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Information, fun and fellowship with those that ride motorcycles. Formerly known as Indian Motorcycle Radio. With your host, Rev. Kenn Blanchard This podcast is not affiliated with, or supported by Indian Motorcycle, Polaris Industries or any of their subsidiaries. The opinions expressed are those of the host and his guests, and do not reflect those of Indian Motorcycle, Polaris Industries or its subsidiaries.


Last Show
Last show   Thank you my friend for following listening and subscribing and support this podcast. This is the last one.  I am signing off and shutting down some of the other things I have done on line.       I started a guitar repair company called   I am working on starting as a musician.  If you want to help me, here’s a link.     My wife’s story.        YouTube   spoons blues com  Love you,   Shalom Baby,   Kenn 
03:09 9/23/23
On Motorcycles - Changing the name of the Show
Indian Motorcycle Radio is changing its name to "On Motorcycles."  Yeah, I ride a 2021 Challenger but so what.  It's about motorcycling to me more than anything.  You matter.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.  You know who you are.    
07:58 7/12/23
Indian Bike Week 2023 is Coming - Now You Know
INDIAN BIKE WEEK 2023 IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!! Taking place in New Richmond Wisconsin at Rivers Edge Apple River Campground August 11th-20th the Week AFTER Sturgis! Indian Bike Week is like no other event.  Truly for the Hardcore Indian Enthusiast.  This ain't Sturgis.  ITS BETTER!   ITINERARY FOR 2023 SCHEDULE FOR 2023 August 13th-20th: (please use this as a template for now as new opportunities may open as the months go by. For now, you can use this to plan.) THE ITINERARY: (We are working on a new Itinerary for Rides and Extra Additional Rides, or halfway point meet up rides, but for now you can use the Daily Ride event as the template. This will be subject to change GUARANTEED) Friday August 11th (Non official Indian Bike Week Day) Early Arrivals: BBQ and Welcome to Early Arrivals at Organizers Home. Please send us a message if you plan to come early so we can appropriate the right amount of food. Saturday August 12th (Non official Indian Bike Week Day) Roof Top Meet and Greet at Mallory's in Hudson Wisconsin CURRENT SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: START PLANNING NOW!! SUNDAY AUGUST 13th: (Official Start of Indian Bike Week) 8:30-9:30 Meet at Rivers Edge Apple River Camp Grounds 1820 Raleigh Rd, New Richmond, WI 54017 9:30am Departure Welcome Ride To Vino in the Valley W3826 450th Ave, Maiden Rock, WI 54750; (715) 639-6677 11am Arrival Depart 1pm for long ride back to Stillwater 2:30 Stop for Potty Break / Gas stop 3pm Departure 4pm-630 Arrival Stillwater Tiki Restaurant (private function) The Tilted Tiki Tropical Bar & Restaurant, 324 Main St S, Stillwater, MN 55082 (651) 342-2545 7pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at Rivers Edge campgrounds 1820 Raleigh Rd, New Richmond, WI 54017 7pm-10pm Merchandise Sales and bonfire (Always Bring Cash for the Merchandise to avoid fees, a 5% fee will be added for credit cards) MONDAY AUGUST 14th: 8:30-9:30 Meet at Rivers Edge Apple River Camp Grounds 1820 Raleigh Rd, New Richmond, WI 54017 9:30am Departure Ride through Burkhardt to MN to the St Croix River Valley heading north on the Minnesota side on 95 to Wolf Creek 11:30am Arrival to Howlin Wolf Creek Bar - 2387 River Rd, St Croix Falls, WI 54024 1:30pm Departure to Rollercoaster highway 2:15pm arrival to Star Prairie Sports Bar 206 Main St, Star Prairie, WI 54026 (Pee Pee Stop) 3pm Roller Coaster Highway Backwards 4:00pm-6:30pm Arrival at Quaks at Marine on 10 Elm St, Marine on St Croix, MN 55047 For Dinner 6:45-7:30pm Pictures in Stillwater at PD pappys 7:45pm-11pm Social Hour at the campgrounds Merchandise Sales (Bring Cash) and bonfire (Always Bring Cash for the Merchandise to avoid fees, a 5% fee will be added for credit cards) TUESDAY AUGUST 15th: 8:30-9:30 Meet at Rivers Edge Apple River Camp Grounds 1820 Raleigh Rd, New Richmond, WI 54017 9:30am Departure to Weston B&B Weston Bar & Grill - E1745 361st Ave, Menomonie, WI 54751 11am Arrival 1pm Departure Ride AROUND Vino in The Valley into Prescott 2:30pm Gas Station PeePee Stop and hydration 3pm Departure to Big Guys BBQ 1237 WI-35, Hudson, WI 54016 4pm Live Music and BBQ 6:30-7pm Departure 730 pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at the Rivers Edge, Music, Food trucks 7:30-10pm Merchandise Sales (Bring Cash) and bonfire, Live Music (Always Bring Cash for the Merchandise to avoid fees, a 5% fee will be added for credit cards) WEDNESDAY AUGUST 16th: MILITARY AND 1ST RESPONDERS APPRECIATION DAY 8am-8:30am Meet at Rivers Edge Apple River Camp Grounds 1820 Raleigh Rd, New Richmond, WI 54017 9am Departure to Lake Pepin 10:30 Gas / Bathroom Stop 11:30am-12pm Harbor Bar In Redwing (Private Function) N673 825th St, Hager City, WI 54014 FREE LUNCH TO ALL ACTIVE AND NON ACTIVE MILITARY AND 1st RESPONDERS PICTURES WITH VINTAGE MODEL 3pm Departure and ride up to Memorial Park. 4:30pm Departure around Wabasha up through Lake Peppin Heading the back way we came up to Apple River Camp Ground. BRING MILITARY ID OR DD214 OR 