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American Liberty with Bill Lockwood is about the culture of America -- not simply about politics. Bill Lockwood is a preacher, teacher, writer, and longtime radio host dedicated to educating the people. Now on YouTube and podcast, the program airs every weekend on stations in West Texas, and its home, NewsTalk 1290 in Wichita Falls. Many people know and love Bill from his regular appearances on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show. Read Bill's blog at his website


COVID-19 Mandates Affecting United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, Guest: Derek Ruvalcaba (10/14/21) 48:09 10/20/2021
COVID Vaccine Mandates Affecting Wichita Falls, Guest: Dr. Jack Askins, Derek Ruvalcaba, & Kelly Fristoe (10/07/21) 50:04 10/20/2021
The American Debacle in Afghanistan! Guest: Alex Newman (Recorded 08/17/2021) 44:07 09/03/2021
The injustice of restorative justice! Guest: Mat Staver (Recorded 08/12/2021) 45:33 09/03/2021
Restorative Justice, Consequences of Socialism in a Free Society. (Recorded: 08/03/2021) 45:10 09/03/2021
Red State Red Country Revolution! Guest: Don Kennedy (Recorded: 07/27/2021) 45:07 09/03/2021
The Bible & Slavery, Islam & Slavery, Reparations & Slavery! (Recorded 07/13/21) 44:53 09/03/2021
WARNING: A Police State in the Making! Guest: Col. Scott Lockwood AF Ret. (Recorded: 07/08/2021) 46:07 09/03/2021
Biblical View of Wicked Political Rulers. Guest: Karla Wallace: A tribute to Harry Patterson 47:43 04/11/2021
Pete Rykowski on Nullification, Jackie Schlegel on Covid-19 Vaccine 45:42 03/28/2021
Special Show dedicated solely to the concept of PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS. 43:27 03/22/2021
The Critical Race Theory: Anti-White Bigotry, Guest: Dr. Duke Pesta 42:53 03/14/2021
America is a Christian Nation, Climate Change Denies Science: Guest: Dr. Samuel Mitcham 45:09 03/14/2021
"America Must Submit"; Cancel Culture & The Equality Act - Guest: Kathleen Marquardt 44:33 02/28/2021
Is Secession Constitutional? An Answer to Rep. James Frank (TX-69) Guest: Lt. Col. Allen West 44:33 02/14/2021
This was not the first stolen election in US history: Guest: Ron Kennedy 47:10 02/14/2021
A Christian Nation vs Christian Nationalism: Guest: John Kachelman Jr. 47:36 01/31/2021
The Purge and Re-Education - Guest: Judy Price: Trump Rally on Jan. 6 was "Patriotic and Peaceful" 45:20 01/29/2021
The Left is Driving the Narrative, Don't be Blind to the Facts! Guest: Alex Newman 46:00 01/17/2021
Constitutionality of Secession: Is it a viable option? Guest: Tom DeWeese 48:50 01/02/2021
Abolish the second amendment, Abolish America: Will there be Succession Guest: Sandy Mitcham 45:45 01/02/2021
Pickled Minds in Seattle; Christianity under attack: Guest Alex Newman 45:57 12/20/2020
Breaking up America: Is it Time for Secession? America a Welfare State 48:00 12/06/2020
Chaos in America: The Last Free Election 46:02 12/06/2020
Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom and Communism: Recorded 11/21/20 47:56 11/26/2020
Have We Seen the Last of FREE Elections? 52:22 11/08/2020
The Left Loves Dictator-Style Government, Election News, Guest: Karen Kataline 50:37 11/01/2020
Red Star of Communism Over the Democratic Party 48:53 10/25/2020
The Doorway to Communism in America: Joe Biden and the Democrats; Transition Integrity Project 49:44 10/18/2020
Communist Control Over American Families? Guest John Kachelman Jr. 50:26 10/11/2020