A collection of remixes of Liars and by Liars, plus collaborations. Featuring Xiu Xiu, New Order, !!!, Tunde Adebimpe, Matmos, Grizzly Bear, Kazu Makino, Holy F**k, Devandra Banhart and more.

Playlist Tracks

skating on the way (Liars remix) Shoeb Ahmad, Liars 03:46
Suicide (feat. Liars) Gone to Color 03:50
Run From The Gullskinna (Liars Remix) CULT OF DOM KELLER 04:05
Rumpus Room Xiu Xiu, Liars 03:44
Top Ticket (Liars Remix) P.E., Liars 03:50
Deleters Holy Fuck, Angus Andrew 03:13
Mess On A Mission (Silent Servant Remix) Liars 04:46
Breathe On (Liars 'Savannah' Remix) ADULT. 05:30
Last In The Club (Liars Remix) Buzz Kull 04:36
No.1 Against the Rush (Matmos Remix) Liars 05:21
Loud As Laughter (Liars Remix) Psychic Graveyard, Liars 03:48
Dance of the Earth (Liars Remix) Laurence Pike 04:36
A Simple Answer (Liars Remix) Grizzly Bear 07:59
Witch Hunt HXXS 03:57
Singularity (Liars Remix) New Order 05:32
Tighten the Grip !!!, Angus Andrew 03:33
Proud Evolution (Thom Yorke 500qd Remix) Liars 06:00
Camo (Liars Remix) JJUUJJUU 04:28
Mess On A Mission (Black Bananas Freezer Jam Remix) Liars 03:36
Drip (By Kazu Makino) Liars 04:07
Sounds for Celebration (Liars Remix) Re-TROS 05:21
Nil (Liars Remix) The Twilight Sad 07:46
Scarecrows On A Killer Slant (By Tunde Adebimpe) Liars 02:30
Dripping Mercury HXXS 02:55
Black Eunuch (Liars Remix) Algiers 04:18
Staring At Zero (ADULT. Y Can't U Remix) Liars 04:29
Cred Woes (33 Remix) Liars 03:26
Else (Liars Remix) Niagara 03:04
Here Comes All The People (By Atlas Sound) Liars 06:29
Snake (Liars' Always With You Remix) Soft as Snow 05:03