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Crawling Linkin Park 03:28
P5hng Me A*wy (Mike Shinoda Reanimation) [feat. Stephen Richards] Linkin Park, Stephen Richards 04:37
Somewhere I Belong Linkin Park 03:33
Shadow of the Day Linkin Park 04:50
Bleed It Out (Live from Melbourne, 2010)


Linkin Park 05:33
What I've Done (Live) Linkin Park 05:01
Waiting for the End Linkin Park 03:51
Burning in the Skies (Live from Hamburg, 2011) Linkin Park 04:12
A Place for My Head (Live from Koln, 2008) Linkin Park 03:57
BURN IT DOWN Linkin Park 03:50
A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES Linkin Park, Steve Aoki 03:49
Final Masquerade Linkin Park 03:37
Wastelands (Acapella) Linkin Park 03:15
Heavy (feat. Kiiara)


Linkin Park, Kiiara 02:49
One More Light (One More Light Live) Linkin Park 04:19
Papercut Linkin Park 03:04