1ST RESPONDERS ID (LUNCH is NOT FREE for ANY guests or spouses IF NOT CURRENT OR PREVIOUS Military or 1st responders, Dinner is $20, and $10 for kids 12 and under) 7pm Arrival Rivers Edge campgrounds, social hour 7:30-10pm Merchandise Sales (Bring Cash) and Bonfire, Live Music (Always Bring Cash for the Merchandise to avoid fees, a 5% fee will be added for credit cards) THURSDAY AUGUST 17th: Women led rides and Co-Ed rides and distance rides, Or Tubing down the Apple River. Long Scenic Ride up to Duluth area Brings Snacks and Hydration To Duluth: 7am departure to Goosberry Falls 2 Potty stops along the way 12:30pm arrival in Gooseberry Falls State Park - 3206 MN-61, Two Harbors, MN 55616 2pm Lunch at Betty's Pies 1633 MN-61, Two Harbors, MN 55616 4pm Departure 2 potty stops Female Ride Departing at 9am Led By Tonya Lundblad: Please Join This Group if you are a female Indian Rider So you can see what the plans are : 7:30 pm Arrival at Rivers Edge 7pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at the Rivers Edge Campgrounds, Music 7pm-10pm Merchandise Sales (Bring Cash) and bonfire, Live music 8pm-11pm Celebrity Meet and Greet (Always Bring Cash for the Merchandise to avoid fees, a 5% fee will be added for credit cards) FRIDAY AUGUST 18th: RIDE FOR CHILDREN'S SCHOOL SUPPLIES (PLEASE BRING backpacks and school supplies) 9am Departure Turtle Lake Casino 777 US-8, Turtle Lake, WI 54889•(800) 846-8946 11:00 Arrival Free Food, Live Music, Free Casino Play 2pm departure 3pm Arrival at Lift Bridge Brewing Company - 1280 Madison Ave, New Richmond, WI 54017 4:30pm departure 5pm-10pm meet and greet Social Hour at the Campgrounds 5pm-10pm INDIANS ONLY CUSTOM BIKE SHOW 5pm-10pm Meet and greet with Celebrities 5pm-11pm Merchandise Sales (Bring Cash) 8pm-11pm Bonfire, Live Music (Always Bring Cash for the Merchandise to avoid fees, a 5% fee will be added for credit cards) SATURDAY AUGUST 19th: 10am Event: THE WOMEN OF INDIAN BIKE WEEK WORLD RECORD RIDE EVENT Line up at 10am line up Kickstands up at 10:30am 11am retry if need be 12pm Co-Ed record event kickstand up 12:30 1pm retry if need be 2pm-3pm Auction (must be present to win) 3pm-5pm Raffle (must be present to win) 5:30pm-7pm pow-wow and drum group 7pm-11pm Meet and greets with Celebrities, live music (Always Bring Cash for the Merchandise to avoid fees, a 5% fee will be added for credit cards) SUNDAY AUGUST 20th: Festivities begin at 10am 11am-1pm Celebrity Farewell Photography and pictures/portraits More school supplies Send Off "Goodbyes" and "See ya next year!" MONDAY AUGUST 21st: 9am Farewell breakfast Keys Cafe In Hudson Wisconsin WE WILL BE ADDING different rides and additional rides as we continue to plan. There will also be at least 1 if not 2 Female Indian rides throughout the week. We will be adding updates to this event as we begin the hectic planning process. If you would like a shirt but will not be able to attend, you can still register for the shirt. The registration will still cost $100. REMEMBER... It will go to the 2023 event and to the charity pot. We will be making donations this year to help those in need.. and also filling the tank to make sure we can get THE GUINNESS 3500 Rolling for next year. Don't be left out, and don't WISH you could have made it and miss out again! Indian Bike Week and its products and services are not affiliated with or endorsed by Indian Motorcycle International, LLC.   Support the Show:   Everybody fails, the best of us get back up.
10:14 4/25/23
Spring is Here - Episode 25
“Happiness held is the seed. happiness shared is the flower."     For riders that travel in states that lay down sand or gravel on the roads during inclement weather, this sand/gravel piles up in exactly the worst places it could for riders – in the corners. So ride with particular caution during the spring riding season. Riders also need to keep in mind that just because it’s been above freezing for a few days, doesn’t mean the roads are ice or snow free. Differences in elevation, shadows on the road, & regional weather differences can result in slippery road conditions when you are not expecting them. And even if the road conditions are perfect, never forget that the most common cause of motorcycle accidents, is automobile drivers failing to see a motorcyclist resulting in collisions! So, as a motorcycle rider you need to be aware and expect this every time you encounter another vehicle on the road!   Tips for the Spring Check up. Battery – check charge level, check connections, look for corrosion Tires – check tire pressure, tread & sidewall condition, look for flat spots! Brakes – check brake fluid level, signs of fluid leakage, & proper operation Fluids – check for stale fuel, oil change as necessary, brake fluid & coolant Cables and Controls – check brake, clutch, throttle cables & levers/grips Safety – clean helmet shields or goggles, check turn/brake/headlights     Places to ride:  I share my list, do you have favorite places?   Support this (your show)     check on me:    
15:41 3/27/23
Baby, its cold outside - episode 24
  Tips about riding in the Cold What happened to the show? Whats going on with you?       Support the Show:         Everybody fails, the best of us get back up.     Indian Motorcycle Radio YouTube Page       ...
