Darkeria #2

Lisez Darkeria, L'Octogone (tome 2) en musique avec cette playlist spécialement conçue pour vous accompagner.

  • by L.L.Schiffer
  • 47 tracks
  • 3 h 01 min

Playlist Tracks

Andrew's Song IMAscore 03:40
Heroes Never Die UNSECRET, Krigarè 03:05
Soldier Tommee Profitt 03:45
Senbonzakura Lizz Robinett 05:53
Survivor 2WEI, Edda Hayes 03:15
The Fire Within Jennifer Thomas, The Rogue Pianist 05:21
Astronomical SVRCINA 02:52
The Willow Maid Erutan 05:49
Immortalized Hidden Citizens, Keeley Bumford 03:48
Nobody Wants to Be Alone (feat. Atrel) Christian Reindl 04:05
Tomorrow We Fight Tommee Profitt, SVRCINA 03:20
Heroes Fall Hidden Citizens, Essa 04:04
Gloria Regali Tommee Profitt, Fleurie 03:24
Meet Me on the Battlefield SVRCINA 04:24
Here I Am Tommee Profitt, Brooke 03:09
Chosen (feat. Svrcina) Generdyn 04:07
Zombie Damned Anthem 02:47
City of the Dead Eurielle 05:07
Noble Blood Tommee Profitt, Fleurie 03:40
Will I Make It Out Alive Tommee Profitt, Jessie Early 02:58
Royals Lorde 03:10
I'm Not Afraid Tommee Profitt, Wondra 04:14
White Teeth Teens Lorde 03:36
Sound Of War Tommee Profitt 04:07
Strange Young World Ranya, Hidden Citizens 03:54
Too Far Gone Hidden Citizens, SVRCINA 03:40
Heart Of The Darkness Tommee Profitt, Sam Tinnesz 03:49
Empires Ruelle 03:42
Empire (Instrumental) Beth Crowley 03:43
Numb Freya Catherine, Jack Victor 02:59