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The mission of Adventures in Truth Podcast (AiT) is to stimulate the discovery of, and tap into the true knowledge of, our Self and our unlimited potential. AiT promotes living our lives in a state of what we call Universal Truth. In order to know who we are, we have to understand the truths/beliefs we have aligned with. This clarity leads to greater awareness of and understanding about our core beliefs. The process of knowing our true Self begins with understanding the truths/beliefs that we've learned and accepted to be true in our experience. Consistently; and paradoxically, these truths/beliefs we attach to are actually distortions of Universal Truth. At AiT we are committed to confronting these false narratives or stories that create powerful challenges in our experience. The Deep dive format that Adventures in Truth Podcast undertakes each week up-roots those core beliefs and truths that we've become attached to. In doing so we illuminate and clarify Truth. That clarity allows us to let go of truths/beliefs that no longer serve us. Through that release of the distortions of truth we get to align with Universal Truth, and develop a better understanding of who we are and why we're here. We also experience greater and greater levels of wholeness and fulfilment.


The Gift of Uncertainty and the Illusion of Certainty with Cyndi Dale 61:29 06/20/2022
Appreciation and WWLD: Our POWER Tools 56:36 06/13/2022
The Power of "Not-Know" 58:33 06/06/2022
Stop Pushing...Start Flowing 61:57 05/30/2022
A New Perspective on Imagination 59:50 05/23/2022
Triggers, Momentum and Change: The Impact of a Thought 60:07 05/16/2022
How fear staked it's claim on our collective psyche 56:55 05/09/2022
Trailer 01:56 05/06/2022
I am where I WANT to be- ALWAYS! 58:03 05/02/2022
Conversations With Moshe: Self Awareness (Part 3): Understanding Your Why. 62:46 04/25/2022
Conversations With Moshe: Self Awareness (Part 2) 61:27 04/18/2022
Conversations With Moshe: Self Awareness 62:48 04/11/2022
Ayahuasca and Your Relationship with Fear with Paul Diamond 57:30 04/04/2022
Our New Normal: Tips and tools for stabilizing and managing all the new energy. 62:27 03/28/2022
Conversations With Moshe: Clarity about Abundance 60:15 03/21/2022
Unraveling Divisiveness 61:43 03/14/2022
Busting the Meditation Myth 60:03 03/07/2022
Conversations With Moshe: How Do We Change Our Relationship With DEATH 62:53 02/28/2022
Goals are great, but Intention is EVERYTHING with Dr. Greg Hammer 57:08 02/21/2022
Success: the Ultimate Mind Game 56:40 02/14/2022
How are you embracing your new normal? 57:44 02/07/2022
!!! 200th EPISODE SPECIAL !!! Does Your Life Surprise and Delight You? 59:06 01/31/2022
Love and the Absence of Love of SELF- Venus Retrograde: An Astrological Perspective with Shellie Enteen 56:34 01/28/2022
Conversations With Moshe: TRUST YOUR PROCESS 46:58 01/24/2022
Dealing With Loss: Consider this new perspective 59:43 01/17/2022
Our Ancestors have paved the way for us… Carpe Diem! with Shelley A Kaehr, PhD 60:23 01/13/2022
How Do I Embrace My Awakening? With Jewels Arnes and Jennifer Thompson 61:16 01/10/2022
Conversations With Moshe: Unraveling Leadership and Being a Leader 59:34 01/03/2022
Nothingness to nothingness is the whole journey 56:36 12/27/2021
Higher Truth Shall set you Free? Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: An Astrological Perspective 60:57 12/23/2021