18:01 1/2/23
21 Indian Challenger Thoughts - Episode 23
Its been awhile since my last episode, (April) but I am still here.  A little tired from what I have been dealing with the illness of my wife.  Had a chance to do a bike blessing and a group ride.  Loving my 21 Indian Challenger and will be sharing my pros and cons this week.   I’ve had some fails trying to get cohost and content for the show.   More promises than product.  More excuses than I care for.  This show may go away this winter.   Nobody’s fault but mine.  Look for a guitar tech biz I’m starting in the Fall to pop.          Stay up,   Rev. Kenn Blanchard      
16:48 8/29/22
Is Wearing Hi Viz Cool? - Episode 22
This is not a sermon but maybe a word to the wise to wear Hi visibility gear when you are riding your motorcycle.  It may not be “cool” but I think it will save your life.  I recently noticed another motorcyclist riding with some bright yellow on and I saw him miles away.  Another biker, much closer was invisible in comparison and he was much closer.   RevZilla sells some over $50 vest but I have seen some on Amazon for under $20.  Not saying you have to get rid of your cool wear but… adding this to you wardrobe might be prudent.     Praise Report   My wife is recovering from another surgery that happened two weeks ago on her head in a rehab facility.  She is talking again almost 90% like herself.  She has lost track of time.  She doesn’t remember that she has been in a hospital for almost 11 months.  She doesn’t understand why her limbs don’t work and she can’t move.  She is undergoing therapy and I fed her a piece of a cheeseburger and some vegetables Friday for the first time ever.  She said “I can’t believe you haven’t fed me in 30 years.”  She confuses some vivid dreams she has with reality.  Like she thinks she was in a car accident.  She doesn’t know where she is sometimes.  The doctors said she may not walk for a few years.  She still has a tube in her stomach to feed her but it is only for nutrition and hopefully can be removed soon.  She is still healing from the bed sores.  I will have to pay out of pocket for everything soon but what is money.  Who wants to retire?  God is good.       “Your habits can make you or break you; chose them well. The only difference between a rut and a grave is its length, depth, and how long you are in it. “ 
12:19 4/14/22
Riding on The Highway Tips | Episode 21
I’m still alive and looking to ride again.  Welcome back to Indian Motorcycle Radio Podcast episode 21.   Forgive me family for I have sinned…. It has been many months since (November 2021) the last episode.  Where has time gone? This week I want to give you and update and talk about tips for better highway riding.     By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ...   Why do you ride?  Let me know at or call and leave a voice mail I can use on the show at 202-579-9435    Support the Show:     Everybody fails, the best of us get back up.   Indian Motorcycle Radio YouTube Page   All jokes and mumbles are my own.  The host assumes all responsibility for the quality of this show.  If you like the show however, please share it.  If you hate something about it, feel free to let me know.  Want to start your own podcast?  Use this affiliate link.     
24:26 2/15/22
Talking With A New Motorcyclist
I haven't podfaded just going through something.  I've talked about it briefly on past episodes.  Well, its still ongoing and not looking good.   I got some riding in last Saturday and froze my big toe. Conversation with Indian Motorcycle owner, Michael Barrera and an update on your brothers life. Want to be a guest?     contact me and subscribe on     Indian Motorcycle Radio YouTube Page   Support the show at   IG @kennblanchard  FB      
27:48 11/22/21
Road Hazards
It's been a few weeks since I got behind the mic and I apologize.  LIFE.  I been riding though and hope you are too.  Did you know that a ZZ Top song saved me this week?  I got to ride with my pastor and he almost got taken out by a swarm of bugs.  Going to remind you about the hazards of riding.  Can you believe the price of gas? How do you tow your bike when you need maintenance or shop work? When do you stop riding for the year?  If you do when is your end of season?       Don't forget to support  Enter to win a custom built motorcycle by !          
16:38 10/19/21
Special Ops Survivors | Episode 50
Lt. Col. (ret) Erik Kramer introduces me to the only nonprofit dedicated to providing long-term assistance to the widows of U.S. special operators killed in combat or training since 911 across all services. They are conducting a Motorcycle Sweepstakes that runs through 24 December 2021 and are giving away a customized Indian Motorcycle valued at $30,000. Dan Toce customized the bike.  Please see the bike        Thinking about starting a new motorcycle group.  What are your thoughts on groups / clubs?      
21:02 9/27/21
Is Riding Motorcycles Dangerous?
Are Motorcycles Dangerous?   What people say as soon as you want to buy one or they find out you ride?  Some people get involved in near-death accidents and they completely go off motorcycles, while others get back their motorcycles as soon as they are healed and able to ride again.   Not trying to jinx you or put a mojo on you brothers and sisters.  What I am doing is getting rid of the elephant in the room.  Maybe there is a new rider, a future rider, a person listening that is thinking about buying or throwing that leg over.    Motorcycling is a mindset.  It is a lifestyle. Am I right about it?   Lets tell the truth and shame the devil? How dangerous is riding a motorcycle?  The answer is largely dependent on the rider. Operating a motorcycle requires more mental and physical effort than driving, and a motorcyclist has a significantly higher risk of serious injury in an accident than a driver.  However, with constant training to improve your skills, wearing your safety gear all the time, and always being vigilant on the road can reduce your chances of being in an accident.  Cars have a protective structure that surrounds the driver and comes with safety features such as airbags, seatbelts, and crumple zones designed to protect the driver in case of an accident.  A car has four wheels that give it more balance than a motorcycle, which means that it takes more effort to ride a motorbike than it does to drive a car. On the other hand, motorcycles are easier to accelerate and maneuver through traffic In 2019, 5,014 motorcyclists died in motorcycle crashes, down slightly from 5,038 in 2018, according to the (NHTSA). In 2019, motorcyclists were nearly 29 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle miles traveled. Most motorcycle accidents are preventable, and there are some basic motorcycle safety tips that you must follow to stay safe on your motorcycle.  Riding gear includes chaps, , , a full , , as well as a Getting road rash really sucks but having a head injury because you did not wear a proper helmet is very much worse.  You can get breathable gear from motorcycle shops that allow air circulation so you don't feel sticky. Also, consider getting high visibility gear to make it easy for other road users to see you. Road Hazards There is a vast variety of that could affect how a motorcycle operates. From slick streets to road obstructions, many things could cause a motorcyclist to lose control and crash. The smaller, lighter frame of the vehicle means riders have less protection in the event of a crash. Therefore, motorcyclists need to take the proper precautions and try to avoid the followings hazards: Wet roads Animals Fallen trees or limbs Potholes Crumbling or uneven pavement Left Turns Thanks For subscribing. join us on Facebook.           List of cool stuff. Merrillsleather on etsy. I've bought leather grips from him. Also bought extra leather for my armrests from him. Nice guy out west in Utah and very reliable for smaller leather needs.   Very high quality leather work! Gun and knife holsters as well.    Indian motorcycle specific air horns. Very high quality. Husband and wife engineer and designer that didn't like their horn on their Indian. So they decided to create what they wanted. Nice guy in New Zealand, only armrests I could find that fit Indian vintage backrests.   High quality after market accessories. I've purchased the arrow floorboards, brake pad, heel shifter and highway pegs.    I just added freedom true dual exhaust and freedom liberty slip on exhaust. Great sound and quality! 
