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I Make You Tali Rush 03:08
Night CVTRIN 02:58
Love Hurts PRSHN, Akacia 04:06
Silentium II Hvlo 04:46
Feelings (Ducal Remix) Misael Gauna, Noctilucent 04:32
I Need To Know Hero Named Nerd 03:56
Here Alone (feat. Meggie York) (Veres Remix) Red Comet, Meggie York 02:54
Old Pray (feat. Gemmi) Konn, Sazu, Taye, Gemmi 03:32
We Are SPIRIT LINK 03:31
Feelings (Star Ocean Remix) Misael Gauna, Noctilucent 03:57
Runaway CVTRIN 03:36
Freefall Nelver, Mage 04:52
Phoenix Nikai, Nomeli 03:15
Get It Back (PatFromLastYear Remix) Illustrated, Bailey Jehl 04:12
Somebody Else Adam Jasim, Taylor Ravenna 03:38
Here Alone (feat. Meggie York) (Adam HRZ Remix) Red Comet, Meggie York 03:12
Fears (Snowfyre Remix) Dream Thief, Numa 03:50
Rise From The Ashes Kamas, Amitav 02:57
Bad Dream (AWON Remix) Vodenik, Kelsey Ray 02:42
Intentions CVTRIN 03:36
Pushing Me WCKiD, TH3 DARP, Emilie Rachel 03:15
Love After Love Eunoia, PatFromLastYear, Livingston Crain 03:27
Surrounded By Your Name Waroxe, Amitav 02:30
Never Let It Go D-Sabber 03:45
Rewind Me Xyan, Azuria Sky 03:05
Another High Gambino Sound Machine, Hubblevision, Malika 02:40
Suffocate CVTRIN 02:25
Show Me The Way Narayan Sethi, Harley Bird 03:14
Purpose Of Our Life (feat. RKZ) RAMSSEY, Rkz 03:59
Drown 4URA, Stella Key 02:46