Show cover of VOIDCAST


The VOIDCAST is a musical journey through Northeast Florida. Hosted by editor of Void magazine Matt Shaw, The VOIDCAST cuts through the digital noise and subverts the algorithms taking listeners through the past and present with the help of local musicians, producers, and the people who lived local music history. Get a peek into the Allman Brothers Band’s formative period in Jacksonville. Meet the locals making music alone in their bedrooms — including one who scored a big record deal. And hear from women and queer people claiming their space in the Northeast Florida hip hop scene. The VOIDCAST, part of WJCT’s Jacksonville Music Experience, is from Void Magazine and WJCT Public Media.


Space To Spit 31:12 04/16/2020
Please Call Home 33:53 04/16/2020
In My Room 26:50 04/16/2020
The VOIDCAST Trailer 02:19 03/18/2020