21:46 9/21/21
Have You Heard About the Apple No iPhones on Motorcycles Warning ?
Have You Heard About the Apple No iPhones on Motorcycles Warning ?   What are your resources for buying aftermarket gear?  What do you think of horns?  Who would you get one from? Have you heard of ? Are you going to Ocean City Bike Fest?     Support the show:                 Apple Warns Riders Not To Mount iPhones On Their Motorcycles Bike vibrations can apparently wreck iPhone cameras. Who needs navigation, anyway?     Sep 13, 2021 at 11:31am ET By: Janaki Jitchotvisut   On September 10, 2021, Apple published a new support bulletin advising many late-model iPhone users against mounting their devices on motorbikes. What’s the reason? To quote the document directly, “exposing your iPhone to high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges, specifically those generated by high-power motorcycle engines, can degrade the performance of the camera system.”       The language is, shall we say, somewhat imprecise. For example, Apple doesn’t give any clue as to the specific frequency ranges involved, nor what it defines as a “high-power motorcycle engine.” It’s worth bearing in mind that in some countries around the world, bikes over 400cc are considered to be “big bikes,” whereas other countries like the U.S. seem to think that anything under 1,000cc is small. Actual numbers are helpful when you’re an international company seeking to address the needs of many and various groups of people.  Still, maybe Apple wasn’t all that concerned about that lack of specificity, because it went on to recommend that iPhone owners probably shouldn’t use them on smaller-engined two-wheelers either, such as mopeds or scooters. The exact wording there is, “attaching your iPhone to vehicles with small-volume or electric engines, such as mopeds and , may lead to comparatively lower-amplitude vibrations, but if you do so a vibration dampening [sic] mount is recommended to lessen the risk of damage to your iPhone and its optical image stabilization (OIS) and autofocus (AF) systems.”    It then goes on to add that “It is also recommended to avoid regular use for prolonged periods to further lessen the risk of damage.” Again, what constitutes “prolonged periods” and/or “regular use”? Tell riders you want them to cease using iPhones on all types of motorbikes without telling riders you want them to cease using iPhones on all types of motorbikes, Apple. Sheesh.   What iPhone models are affected? MacRumors, which first spotted the new support document, adds that the OIS and closed-loop AF systems that Apple cites as potentially being negatively impacted by motorcycle vibrations have been in use from the iPhone 7 forward. Additionally, the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus also make use of these systems.   Now, riders who are also iPhone users have brought up problems they’ve had pertaining to this issue on forums in the past. However, this September 2021 support document from Apple is the first statement the company has officially made about it. It’s not clear why it’s making this statement at this exact moment in time. In any case, that’s clearly going to frustrate a large number of people who use their iPhones for , music, and just the general fact of modern life in 2021.   Sources: , , ,
15:55 9/13/21
My First 500 Miles (episode 47)
My first 500 miles  Using Apples CarPlay Stuff I just bought New helmet Battery tender Riding shoes Air cushion Cell phone holder Jackets -  is the spot to shop.   Taresa Uncaged and I parted ways   Support the show at   IG @indianmotorcycleradio FB 
22:03 9/6/21
Women in Motorcycle History
On this episode we are going to talk about some influential women in motorcycle history. Since I have started reading about the history of Indian Motorcycle, I got curious. Motorcycling is a male dominated activity, but more and more women are joining the riding community each year. So, when did women start riding motorcycles?   Today I took a ride. Big surprise there huh?! My son finally got his big brother’s bike fixed and road worth again so of course we had to ride to brunch. Then we parted ways because he’s a teenage boy and had to go show his friends his motorcycle, so I went and did a few things. As I was getting close to home, like literally around the corner, I remembered taking my first big step in riding. I guess you could say it was a beginner’s milestone. My block is actually 2 smaller blocks chunked off from a bigger block. Then there are a bunch of those bigger blocks that make up this section of the neighborhood. It’s about 2 and a half miles to go all the way around this chunk. I was thinking about when I was finally brave enough to ride around this chunk of blocks. The speed limit is a whopping 30 miles and hour. I felt joy and exhilaration overcoming that next obstacle and getting more comfortable on the road. So today as I was coming home, I remembered all those feelings and decided to ride that ride again. I thought about how nervous I was coming to a stop at all 6 of the stop signs. I remember waiting for traffic because I was unsure of my ability to get going and up to speed. I laughed at myself thinking how far I have come. It was fun to think about the past and see all I have accomplished. And once again I thought about other women motorcyclists.  Seriously, when did women start riding?   Recently I talked about the beginnings of the Indian Motorcycle Company. FYI there is so much more to that history, but that’s for future episode. Anyway, as I was reading, I was wondering where all the ladies were. Yeah! Where are the women that made motorcycle history? Well, they are out there, just harder to find. But I have been doing some digging.   You know what I found out? Women started riding immediately. Motorized bicycles came out and women started riding. Motorcycles were never a men’s only thing. The practicality of them made them an ideal choice for everyone. And because motorcycles were half as expensive as the new Model-T Ford, they were preferred methods of transportation. Well, at least for a little while.   Ok let me take you back and tell you a smidge of Indian Motorcycle history to get this to really make sense. Between 1901 and 1916 Indian Motorcycle increased its success 10-fold. They were on top of the motorcycle game in every capacity, and not just in the United States but around the world. It was around 1916 that Indian modified its engine and thus the Powerplus was born. Basically, they added metal to the combustion chamber creating turbulence that increased power. That’s the cliff notes version.        