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Jason Rich's Featured App of the Week

A weekly, non-technical, easy-to-understand podcast that showcases some of the newest, most innovative, and exciting mobile apps available for the Apple iPhone smartphone.


Discover Apple AirTags and Find Lost Items Fast 06:30 05/06/2021
Transform Your Home Into a Smart Home Quickly and Inexpensively with the Help of Your Smartphone 08:14 04/02/2021
Discover How to Use Your Smartphone with Your Vehicle: An Introduction to CarPlay and Android Auto 07:33 01/28/2021
Smartphone Apps Ideal for the Holidays 07:30 11/29/2020
Digital Photo Editing Tips Using Your iPhone or iPad 09:06 11/16/2020
Take Professional-Quality Photos Using Your New iPhone or iPad 08:14 11/12/2020
Apple's New iPhone 12 Smartphone: Which Model Is Right for You? 08:33 10/21/2020
Should You Buy the New Apple Watch 6? Discover What You Need to Know About Apple Watch 09:30 09/22/2020
Chronicle Your Life Using a Digital Diary Mobile App, Such As Jour: Journal for Mindfulness, On Your Smartphone or Tablet 08:42 09/10/2020
Family Organizer Apps, Like Cozi Family Organizer, Can Make Managing the Hectic Lives of Your Family Members Easier 06:03 08/30/2020
Word Processing Apps for Smartphones and Tablets That Are Ideal for Teleworkers (Remote Workers) 08:30 08/17/2020
Discover Smartphone and Tablet Apps That'll Give You a Green Thumb When Raising Houseplants 07:47 08/10/2020
Discover Mobile Apps That'll Help With Your Home Improvement and DIY Projects 08:30 08/02/2020
Useful Smartphone and Tablet Mobile Apps for Dog Owners and Pet Parents 07:57 07/25/2020
Use Your Mobile Device and a Password Manager App to Help You Keep Track Of Your Many Account Usernames and Passwords 09:23 07/12/2020
AKASO Brave 7 LE: A Low-Cost Alternative to a GoPro Action Camera That Works Seamlessly with Smartphones and Tablets 07:29 07/06/2020
Must Have Mobile Apps for Drivers and Road Trippers 08:29 06/27/2020
Use Mobile Apps Like Yummly to Discover New Recipes and Enhance Your Cooking Skills 07:18 06/24/2020
Declutter Your Home and Easily Sell Your Used Stuff Using Optional Apps On Your Smartphone or Tablet 06:33 06/17/2020
Use Your Smartphone or Tablet As An Investment Portfolio Management Tool To Become An Investor 05:03 06/09/2020
Use the Collection of Free Google Mobile Apps On Your Smartphone or Tablet to Enhance Your Productivity 09:31 06/02/2020
Use Microsoft's Powerful Apps to Become More Productive Using Your Smartphone or Tablet 09:44 05/28/2020
Discover Ways to Use Your Smartphone's Rear-Facing Cameras Beyond Taking Digital Photos 06:40 05/25/2020
Use Your Smartphone As a Weight Loss and Fitness Tool 06:40 05/22/2020
Must Have Mobile Apps for Remote Workers (Telecommuters) 08:40 05/07/2020
When Should You Upgrade Your iPhone? Expert Advice and Smartphone Upgrade Tips 08:05 05/04/2020
How to Play Multiplayer Board Games on Your Smartphone with Other People 07:09 04/25/2020
Follow the Latest News Headlines Using Apple's Free News App on Your iPhone 07:32 04/14/2020
Learn How to Listen to Podcasts (for Free) Using Your Smartphone 07:56 04/12/2020
Listen to Audiobooks (Sometimes for Free) Using Your iPhone 07:01 04/10/2020