca Riss, Igor Banholzer 03:27
Delirium RicMargadona, Rebecca Riss, Rafael 'Frank' Moreno, Luiz Muniz 05:20
What If You Could (feat. Peter Dieck) Rebecca Riss, Peter Dieck 05:33
Echoes Of Yesterday RicMargadona, Rebecca Riss, Rafael 'Frank' Moreno, Luiz Muniz 05:03