The VanBuren Sisters   Anyway, this Powerplus motorcycle is what a set of sisters used to ride across the country to prove that women could help in the war efforts. Adeline and Augusta VanBuren figured that if they could prove that women could ride through the hardships of crossing the treacherous country from New York to California then they could help the war efforts as dispatch riders. This would allow more men to fight in positions women could not. These women were the first to ride a motorized vehicle up Pike’s Peak and encountered countless hardships along their journey. Unfortunately, media only reported on the amazingness of the motorcycle and glossed  over what these two ladies had done in 1916! However, because women didn’t have the right to vote, this did push more women to break stereotypes and show the world that women can do anything a man can. These two women made history. They did something that not may people did, and their story is inspirational.   Theresa Wallach   The next woman that I think was an inspiration to motorcycle history was Theresa Wallach. She was originally from Europe but eventually moved to the United States. Over her lifetime she was a true motorcycle adventurer. She grew up surrounded motorcycles and learned to ride from some of the best of the time. As she grew, she learned wrench on bikes in addition to honing her riding skills which led her to win numerous local competitions. But this was the 1930’s so her behavior was very unbecoming of a lady. Theresa did what the VanBuren’s couldn’t. She was able to become a military dispatch rider, but this was only one small accomplishment for her. She took what is considered one of the most radial rides ever from London, England to Cape Town, South Africa! This rocketed Theresa to celebrity status and helped her get accepted into the British racing establishment. When she came to America, Theresa became known for her mechanical abilities and worked in a shop until she opened her own motorcycle dealership. She wrote 2 very successful books about her motorcycle journeys and began teaching new riders in 1959. She opened the Easy Riding Academy and still had time to serve as the first Vice President of the Women’s International Motorcycle Association. Theresa never owned a car and rode up until she could no longer see well enough to ride in her 80’s. Theresa was a pioneer for women riders around the world.   Bessie Stringfield   These last few ladies were inspirational and truly pushed for women, but this next lady was such a pioneer in her own rights.  I’m talking about the Motorcycle Queen from Miami, Bessie Stringfield.  Not only was she breaking barriers for women, but the black community as well. This woman has an award in her name. The Bessie Stringfield award is granted to a person who introduces motorcycling to emerging markets. That explanation in itself should give you an idea of this woman’s influence during her lifetime. Bessie’s first motorcycle was a 1928 Indian Scout, which she taught herself to ride. Then she switched over to Harely, and even though it makes me sad that was a Harley woman, I have to forgive her because of the leaps and bounds she made with her riding. She began by riding all over the country, and as a black woman in the 30’s and 40’s that was unheard of and unimaginably dangerous for her. She would be denied basic needs like a place to stay because she was black, and reports say she would on occasion sleep on her motorcycle if she couldn’t find black folks to take her in. This hardship didn’t seem to bother her much and she went on to ride across the country several times before completing serious training with difficult maneuvers to become a civilian Army motorcycle dispatch rider. Bessie eventually settled in Miami, hence the name Motorcycle Queen of Miami. She got the name from riding while standing on her motorcycle. She started a motorcycle club and even won a motorcycle race. However, she denied her the prize because she’s a woman.    Gloria Tramontin-Struck   Gloria Tramontin-Struck started riding at 16 years old. She loved traveling and was determined to do it on a motorcycle. Because she was riding in the 40’s, like Bessie it was improper for a woman. This is still mind blowing to me. When motor bikes first came out, women used them so when did it become improper? Whatever, it was! And Gloria experienced similar situations to Bessie. Both ladies were refused rooms and basic necessities for their travels. Gloria continued riding and estimates that she rode at least 700,000 miles. She is a regular at motorcycle rallies such as Sturgis and Daytona and has helped to change the way people view motorcyclists.   Dot Robinson   Dot Robinson used her tenacity to get herself into motorcycle racing. She is credited with being the first female racer in many events, but we know that’s not true. Remember Bessie raced but wasn’t credited for it. Some stories tell of Dot winning races then cleaning up and presenting herself as the lady she was. This was ultimately what got her noticed and really helped to start to change perceptions of women in motorcycling, in particular women in racing.   Mary McGee   Mary McGee liked car racing and thought, “what the heck? Let’s learn to race motorcycles because it may help me get better at racing cars.” She was forced to take a test to prove her ability and became the first woman to hold a FIM license in the United States. So, yay legal Female racer!!! Making waves for women in the sport!!! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that she began racing in the late 50’s early 60’s so we are still working on the perception of motorcyclist as normal people, especially women motorcyclists. All of these women played a part in motorcycle history. The Van Buren sisters, Theresa, Bessie, Gloria, Dot, and Mary. I did not do their stories justice, and there are so many more women out there that had pivotal roles. I am in awe at what these women did for the motorcycle community. I am truly amazed at their willpower to continue through every challenge thrown at them. I am inspired by their perseverance in the face of adversity. I am also a little more enlightened on the history of motorcycling. I’m so glad I followed up on women’s motorcycle history. Thanks Taresa.  
08:01 8/30/21
The Secret Joy of Dogs
I was enjoying the music (80s) took me back. Just rambling and glad to talk to you. Hope you are doing ok.   Thanks for supporting the show    Thanks for being a member of our Facebook page   Just happy.   Thanks for rolling with a brother    Next show: Taresa Uncaged shares some Women in History.  Don’t miss it.  
