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Join us in enjoyable paranormal conversation. From Opinions to Scientific fact, there is a world out there we really don't know. On occasion we will be hosting guests to help us try and uncover the secrets that lie dormant. As well as our beer segment where we taste and score a new beer each episode. Stop by every Monday for the exploration of the mind.


Haunted stories from “scary stories your mom never told you” 55:39 10/20/2020
Is The Human Race a Slave Race To Aliens? 64:32 10/12/2020
Is time travel possible? Does time travel exist? 70:22 10/05/2020
Reincarnation. Is It Real? 51:15 09/22/2020
Do past lives cause your current problems? 67:34 09/15/2020
Can Meditation Heal Chronic Illness? 59:22 09/07/2020
Andrew’s Real Life Paranormal Experiences 55:53 08/31/2020
New Home, Haunted House in Florida 87:01 08/24/2020
Chris From Dudes and Beer Podcast Stops By For a Deep Conversation 111:35 08/17/2020
Haunted House Stories in Boise, ID 50:36 08/10/2020
Do Aliens Work For The Government? 57:31 08/04/2020
The Witches of Africa 61:05 07/27/2020
Do We Live In a Simulated World? 61:44 07/20/2020
Is there an after life? 75:26 07/13/2020
Ghost in the Valley - Are they out there? 73:44 07/06/2020
Healing your inner child with Kathy Sanderson 57:37 06/29/2020
Talking to the Beyond with Spirit Medium Tiffany Rice 78:50 06/22/2020
Aliens - Are we Alone? 63:42 06/15/2020
Random talk with Weird AF News Jonsey 70:17 06/08/2020
Interview with Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis 78:07 06/01/2020
Visited by spirit, deadly Australian creatures and TV talk 56:03 05/25/2020
Interview with Kris Sumner Of Soul Sisters Paranormal 81:52 05/18/2020
Pentagon releases UFO footage. Is it all real? 48:52 05/04/2020
Alien talk with Cameron Brauer of My Alien Life Podcast 77:33 04/27/2020
Ghost Stories with Paranormal Author Terri Reid 75:21 04/20/2020
Sleep Paralysis with Chad Schreiner Ep 7 58:50 04/13/2020
Do aliens exist? Ep6 62:05 04/06/2020
What happens after you die? 42:26 03/30/2020
Dreams, Dreams, Dreams! 52:20 03/23/2020
Ghost Stories and Strange Shit 60:14 03/16/2020