Study lofi

A selection of chill beats to help you study.

Playlist Tracks

Roadtrip Iamalex, Felty 02:04
Destiny Alys Good 02:07
Sunny Bliss Emapea 02:15
Sol Joel Squeeda, Loafy Building 02:38
Mondrian Canapé 02:05
Watercolors Oatmello 01:53
Sail Moderator, Etherealplcs 02:36
back when it all made sense Middle School 03:17
Floaters Brenky 01:43
City after rain Wildog 02:45
Amanita Es-K, Danny James, John Culbreth 03:34
Better, Together, Forever Team Astro 02:58
Onteora Lake Kyle McEvoy, Stan Forebee 02:00
Deer, Lion and Eagle Arvnd 02:41
Pier Slo Loris 02:05
Cherry Pantone 02:06
Cheat Sheet Joe Corfield 01:28
convo S N U G 02:17
north shore Baechulgi 02:05
Back When Marmots Used to Smoke Flitz&Suppe, Mr. Käfer 02:08
Cold Morning LoFi Waiter 02:03
everything you say Mommy, Philanthrope 02:38
Busy Grenn 02:39
Desii Mr Scroop 02:17
Raw Quartet Cookin Soul, FloFilz 03:02
Pure Soulone Beats 02:20
No Confusion B dom, Brous One, Greco Murillo 02:26
Zamba Mvdb, Chill Select 02:06
i'm closing my eyes Potsu 01:58
The Girl With the Cappuccino LoFi Waiter 01:54