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Longtime Washington radio host Andy Parks brings together the very best from one of the nation's premiere newsrooms. From columnists and correspondents to breaking news and compelling guests, Andy has the very latest on all the stories that matter in our nation's capital.


Stephen Dinan: Migrant deaths rising in summer surge 10:45 06/30/2021
Andy Parks: The solution to all of Democrats problems, blame Republicans 09:06 06/30/2021
Stephen Dinan: Inside the mind of a smuggler 14:00 06/24/2021
Andy Parks: Highlighting the lowlights on the left 09:08 06/24/2021
Jeff Mordock: The White House crime prevention plan 11:58 06/24/2021
Stephen Dinan: How social media is reshaping border crime 14:17 06/16/2021
Andy Parks: Beam 'em up from the G7 10:58 06/16/2021
Jeff Mordock: FBI dupes criminals into using encrypted app 12:16 06/09/2021
Stephen Dinan: Border surge sends prices soaring 12:34 06/09/2021
Andy Parks: Dems warped ideas of what this great country should be 11:10 06/09/2021
Andy Parks: Nonsensical news of the week 10:19 06/03/2021
Stephen Dinan: The border is closed? 10:41 05/26/2021
Andy Parks: The big liberal turnaround on the origins of COVID-19 10:12 05/26/2021
Stephen Dinan: Trump tells Republicans to reject Jan. 6 commission 10:06 05/20/2021
Andy's twisted take on the news of the week 19:50 05/20/2021
Stephen Dinan: Border crisis as numbers set a 20-year high 13:14 05/12/2021
Andy Parks: Welcome back to the American gas lines 18:24 05/12/2021
Andy Parks: We can't wait for the midterm elections 10:23 05/06/2021
Stephen Dinan: Courthouses now off-limits for arresting illegal immigrants 13:30 04/28/2021
Andy Parks: Woke? What a joke. 10:39 04/28/2021
Stephen Dinan: National Guard to help with migrant surge 14:48 04/21/2021
Alex Swoyer: Voters reject adding justices to the Supreme Court 10:02 04/21/2021
Andy Parks: Democracy dies under Democrats (Part II) 10:38 04/21/2021
Stephen Dinan: ICE priority arrests examined 14:18 04/14/2021
Andy Parks: Democracy dies under Democrats 10:25 04/14/2021
Dr. Ben Carson: Race and politics in a woke country 12:43 04/07/2021
Stephen Dinan: Biden's DHS chief vows to defend ICE, battle sanctuary cities 13:17 04/07/2021
Andy Parks: You just might be a Democrat 06:16 04/07/2021
Stephen Dinan: Smugglers and the continuing border crisis 11:20 03/31/2021
Andy Parks: Yes, people actually want voter ID laws 08:36 03/31/2021