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Love writers and writing? How about reading and finding out more about your next favorite author you just simply can't get enough of? Then All Things Writing is for you. Join me and a wonderful bunch of guests as we take a journey through the world of books and creativity. We will share our life stories with you, as well as advice, tips and tricks, insight, funny stories, and interviews with people from all walks of life.


That Effn' Show: Interview with Aaron Reynolds, author of "Effn' Birds" 72:46 01/18/2022
Welcome to The Annual Introduction Show, 2022, and Season 3! 23:13 01/11/2022
A Holiday Reading of A Christmas Carol; Chapter 5 23:12 12/25/2021
A Holiday Reading of A Christmas Carol; Chapter 4 37:13 12/18/2021
A Holiday Reading of A Christmas Carol; Chapter 3 53:29 12/11/2021
A Holiday Reading of A Christmas Carol; Chapter 2 38:54 12/04/2021
A Holiday Reading of A Christmas Carol 41:39 11/28/2021
A Book Review and I Reveal My Favorite Book of 2021 23:32 11/22/2021
On Writing Characters; A Few Quotes 23:57 11/06/2021
It's Halloween! So, what frightens me and why? 33:13 10/24/2021
An interview with author and scriptwriter Joe Maddrey 66:36 10/16/2021
Taking Care Of Yourself So You Can Write For Others 32:53 10/02/2021
Interview with Author and Paranormal Expert Pamela K. Kinney 55:05 09/25/2021
Our Trip to The Buckhorn, Labor Day, a Gym, and Passion 23:03 09/12/2021
Hanging out with Author Russell James! 62:20 09/04/2021
A reading from my upcoming book, "The App" 26:29 08/21/2021
Interview with the amazing Jim Nettles 90:02 08/14/2021
Interview With Voice Artist/Podcaster William Smith 68:28 07/31/2021
An interview with author Patrick Dugan 46:51 07/24/2021
Book Review: Roadside Attractions by Eric Lahti 26:07 07/10/2021
Note Keeping as an Author; I Go On a Rant About Our School District; And an Appearance Schedule 30:25 06/28/2021
Meet The Writing Coach, Ann Kroeker 72:18 06/19/2021
A Writing Lesson From A Long Dead Gunslinger 25:02 06/05/2021
Go For The Gold; Today We Talk Awards 19:05 05/29/2021
Can the setting be a protagonist? What the heck is he talking about now? 24:16 05/15/2021
Writing while on vacation? Yes, you should. 22:36 05/08/2021
I've Been Rejected... And You Will Be Too 22:27 04/28/2021
A Chat With Author and Podcaster Kenny McKay 47:01 04/17/2021
Show Versus Tell and What That Really Means 24:05 04/03/2021
Interview with my friend Ronald Malfi 35:09 03/27/2021