14:35 8/27/21
Beginnings (episode 44)
Ok so the beginning. Well first I want to talk about the beginning of the brand I love. Can you guess what it is?  When I say beginning, I mean the first 15 years ISH. Why you ask, uh because that is truly the beginning….and that’s the only chapter I’ve read so far so then there’s that.    FYI I’m reading 120 Years of America’s First Motorcycle Company, Indian Motorcycle since 1901 by Darwin Holmstrom. And anything I say is me paraphrasing. So, let’s get right into it.   Indian Motorcycle was started by a highly accomplished penny farthing racer named George Hendee. Now I know I already lost some of you with the penny farthing comment. That is the alternative name people in the late 1800’s gave to those weird looking bicycles with the giant front wheel and tiny back wheel that was actually called a High-wheeler, so original right?! Well, these cool high wheelers were really dangerous and not very practical.    So Hendee decided to stop racing and start selling bicycles, why you ask? He was very accomplished and raced in front of nearly 30,000 people winning nearly all of his races. Why would he stop at the top of his game?  The answer is because he was a smart businessman. He knew the game was changing. The creation of the smaller safety bicycle created a demand for sales!!   People needed a faster way to get around before the rise of the modern car. Safety bicycles could help you get to town and back in a day, which previously took about 2 with traditional horse and buggy. Now all this was happening in the late 1890s, so the Hendee Manufacturing Company was way ahead of its time producing and exporting motorized bicycles for average everyday use.    Now I know what you’re thinking, Hendee Manufacturing Company, I thought you said Indian Motorcycle? I did we are getting there. Ok so these new safety bicycles were immediately used in racing because people back then didn’t really have much to keep them occupied. But someone thought “Let’s put an engine on it and use it as a pacer for the races” Genius!! Only problem was the motors sucked and cause more of a spectacle than the actual races did.    Enter Oscar Hedstrom. I know Hendee and Hedstrom. It may get confusing, but you got this!! So Hedstrom was like a mad scientist for machining. He took it upon himself to take the bicycle engine and update it. Basically, he carbureted it! Now I’m not a gear head so I have no idea what else he did, but people loved it. Any Pacer bicycles Hedstrom created, people wanted to buy for personal use.    Now here is where Hendee meets Hedstrom and they join forces. Hendee saw the pacers as a huge selling point for the general public and the two joined forces in January of 1901. And that my friends is why 1901 is all over Indian Motorcycles and the gear. I’ll explain the name change later.   Eventually they figured out bicycle frames didn’t work for these amazing engines that Hedstrom was creating. Enter the motorcycle. The new frame allowed more room for the engine, and I think it helped with the heat no longer melting stuff too. Along with the change in frame came more changes to the engine. They created the v-twin engine in 1907 and eventually created the kick-start around 1913. These innovations led Indian Motorcycle to become a heavy hitter in the world of racing with a 61 cubic inch /998 cubic centimeter v-twin engine. Some of the racing motorcycles could reach speeds over 100 miles per hour. I know insane right!!    During these years the motorcycle business was booming and more than doubling in sales with each passing year. Indian Motorcycle wasn’t just an AMERICAN industry leader, but the worldwide motorcycle manufacturer, until…… the Ford Model T. Cars are more practical for families, and they took over, but this is not where the story ends….   Oh yea, I forgot to tell you about the name. So originally Hendee went with Hendee Manufacturing Company. He was selling his motorized bicycles labeled as Indians. During this time American Indians were actually at war with the United States government, but it wasn’t really publicized. Yea not much news out there so people had a completely different view Of Native American’s as noble and living off the land with a sense of regality. Also, the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show was huge, so this made the name Indian really good for marketing.    And there you have it, Indian Motorcycle’s infant years. The beginning was nowhere near what I thought it would be. Actually, I had no idea where it came from which is why I got the book in the first place. Knowledge is key. But someone started with an idea. And really isn’t that what everyone starts with.    So, you’ve got this idea in your head to ride a motorcycle. NOW WHAT?!  It’s so weird how things happen because I recently had a similar conversation with a friend when we rode to breakfast the other morning. You may remember her. Emy, the one with the new Chief. FYI, I mentioned her in a previous episode and said she finished her masters, but I was mistaken it was her PHD. Anyway, this bad ass lady and I were talking about all the crazy things that go thru our brains especially when we first start out riding. You’re excited and slightly terrified, exhilarated and kinda don’t wanna even try.    So, once you decide to go down the road towards riding a motorcycle, what’s next. Well, for each person the answer is going to be different. I had the idea in my head and decided to drag my friend to dealerships every weekend for 2 months trying to find the perfect bike for me. After the first month I realized I was completely unprepared to actually ride it and better learn. I signed up for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or MSF course at a local dealership. I’ll link the MSF website in the show notes if you want to do more research.    I was really lucky. I did the course over during covid, so my class size was super small. I’m talking 6 people in the classroom and only 4 of us on the range. I was the only one who had never ridden so the instructor was able to spend a lot of time helping me. I’m an uber learner. What I mean is that when I set my mind on something, I am probably going to research the hell out of it to find every shred of information I can. Riding was no different. If you are nervous, there are lots of videos on YouTube that show you the basics and give you a general idea of what to do without actually doing it. My personal favorite was Blockhead. I will link his video in the show notes. His breakdown was easy to understand and fun to watch because you can tell he has a true passion for motorcycles. Side note, he also lives in Florida and I hope to meet him one day!!   Off topic, so where was I??? Oh yeah, if you want to ride a motorcycle then you must take the MSF course. You need it to get your motorcycle endorsement on your license, but it is also amazingly helpful in learning all the basic skills you need to ride. After you pass the course you’ll need to practice.    So what do we have so far? Step 1: decide to make your idea a reality Step 2: find a local Motorcycle Safety Foundation course and sign up Step 3: Get the gear   Having the right gear is vital for safety as well as being a requirement for the MSF. Search for local motorcycle places and go check out what they have. You’ll need a helmet, gloves, boots, and long sleeves. The helmet should have and ECE and/or SNELL rating sticker on the back. If it does not, then do not buy it. There are lots of brands with lots of styles and fits. Find what’s best for you. I have 2 helmets a Scorpion and a Sedici. They both fit me completely differently but well.    Gloves are the same, try them on and find what fits you best. I have full finger for winter and cutoffs for summer, but both have knuckle guards in them.    Boots need to cover your ankle. I found a great pair at Harley, and I wish I had bought 2 because they fit so well. See the trend, fit is everything.    I have about 3 jackets, one for winter, one for spring, and one extra. I chose to have removable liners for water resistance and some extra warmth. I am currently searching for a bright orange vest for summer.   Jeans are a must. I am looking for a good pair of motorcycle jeans that are stylish and protective, but I’m on a budget. I think I want to try the band Tobacco. So, if anyone has tried them, I’d love your feedback. For now, I just wear my regular jeans.    Let’s see. Where are we now? You got the gear and took the course. Now find the bike of your dreams. This process is fun and frustrating. I bounced back and for from Indian to Harley and couldn’t decide. I was also too scared to test ride anything because I was so new. I finally decided on the Indian Scout Bobber because she just felt too good to let go.  Now you get to practice. Ride your motorcycle every day. I rode around the block every day for weeks. One block then 2, then I slowly became braver and went a little farther each time.    Find a friend that rides and ask them to practice with you. See if your local MSF course people offer private lessons. Practice, practice, practice. That really is the key.    Remember, we all started as a beginner. We all felt nervous. We all practiced until we got so good you think we could ride in our sleep. Don’t try that please!!!   I took my journey towards riding alone and with people who love me supporting me, but I am so glad I took my idea to learn to ride and ran with it.      Motorcycle Safety Foundation: Blockhead: How to ride a motorcycle Part 1 - Blockhead: How to ride a motorcycle Part 2 –  Blockhead: How to ride a motorcycle Part 3 –  Blockhead: Blockhead: Taresa Uncaged Facebook: Taresa Uncaged Instagram: @taresauncaged   
10:35 8/23/21
Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Motorcycling
I ask some questions in hopes you’ll respond to me, in thought (thinking) and actually call me or email the answer to my questions. Thanks for listening, sharing and subscribing to the .   Thoughts and the truth about outlaw bikers, patches, dangers, AMA, colors, segregationalist, Sturgis history, 1% and 13 patches,  Respect others time.       Call me at 202-579-9435      Youtube channel         Taresa will be back next week.   Shalom Baby!    
