20 years of Liars

Playlist Tracks

The Start Liars 03:51
Slow and Turn Inward Liars 03:36
Big Appetite Liars 05:16
From What the Never Was Liars 04:14
Star Search Liars 03:48
My Pulse to Ponder Liars 03:03
Leisure War Liars 03:26
King of the Crooks Liars 03:45
Acid Crop Liars 04:42
New Planets New Undoings Liars 02:43
97 Tears Liars 00:50
Face In Ski Mask Bodies To The Wind Liars 02:06
Murdrum Liars 03:05
Pure Context  Liars 00:58
Double Elegy  Liars 02:05
Left's Got A Power Right Hasn't   Liars 01:22
Past Future Split Liars 01:50
P/A\M Liars 01:35
Fantail Creeps  Liars 01:01
Perky Cut  Liars 02:39
Feed The Truth  Liars 03:35
Gawking At The Accident Liars 01:50
Absence Blooms  Liars 02:25
Extracts From Seated Sequence  Liars 01:53
On Giving Up  Liars 02:31
Sound Of Burning Rubbish  Liars 03:27
A Kind Of Stopwatch Liars 03:45
The Grand Delusional Liars 03:35
Cliché Suite Liars 03:36
Staring At Zero Liars 02:34