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The Biblical Wealth Podcast

Welcome to the Biblical Wealth Podcast where we discuss practical ways for Christians to be faithful stewards of what God has entrusted to us and how we can use even our investments to bless the lives of others. This podcast is all about giving you the education, tools, strategies, and encouragement to become or to grow as a Biblical investor. This podcast will introduce you to experts in insurance, unique investments that bless the lives of others, estate planning professionals, health insurance alternatives, ways to invest IRA and even 401(k) accounts in Biblical investments as well as teach you strategies for minimizing taxes, increasing cash flow, and avoiding several hidden losses that cause most families to lose substantial wealth. And of course we’ll discuss all of this from a Biblical perspective!


When Can I Stop Saving? 36:14 01/19/2022
Why You Shouldn't Buy Whole Life Insurance... Yet. 25:42 01/12/2022
What Should I Do With $1,000/month? 27:50 01/05/2022
Improvements Coming! 10:15 09/15/2021
What Insurance Do I Need & What's a Waste? 20:42 09/01/2021
Leaving Corporate America to Pursue Financial Freedom through Real Estate with Lee Yoder 49:50 08/18/2021
Thank God for Bitcoin?? with Jimmy Song 73:14 08/04/2021
Creating Compounding Cash Flow! 12:33 07/21/2021
Biblically Responsible 401k's with Cassie Laymon 22:56 07/07/2021
Business Tips from the Man Behind the Podcast with Justin Blair 34:17 06/23/2021
Reverse Mortgages & Housing Wealth with Don Graves 54:17 06/09/2021
Cash vs Cash Value 12:12 05/26/2021
Annuities - Do They Make Sense? 44:35 05/12/2021
Redemptive Economics with Mike Hatch 70:40 04/28/2021
Creating Impact with Apartment Investing with David Snyder 46:35 04/14/2021
Investing for Cash Flow 09:36 03/31/2021
The 5 Phases Of Value-Add Multifamily Real Estate Syndications 15:48 03/17/2021
Active Versus Passive Real Estate Investing 16:36 03/03/2021
Supporting Adoption with Multifamily Investing with Whitney Sewell 56:46 02/17/2021
How Commercial Real Estate can Increase your Protection 20:45 02/03/2021
How I Was Wrong About Long Term Care 15:21 01/20/2021
What's a Self-Directed IRA? 20:01 01/06/2021
Important Announcement from the Biblical Wealth Podcast 06:04 12/31/2020
Merry Christmas 2020 04:48 12/23/2020
How is Biblical Wealth Solutions... Biblical? 15:29 12/17/2020
Managing Market Timing Risk at Retirement 32:00 12/09/2020
Passively Investing in Apartment Communities with Kyle Jones 67:09 12/02/2020
Thanksgiving 2020 Message from Co-Host Justin Blair 05:07 11/25/2020
Senior Care Planning with Annalee Kruger 63:21 11/18/2020
Investing in Multi-Industry Diversified Funds with Curt Kufner 46:01 11/11/2020