21:13 8/16/21
Therapy and Healing (ep. 42)
On this episode Taresa shares some personal thoughts and what happened to her last week. About Pop She asks you a question. 
22:17 8/9/21
Wind Therapy is Real
Kenn put the first 100 miles on Friday.  She’s in the break in period so taking it easy and learning her.  He almost popped a wheelie in “sport mode”.  You should have seen his 👀 eyes.  She is smoother and twice as fast as his HD Electra-glide was.  Wind therapy is real.  I needed this.   Sometimes life hits you with something that interrupts your flow.  It can stop it sometimes too.  Kenn shares some thoughts on wind therapy.   It’s a real thing, that motorcyclist like us can enjoy to soothe our spirits, destress and unwind.  After a few weeks of sitting in the garage, Kenn puts 100 miles on his 2021 Indian Challenger and reflects on life.  Take the ride with him.  You might need a handkerchief or tissue as he serenades you and murders a classic tune from Bette Midler at the end of the show. Thank you for rolling with a brother. You can support the show at     for decals and comments. 
21:51 8/2/21
Why I love you guys! (episode 40)
in this episode: Taresa shares why she loves you. Kenn gives an update. Support the show at     Why I love you guys! I’m still new to hosting this awesome show, but I discovered that I love you guys. Ok, not trying to get corny or anything, but it’s true. So listen, here is how I came to this conclusion. I’m at work, sitting at my desk working on my laptop. I share an office with 3 other women. Now we have been friends for years, but like normal work friends. We care about each other and text but don’t hang out outside of work. The lady that sits directly across from me is my work-wife. What I mean is we are co-directors’ and run multiple programs together. We make a really great team! We laugh a lot and share some very personal moments as well. But ya know like any spouse, there are things she’s into that I am not. Well, the same goes for her. I am in love with motorcycles and riding. She is not. Well, what’s a normal reaction when you do something you love, or find out exciting news about that subject? Right, you get super excited and want to share that. And that’s what happened to me.    OK so first let me tell you the lead up to why I was so excited. I went to one of the monthly Indian Motorcycle Rider Group meetings. I told you guys before I immediately joined my local chapter after getting my Scout Bobber. Anyways, I went to the meeting and one of the guys, Greg, who I mentioned before in the Scout episode, episode 37 called “It may be small, but it can really move!” Go check it out if you haven’t already!! Anyway, Greg and I were chatting, and I asked where his lovely wife Emmy was. See I had only met Emmy once before, she was finishing up her, I believe it was her master’s degree as well as doing some other intensive trainings for work… Sidenote - She’s a very busy and dedicated lady and I’m proud to know her. So anyway, I had asked where she was on that day and Greg said “Oh she’s on her way. They called this morning and said her new Chief was delivered. They agreed not to open the crate until we could be here” At this point I’m pretty sure my eyeballs popped out of my head like in the cartoons and my tongue came out with drool running down my chin. Ok so that may be a dramatization, but I want you get a feel for how truly excited I was for this moment. Not only for my friends to be able to unbox their brand new 2021 Indian Chief, but to finally get to see one in person since I had been dreaming about this motorcycle since they started releasing promos for it.  We have the meeting; Emmy finally arrives, and majority of the group hung around to see this stunning piece of machinery. This is going to sound really cliché, but as it was unboxed everyone was ohhing and ahhing and we all cheered and hooted and hollered for her new purchase!!! It was really a celebration moment for our group members. We took pictures and Emmy climbed up on the crate to sit on her new Motorcycle. She looked like a stunning bad-ass boss lady with the biggest smile on her face.  So it was at this moment that I realized. I HAVE TO RIDE ONE!!!! Don’t you know that day came sure enough about a week later. Melissa emailed me about a super chief that had just arrived on the showroom floor. Now the reason Melissa knew I was in the market for the chief is because I was trying to convince my husband to trade up from his Iron 883 to the Indian Chief. To see where that story went you should check out episode 39, Who wants to buy a motorcycle? OK where was I? Oh yea, so I get the email and I message him about it and wanted to see if he would want to go test ride it. Meanwhile I am jumping out of my skin because I am so worried it will be sold within 24 hours. He couldn’t get off work, but I could take a lunch. Giddy laugh. I message him and say I can go test ride it for you and see if it lives up to all the hype. Then if I think it’s something you’d like then we can see about you coming down to test ride later. At this point I am holding my breath waiting for his answer. HE SAID YES!!!! So as-long-as it took me to tell you all that, it really only happened in a couple of minutes. Now is when I look up at my work wife with the biggest smile on my face and so much giddiness that I’m practically bouncing in my seat. She noticed.    I said Paige I’m taking a lunch break. She replied, you never do that what’s going on? Seeing my face, she naturally smiled because she knew it was something good. I told her I was about to go test ride this new motorcycle on my lunch break, which I was of course taking right then and there. So, as I’m telling her what I’m going to do I am gearing up to ride over to the dealership. She says something like oohh yay that’s so exciting and tells me to have fun.  I go and have this cool experience that I will share in a future episode. I get back and she asks how was it? Now ya’ll know the excitement of a new motorcycle. Man, I was on cloud 9!!! I started spewing the whole story, what it looked like, what it sounded like. I rambled on like a kid talking about the power, the ride modes, the comfort. So she is just listening and randomly throws out a OOOOHHHH, or FANCY. I kept talking and at the end, when I finally started coming down from that high, I said thank you. She goes for what? I said, ‘well, I could see all over your face that you had no idea what I was saying but you were trying so hard to stay engaged and excited with me.” We both laughed and she said yeah it was important to you so I tried.    This is why I love my listeners. I know that I now I have my people!! You will listen to my story and actually relate to it. I love my work wife for trying, and I have done the same for her at times. But you are my community. I can’t wait to hear your stories. Please share them with me. I will read them and laugh with you or offer a similar story I have experienced. Share with me on Facebook on the Indian Motorcycle Radio Group or on my Taresa Uncaged page. You can also message me on Facebook or Instagram at Taresa Uncaged or send me an email at     That’s it for this episode. Thank you to you for being my community. Thank you for subscribing, downloaded, and listening to Indian Motorcycle Radio. I hope you have a great week and will catch you on the next ride!       for decals and comments. 
