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Battle Ground History

Leaders, Military, Rebels, Rouges and Scholars, Villains, Battles or Events, which one will prove to be the greatest person or event in world history? Find out here at Battle Ground History.


Simon Bolivar vs Charles Darwin and Nelson Mandela vs Thomas Edison 33:08 04/18/2021
Akbar versus Askia Mohammed I and Alfred the Great versus Elizabeth I 28:17 04/06/2021
Scipio Africanus vs Oda Nobunaga and Saladin vs Arthur Wellesley 35:23 03/15/2021
The Battle of Waterloo vs Yorktown and the Battle of Marathon vs Chosin Reservoir 27:08 02/28/2021
Benito Mussolini vs Lavrenty Beria and Osama bin Laden vs Attila the Hun 31:36 02/27/2021
The Travels of Marco Polo vs Start of the Computer Age & Leopold II vs Shaka Zulu 20:20 01/31/2021
Margaret Sanger versus Mother Teresa and the Battles of Pharsalus versus Agincourt 29:56 09/28/2020
Charlemagne versus Ramesses II and Hannibal Barca versus Joan of Arc 35:02 09/08/2020
World War II versus the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Adolph Hitler versus Felix Dzerzhinsky 26:07 08/16/2020
Benjamin Franklin versus William Wallace and the Battle of Actium against the Battle of Alesia 21:44 08/02/2020
Battle Ground History Update 01:38 05/17/2020
George Patton versus Belisarius 24:09 05/04/2020
Queen Victoria versus Constantine the Great 22:48 04/26/2020
Genghis Khan versus Saddam Hussein 20:12 04/20/2020
The Invention of the Internet versus the Civilization of Sumer 16:07 04/12/2020
The Battles of Cynoscephalae versus Gettysburg 20:40 04/06/2020
Zhu Yuanzhang versus Nicholas Copernicus 18:40 03/29/2020
Tamerlane versus Fredrick the Great 21:06 03/16/2020
Philip II of Spain versus George Washington 25:30 02/25/2020
Vlad Dracul versus Heinrich Himmler 22:51 02/11/2020
The Mongol Invasions versus the Signing of the Magna Carta 21:28 01/27/2020
The Battles of Stalingrad versus Leipzig 21:13 01/13/2020
Erwin Rommel versus Dmitri Donsoki 23:33 12/23/2019
Plato versus Grigori Rasputin 22:19 12/23/2019
Mansa Musa I versus Hammurabi 16:29 12/02/2019
Idi Amin versus Charles Manson 25:30 11/18/2019
The Great Schism of 1054 versus the European Invasion of the Americas 27:47 11/17/2019
The Battles of Salamis versus Blenheim 20:11 10/20/2019
Lech Walesa versus Nikola Tesla 25:47 10/07/2019
Charles XII of Sweden versus Georgi Zhukov 25:09 09/22/2019