When Forever Dies (Expanded Soundtrack)

Expanded version of the Original Soundtrack of When Forever Dies. Besides the original compositions by Pieter Straatman, Kettel and Man After Midnight, this playlist features existing music by Kettel and Secede, Meydän, Scott Buckley

  • by Playlist Heroes
  • 25 tracks
  • 1 h 16 min

Playlist Tracks

Glimpse of Eternity Meydan 02:49
Kingdom of Shadows Pieter Straatman 03:08
The Siren's Call Man After Midnight 03:55
Love Forevermore Pieter Straatman 01:23
Beware the Light, Shadow It Breeds Pieter Straatman 00:30
Pentimento Kettel, Secede 02:15
At His Pleasure I Served Man After Midnight 03:07
Resistance Meydan 03:00
Kirsten Kettel, Secede 04:24
I Dreamt You Came to Kill Me Kettel 02:09
The Black Waltz Scott Buckley 02:56
Insomnia, Pt. 2 Meydan 04:19
Your Number's Up (Original Soundtrack) Scott Buckley 06:21
Mousefort Kettel 03:28
Comatose Kai Engel 03:53
My Heart Bleeds the Color of Night Pieter Straatman 03:18
The Encounter Scott Buckley 05:06
Descent Scott Buckley 02:17
Mercy Kai Engel 03:02
All Must Be Destroyed Pieter Straatman 02:47
Venom Scott Buckley 01:12
Run Kai Engel 04:01
As Tide Follows the Moon Pieter Straatman 02:03
I Loved You Even When I Hated Pieter Straatman 02:47
When Forever Dies Theme Pieter Straatman 02:11