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The Edmentum Podcast

Hosted by education technology advocate, David Cicero, the Edmentum Podcast discusses trending topics in the education industry such as social emotional learning, career and technical education, project based learning, and more, with educational leaders and industry experts.


E20: Social Structures are Critical to Your Online Program's Success with David Adams 39:45 09/17/2021
E19: Uncovering the Needs of Remote Learners with Vigo Success Academy's Lindsay Wilhoyte 45:43 08/19/2021
E18: Avon High School's Tremendous Credit Recovery Success with Denise Handlon 55:50 08/19/2021
[Summer of Reflection Series] E1: A Summer of Reflection with Jen Perry 17:06 06/17/2021
[Summer of Reflection Series] E2: Four Steps to Build Your Personal Brand (and There’s PIE!) with Jonte Lee 24:57 06/17/2021
[Summer of Reflection Series] E3: What the Mandalorian Teaches Us About Change Management with Daryl Vavrichek 20:36 06/17/2021
[Summer of Reflection Series] E4: Own the Moment with Mindfulness Magic with Samantha Snowden 20:43 06/17/2021
E17: Beyond Student Agency - The School Where Students Drive the Curriculum with Gever Tulley 54:54 05/06/2021
E16: From Overwhelmed to Inspired: How to Be a Happy Teacher by Embracing Resiliency 53:15 03/25/2021
E15: Becoming a Community Teacher Through Virtual Instruction with Jonte Lee 54:52 03/12/2021
E14: Leaving the Classroom to be an Effective Teacher with Meghan Ramsey 36:21 02/26/2021
E13: Taking Teaching on the Road with Cathy Cluck 40:19 01/07/2021
[Podcast for Families Series] Effective Home Learning in 30-Minute Chunks 23:41 12/02/2020
[Podcast for Families Series] Get Your Child to Concentrate for 20 Minutes 17:41 12/02/2020
[Podcast for Families Series] No Yelling Discipline 23:54 12/02/2020
[Podcast for Families Series] Boost Your Child's Memory and Impulse Control 19:11 12/02/2020
[Podcast for Families Series] Get the Wiggles Out 17:02 12/02/2020
[Podcast for Families Series] Unique WFH Tips for Sanity 24:49 12/02/2020
E12: How Teaching is Changing and How to Survive with Dr. Troy Podell 63:58 11/12/2020
E11: Leveraging the Home Learning Environment with Dr. Elizabeth Davis 40:42 10/13/2020
E10: Creating an Impactful SEL Program and COVID Recovery Plan with Melisa Sandoval 42:35 09/10/2020
E9: Exploring the Purpose of Education According to Paulo Freire with Dr. Rolf Straubhaar 62:25 08/06/2020
E8: Discussing Structural Racism and Racial Equity in Education with Dr. Tracey Benson 42:18 07/09/2020
E7: Rethinking the Purpose of Schooling with Dr. Michael Hynes 44:12 06/25/2020
E6: Dr. Robin Kay - A Researcher's Perspective on EdTech Tools 75:56 06/04/2020
E5: Talking Student Mental Health During COVID-19 with Andrew Baxter 34:58 04/15/2020
E4: Immersive Learning and Partnerships with Dee Maynard of the Kennedy Space Center 44:47 04/14/2020
E2: Using Empathy to Increase Academic Engagement 38:22 04/14/2020
E3: Happier Teachers Cause Emotionally Active Learning with Michael Linsin 51:12 04/14/2020
E1: Identifying and Promoting SEL in Core Instruction with David Adams 43:01 04/14/2020