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Brad Murray Talking Missions

Welcome to Brad Murray Talking Missions Podcast, In each episode, Pastor and Missions Advocate Brad Murray, interviews missionaries from around the world. Our guests are common people, like you and me. People who are changing the world around them and are living out their mission and fulfilling their purpose. They show us a different perceptive of life and how to inspire others along the way. We hope that these captivating stories will inspire, encourage and empower you to "Be on missions Live on purpose"


Greg Musselman, documenting, and advocating for the persecuted church. 25:23 01/02/2021
The future in Bible college, Mikel Cowie, Vanguard College. 29:07 10/21/2020
Canadian Bible Society. Darryl Rachul 12:38 09/14/2020
First Nations Revival among Gen Z and Millennial. Danny Heathen 21:53 08/24/2020
Rocky Mountain College. Robert Harris 07:56 08/10/2020
Flying for Life. Greg Reeder 14:49 07/26/2020
A backbone in ministry. Chad Bruneski 11:20 07/19/2020
Farming God’s way. Brian Dyck 09:39 07/18/2020
From lawyer to Apologetic. Scott Kennedy 29:04 07/13/2020
Reaching out to prostitutes and victims of human trafficking" Karla Stoffelsen 43:01 07/06/2020
Gen Z, changing lives in the streets of Guatemala. Steven Stoffelsen 25:06 06/29/2020
God's leading through our adversities. Kieth & Maya Durkin 19:43 06/22/2020
Latinos in Frontier Missions. 13:50 06/14/2020
Youth With A Mission, Turner Valley. Christine Harrison 25:24 06/07/2020
Frontiers. AJ 43:40 06/03/2020
With eyes to see for the developing world. Greg Wiens 44:09 05/30/2020
BLF Canada. Rev Toe-Blake Roy 17:35 05/24/2020
The God of second chances. Ed Mullis 29:54 05/20/2020
Africa Inland Mission Canada. Paul & Angie Evans 47:38 05/17/2020
How To: The Filipino Challenge For Missions. Mario Andaluz 25:17 05/10/2020
How to Motivate, Mentor and Mobilize in Missions. Bevin Grinder 59:40 04/29/2020
How to mentor younger men to reach the world. Marlowe Janke 40:53 04/26/2020
How to empower young Gen Z. Marion Jean Grant "MJ" 28:08 04/22/2020
How to make things happen in missions. Alastair Wyatt 20:14 04/20/2020
How To Reach And Keep Children Engaged In Church. Jerry Durston 35:02 04/15/2020
How to go from adopted to a heart for Haitian orphans. Tracey Kushnirwk 25:00 04/12/2020
"The Walking Tractor" Technology that changes and saves lives! Brian Dyck 19:23 03/31/2020
16 year old Brazilian boy to peacemaker in the Holy Land, Helio de Uma Jr 38:57 11/01/2019
Father to the fatherless to loving children's homes, Vincent Vold 11:31 10/29/2019
Young Woman From Depression and Anxiety to New Life and a Hope giver. Kristen Lagore 28:21 10/25/2019