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No-Budget Filmmaking is a podcast about the art of making films no matter how small the budget. Hosts Alex Darke & Trevor L. Nelson sit down and talk about the latest trends, coolest gadgets, and ultra top secret filmmaking techniques. Want more cool stuff from Alex and Trevor? Visit Filmmaking Central and Cinema Summit. Plus, join the Fearless Filmmakers community to meet other independent filmmakers like yourself and start the independent revolution!


NBF 061: Mastering the Interview Shoot
Interview style shoots can be seen across a wide range of projects. And they aren't just for documentaries or reality shows... In this episode, Alex and Trevor discuss why mastering the interview shoot is a good move for beginning (and even intermediate) filmmakers looking to build experience and income within the industry.
49:45 11/24/20
NBF 060: Navigating The Film Challenges
Many of us have done the 24, 48, or 100-hour film challenges, but what are some ways you can master the art of making shorts under pressure? We talk about it in this episode!
46:19 11/17/20
NBF 059: Brand Yourself!
Branding is an important part of any business, and your brand as a filmmaker is no different. In this episode, Alex and Trevor discuss things to think about when creating your own personal or professional brand.
59:54 11/3/20
NBF 058: The Rise of Premium VOD
With the term "blockbusters" taking on a new form during quarantine, are we going to see a rise in this new PVOD window that is emerging from major studios like Universal and Disney?
59:25 10/13/20
NBF 057: Building an Audience for Broader Projects
We've all heard the advice of building an audience. This is pretty straight forward for things like documentaries or films that center around a very specific niche topic, but what about all the other movies that aren't "topical"? In this episode, Alex and Trevor discuss the often daunting task of trying to build an audience for a broad genre indie film. Get the show notes for this, and all episodes, at
61:50 10/6/20
NBF 056: Short-Form & The Death Of Quibi
Have you ever heard of Quibi? You have? Did you try it? No. In this episode, we discuss short-form content in all its varieties as well as broach the subject of why Quibi failed. Get the show notes for this, and all episodes, at
48:29 9/29/20
NBF 055: Get A Grip!
It's time to get a grip on... grip! That's right, Alex and Trevor are exploring the vast world of grip gear in this episode and uncovering some of the most common and most useful grip tools you'll come across on set. Get the show notes for this, and all episodes, at
49:11 9/22/20
NBF 054: Avoid Making Your Movie Look Cheap
In this episode, Alex and Trevor discuss different mistakes one should avoid, lest your movie look cheap... Ah yes, it's a common conundrum. No-budget filmmakers want to spend as little as possible while making the movie look as big as possible. But it's hard to do that! We cover the key mistakes to avoid so that your film looks like a million bucks.
67:04 9/15/20
NBF 053: Current Trends in Filmmaking
Alex and Trevor discuss some of the trends that are currently popping up in the film industry. Everything from Instagram to Gimbals, nothing is sacred. Get the show notes for this, and all episodes, at
53:08 9/8/20
NBF 052: 3 Things We Would've Done Differently
There's no time to wallow in past mistakes, but hey, we're quarantining, so all we've got is time! Listen to Alex and Trevor discuss the 3 things that they would've done differently on their filmmaking journey, had they known better. You can get the show notes for this, and all episodes, at
40:00 9/1/20
NBF 051: Augment Your Reality
In this episode, Alex and Trevor discuss the latest and greatest in Augmented Reality for film production. We've seen it in the hit series "The Mandalorian", but how can you utilize these advanced techniques in your indie films? Get the show notes for this, and all episodes, at
49:43 8/25/20
NBF 050: NBF Returns - The Future of the Film Industry and this Podcast
Alex and Trevor discuss where they've been, why they went on a hiatus from the show, and how things have changed now that they are back. They also discuss the future of the film industry in a post-COVID world and how movie theaters, VOD platforms, and filmmakers will be affected.
41:21 8/18/20
NBF 049: SELL SELL SELL!!!!!!! Your Movie
As a No-Budget Filmmaker, your job doesn't stop once the final edit is done, you need peepers to see your hard work! How do you go about marketing your film to make sure the maximum number of people not only know about it but can't wait to see it? Alex and Trevor walk you through all the different ways you can get the word out for low to no money and make sure that this film won't be your last.
100:48 4/23/19
NBF 048: I Like To Move It, Move It - Creating Movement In Your Frame
There is nothing worse than a static shot of talking heads, so how can you take a mundane scene or shot and add a little spice? By adding movement! Whether it is moving your camera or moving your actors, Alex and Trevor break down how to keep your audience engaged and liven up any shot.
83:03 4/16/19
NBF 047: The Joy of Casting (With Bob Ross)
Directors often say that the most important work they do is casting, so how do you find the perfect actors for your project. Alex and Trevor break down all the different ways you can discover the next movie star and talk about how the casting process is moving towards a new process in the digital age.
76:13 4/4/19
NBF 046: A Brief Update and a Question for our Listeners
This episode is LATE! And it's not a true blue episode... But, today, Alex and Trevor give a brief update into what they are doing, why this episode is so lame, and ask the listeners to submit their filmmaking questions and ideas for future podcast episodes.
