Tracks of 2019 Series: Experimental & Electronic

All the past tracks we've featured in our constantly updated 30 track New Experimental and Electronic Music playlist in 2019 can be found here.

  • by InFiné
  • 896 tracks
  • 85 h 42 min

Playlist Tracks

Before New Beginning Rikaar 06:02
King of Nothing Alina Bea 03:57
Dead in Different Places (Single Mix) Psychic Graveyard 03:24
Europa Kassiel 05:00
Voorbenachte Rade Victor De Roo, Alex Deforce 04:04
Banging The Guixian Tam-Tam Fjerstad 05:30
Ethics Grey Code 05:13
Ana Lorelle Meets The Obsolete 05:24
Your Destination Carlota 04:51
From Inside, Looking Out Daniel Thorne 07:09
A Caged Bird/Imitations of Life The Cinematic Orchestra, Roots Manuva 06:54
Rolling in Your Wall Elsa Hewitt 03:31
On Top


Joey Walker 06:29
All The Way In The Golden Filter 05:02
Taciturn Calibre 06:16
Shakes and Shivers Christoph De Babalon 05:13
All You Can Eat August Landelius 04:48
Low Grade Buzz Huntly 04:59
Kamane Tarhanin Mdou Moctar 05:08
Itinerant Solitude Cruel Diagonals 04:31
Untitled 7 Pom Pom 06:35
Pu Ma KIKOK 04:19
New Heights (Visions of Aisha Malik) Kamaal Williams, Darkhouse Family 03:59
Doctor Spin Jesse Gannon, Thelonious Kryptonite 06:00
Gwarn MADMADMAD 02:34
High Lights Charlotte Adigery 05:08
Dark Waters Rushing In Turning Jewels Into Water 05:36
Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy Xiu Xiu 05:00
Rime Sarah Louise 04:00
A Hint of Yellow Eka Trio, Göran Abelli 06:24