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Musings of an Afropreneur

100% feelings of an everyday entrepreneur doing business in Africa


Who is advocating for you?
Heard this phrase “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu”? This is so true. In a competitive world, you’re either making the decision that decides another person’s fate or your’s is being decided by another person. As you grow in life and business, it is essential that [...]
06:07 5/18/20
I made a Mistake!!!
Mistakes are inevitable, really. You will make a mistake, today, tomorrow, and probably throughout your lifetime. Why then do we punish ourselves when we do? Why do a lot of us not learn from the mistakes? How do you bounce back from mistakes?
06:00 5/11/20
Are you a leader or a dictator?
Everything rises and falls with leadership. Could that be why so many startups and business across Africa do not stand the test of time? Today I share my thoughts on leadership in business and startups.
06:00 4/27/20
What Does Success Mean To You?
Everyone (that I know of) goes into any endeavour with the intention of succeeding or winning. What does success mean to you? Why do so many people fail? This podcast is 100% my thoughts, please share yours in the comment section
06:57 4/16/20
Mental Health and Entrepreneurship
Why is the mental health of entrepreneurs (and generally) so ignored in Africa? How can we manage our mental health as we navigate the world of business?
05:30 4/10/20