27:14 3/28/19
NBF 045: Why (Most) Horror Movies Suck
Self describe horror movie freaks Alex and Trevor break down what they view as the biggest problems with horror movies these days. Damsel in distress? Cheesy killer? What do many horror films fall victim (get it?) to? But don't fear, the horror duo also focuses on what they love so much about horror flix.
88:52 3/19/19
NBF 044: Nerdin' Out About Post Equipment
So you have the best camera you could afford, all the equipment, have shot the best project of your life, and are about to sit down and edit it......on an Acer laptop from 2010. Time for a post-production workflow UPGRADE! Alex and Trevor nerd out (mostly Trevor) about what you should look for when pimping out your post-production workshop. From building your own computer and what components are most important to accessories, monitors, and the morel, Alex and Trevor will walk you help you make your post workflow much much smoother.
96:52 3/12/19
NBF 043: The Theory of Everything...Filmmaking Related
They've done many, many episodes - too many, some would say - on the technical aspects of filmmaking. Well today, Alex and Trevor are going in a different direction and talking about the theory behind filmĀ and why you should spend the time to learn about the critical studies of film and television.
55:50 3/5/19
NBF 042: Kitted Out: Your Dream Equipment Kit
There is no such thing as a perfect equipment kit that can shoot any project, but we sure can dream can't we? Alex and Trevor walk you through what you should look for and strive for as you build out your equipment and move towards bigger projects, budgets, and profits.
85:18 2/26/19
NBF 041: So You're Going to Film School
They've talked about the pros and cons of going to Film school, but if you are pulling the trigger, what exactly can you expect? How should you prepare for your first class? And what would Alex and Trevor do differently if they could start film school all over again?
76:54 2/19/19
NBF 040: YouTube: Key for Indie Filmmakers or Nothing But Cat Videos?
People love to put their videos on YouTube. Cat videos, kids dunking in trash cans, there are endless videos about countless subjects, but is YouTube a haven for getting your shorts and feature seen by the masses? Alex and Trevor dive into the pitfalls and drawbacks of relying on YouTube and offer better alternatives for the indie filmmaker.
81:21 2/12/19
NBF 039: Our EDCC - Every Day Cinema Carry
We've had episodes about some of the big gear that everyone likes to talk about... Cameras, Lights, and Grip... But in this episode, Alex and Trevor sweat the small stuff and dive into what they carry with them to set each day. There's no telling if either of them were every Boy Scouts, but they sure do like to Be Prepared.
83:17 2/5/19
NBF 038: How To Keep A Production Company Afloat
They talked about what to do to make money as a freelancer, but what do, and how to you survive and thrive if you want to start your own production company? Alex and Trevor talk you through the growth of their production company, Gilded Cinema. How they grew it from a small company doing local gigs for small amounts of kesh to a company that is now working on pilots and feature films.
88:51 1/29/19
NBF 037: Its Not Short...It's Just Not That Long
It's 2019 so it's time to get rocking on your film career! What better way to kick it off than to produce I high quality, well done short to show the world what you can do. Alex and Trevor will take you step-by-step through their process as they begin pre-production on two shorts they plan on shooting this year. What to do, where to put your time, energy, and money towards, and what the goals of a short should be.
86:15 1/22/19
NBF 036: Additional Edumacation
So you don't think Alex and Trevor have all the answers???? Boy are you....right! In this episode, the intrepid duo share their favorite flimmaking learnin' sites, from editing, to VFX, to lighting, if you want to dive deeper into any aspect of filmmaking, Alex and Trevor will tell you their favorite sites to do so. Plus, what awesome new filmmaking gadgets were revealed at CES this year?
79:02 1/15/19
NBF 035: New Year, New You, New Goals!
Happy 2019! It's time to start the new year off right and set yourself up for success. When planning out your filmmaking goals, is it is best to aim high at the unreachable, or to set numerous, obtainable goals? Alex and Trevor talk about their approach to goal setting and discuss their plans for the new year.
94:12 1/8/19
NBF 034: To Edit or Not To Edit, That Is The Question
You wrote your masterpiece, the shoot is in the can, now the question is, do you hand your baby off to someone else, or do you hunker down in a dark room for 3 months and edit it on your own. Alex and Trevor tackle to pros and cons of editing your own projects and also talk about how they individually go about setting up their workflow for a new edit.
69:25 12/18/18
NBF 033: Artistic or Money Maker? What Kind of Film for Your First Feature
As filmmakers, we all probably got into this industry to make art, but when you boil it down, the film industry is still a business and most movies need to make money. When planning your first feature, what should you focus on, an artistic film that shows of your skills, or one more likely to make money? Alex and Trevor break down the pros and cons of each, plus are back to drinking during podcasts! Horray!
83:40 12/11/18
NBF 032: Shorts vs Features - What Makes The Most Sense In The Current Industry?
The question of, "Do I make a short or a feature?" came up quite a bit throughout college and we thought we had a pretty cut and dry answer. But, the industry has changed so much just in the last 8-10 years that the answer is no longer that simple. In this episode, Alex and Trevor discuss why they had made up their minds about the short film/feature film debate and what has changed their mind in the opposite direction as of late.
60:00 12/4/18