Acoustic Guitar Tranquility

Acoustic and Classical guitar instrumentals, nice mix of peaceful, meditative, calming; new releases, originals and covers. Great background music for parties, relaxing, work, or study.

  • by vichowe
  • 365 tracks
  • 18 h 23 min

Playlist Tracks

Airborne Dustin Furlow 03:48
The Wide Ocean Tommy Emmanuel 03:35
Moonshade Pete Izzard 04:51
Of Times Gone By Victor Howe 02:28
Purple Rain Casper Esmann 04:34
Waiting For Eagles Victor Howe 03:49
Morning Jürg Kindle, Holly Jones 03:26
Soar Cristof Walters 03:04
Town by the Highway Ryohei Shimoyama 03:05
Whenever I'm With You Victor Howe 03:04
Tangerine Leaves Masaaki Kishibe, Agustin Amigo 02:36
Blue Sky Victor Howe 03:39
The Summer Before the War (Instrumental Version) Stephen Wake 03:06
Sad to the Bone HomeGrown Ed 02:53
The Wind Blows Quietly Ryohei Shimoyama, Angel Ruediger 02:57
Miraflor Elson Complex 02:43
A Measure of Peace Victor Howe 02:18
Casablanca Agustin Amigo 02:22
Chilling Souls Nylonwings 02:36
For Far Too Long Wanderer's Trove 04:56
Roots Cristof Walters 03:13
Vitoya Pablo Briceño 03:31
Your Presence in the Wind Pete Izzard 02:55
Where Does It Come From? Brian Eyre 03:33
Lavender The Bare Bones 02:12
Try Again Andrew Gialanella 02:07
River Flows in You Casper Esmann 04:16
Wholeness Channing Spence 03:18
Yamile Pablo Briceño 03:24
Slow Dance Peter Lainson, Nylonwings 02:11