17:56 7/26/21
Who wants to buy a motorcycle?
On this week's ride I was able to go shopping for a new motorcycle!!! Ok so it wasn't for me (insert sad face here) but it was for my husband who is trading up from his Harley Iron 883 to a Brand New Indian Scout 20!! In the process of window shopping, I discovered that I'm falling for the Chieftain. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!  I'm interested in hearing from you. Do you randomly go motorcycle window shopping? What was your shopping experience like? Show me your recent motorcycle purchases @TaresaUncaged on facebook or instagram, or on the Indian Motorcycle Radio Facebook Group. 
14:55 7/19/21
Why Do You Ride?
Bonus Episode    Taresa Uncaged shares a thought.  Why do you ride?   Tell her.    Social Media Links Facebook:  Instagram:  YouTube:      
11:36 7/15/21
It might be small but it can really move! - Ep 37
The Indian Scout line up has 5 models to choose from The Scout, The Scout Bobber, The Scout 60, The Scout Bobber 60, and The Scout Bobber 20. They all have a liquid cooled engine, ABS brake as an option, and an analog gauge, but from there each model has a few differences.    Scout.     Bobber.     Scout 60.     Bobber 60.     Bobber 20.   $11,999   $10,999    $9,499         $8,999           $11,999 USB        USB                                                    USB 100 HP    100 HP     78 HP            78HP            100 HP 2-up         solo          solo               solo               solo 561 lbs     555 lbs     544 lbs          549 lbs          571 lbs  For more information check out Indian Motorcycle's website     Looking for a riding group check out your local Indian Motorcycle Riding Group Chapter. Every state has one and you can help start one near you!   Check us out and share your thoughts and experiences at   Facebook:  Facebook:  Instagram: @TaresaUncaged Email:   Thank you to Anne, Jen, Greg, and Kim for sharing with me. Thank you for downloading, subscribing, and listening. Have a great week and I will catch you on the next ride.
17:49 7/12/21
Best Bagger for New Riders - Ep 36
This brings a new perspective on racing and added fun for the audience. Alecsey of @KillShotProductions22 talked to me about his riding experience with a bagger as a first bike, his thoughts after riding my scout bobber, and his preferred riding styles. I’d love to hear your thoughts on bagger racing and hear your experiences with baggers and touring bikes on Facebook or Instagram @TaresaUncaged Have a great week and I will catch you on the next ride!    
25:49 7/5/21
Inspiration to Ride - Ep 35
What or who influenced you to get an Indian Motorcycle? In today's podcast I interviewed Karen. We talked about how she convinced me to start riding after years of being too scared, and how she has taken a long break from riding. It's a full circle friendship now as I am helping her to get comfortable on two wheels again.We talk about dream bikes and  share some advice for new riders. Who inspired you to ride?    Support the show:      A part of the new       Social Media Links Facebook:  Instagram:  YouTube:     
10:48 6/28/21
A Butt For Every Saddle - episode 34
Introducing a new host:  Taresa Uncaged   I said Taresa UnChained when it should have been UNCAGED but take a listen to the whole Epsiode and hear our new host being interviewed by Kenn.  Life has been kicking me in the gut but I love this podcast like I love the motorcycle community so I refuse to let a good thing go.  I decided to try to get another host to keep this show going for us and found Taresa.   Hope you like her. "There is a seat  (butt) for every saddle."       Contacts for Taresa  Facebook:  Instagram:  YouTube: 
26:00 6/21/21
What Happened? ( 33 )
Because of you, I put this out this week.  It's been my turn in the storm and riders are keeping me up.  Thank you for listening and sharing the show.  Shout out to Tim, Phil, Yisroel; and Ron.  You too! These new Harleys suck.  Personal opinion.   We don't have any sponsors.   Ain't nobody knocking down my doors.   You can encourage me to continue by a donation of any amount at Thank you. Kenn   
15:28 5/18/21
Have You Ever Had Sex on a Motorcycle? Episode 32
  Thanks for listening to podcast.  This week I want to remind you about riding in formations and groups.     Check out this link from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation :     Spring is here and I still don’t have a motorcycle.  In case you don’t know, I was saving for Indian Roadmaster, and then created this podcast with dreams of sugar plums dancing in my head.  I sold my 2005 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard and was “eye-balling” one in Annapolis, MD.     Don’t tell anyone I told you but my wife has brain tumor.  I have been  praying, and managing the stress levels around here.  Her surgery is coming soon and then we’ll be good to go.  Those that know the Word and pray, please send one up for my girl.     Life happens when you are out making plans.  It’s all good.  In the meantime, ride for me.  If you have a story you would like to share, or experience that would sound good on a podcast call me or email me.   I admit this title is clickbait.  No, I haven’t even tried and I was pretty raunchy once in my life.       Not safe for work picture of someone trying it in Europe. I have a new podcast network by the way.      Support the show:  
19:20 4/30/21
Big Wheel Grill and Lounge
This week Kenn and Rick talk about how cool our community is, motorcyclist, bikers, enthusiast… and Kenn shares his dream of owning a motorcycle lounge called Big Wheel. You can support the show at   Join us on Facebook at Indian motorcycle radio    YOUTUBE CHANNEL NEW:  . 
28:25 2/27/21