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The Tefo Mohapi Show brings you conversations with interesting people from across the world who have famously or infamously made an impact on the world. Expect unique and interesting insights into some of the people that make our world tick. We will together explore the views of my guests regarding the state of the world currently, the impact of digital technology on culture and how the world works, and what they think needs to be done to make our world better, or at minimum, how we can all get along better and do better.


Craig McLeod on building and scaling tech startups 58:03 01/14/2021
Dion Chang talks about trends that are shaping our zeitgeist 40:40 10/04/2020
Denisha Kuhlor on startups, music, and technology 40:15 08/30/2020
Ben Basche on trends that are shaping the future of technology 47:49 08/21/2020
Oresti Patricios on the state of the media industry 37:56 08/17/2020
Terry Virts on life space 30:19 08/09/2020
Oby Ezekwesili on corruption and politics 42:02 08/02/2020
Kamal Moukheiber talks about building an African cigar brand 39:33 05/31/2020
Isaac Mophatlane talks about government accountability, the ICT sector, and tech startups 51:07 05/24/2020
Thebe Ikalafeng discusses personal branding, narratives, and Africa as a brand 28:35 05/17/2020
Alexandre Lazarow on how to build a startup to survive tough times 39:01 05/03/2020
Dr. Vukosi Marivate on how Artificial Intelligence can be used to fight fake news 73:42 03/28/2020
Advice for freelancers and small businesses during coronavirus outbreak 41:38 03/21/2020
What you need to know about the coronavirus (COVID-19) 17:08 03/14/2020
Higinio Ochoa talks about hacker culture and hacktivism 62:25 03/01/2020
Nothando Migogo on culture, colonization, music and law 87:56 02/22/2020
Welcome to Season 2 02:19 02/22/2020
Murray Hunter explains privacy and South Africa's citizen spying operations 57:03 12/30/2019
Maged Korga on cycling across Africa and ICT4D 43:27 12/09/2019
David Li talks about Shenzhen's open innovation technology ecosystem 61:48 11/16/2019
Yoel Kenan discusses the digital music business in Africa 56:52 11/10/2019
Kamran Elahian on how Africa can take advantage of the innovation economy 50:56 11/08/2019
Bankole Oluwafemi looks back at the evolution of Africa's tech innovation and startup ecosystem 45:38 11/03/2019
Emmanuel Banda discusses how Zimbabwe deteriorated under Robert Mugabe 63:36 10/15/2019
Gwen Ngwenya on South African politics and tech policy 67:31 10/03/2019
Mteto Nyati talks about his career in South Africa's ICT industry 65:03 10/01/2019
Marek Zmyslowski on doing business in Nigeria 64:57 09/30/2019
Introduction to The Tefo Mohapi Show 02:21 09/30/2019