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Short clips on legal topics with a quirky outlook, but of real, everyday application delivered by lawyer Paul Brennan with wry humour and the odd belly laugh. Whether you are a business owner, corporate warrior, or professional adviser, this will help you to improve your legal knowhow and avoid legal potholes. Disclaimer: The content of this Podcast is to give you legal basics and in some instances, included unashamedly to try and make you laugh. In law, it is sometimes difficult to work out what is serious and what is just for fun. Therefore, if you plan to do anything legal, speak to a lawyer.


Family Dramatics-extreme wealth distribution and the law 02:31 07/04/2021
Fights With Members Of Your Club or Association 02:59 07/04/2021
Fights With Your Neighbours 02:39 06/27/2021
Fights with Your Friends 02:27 06/13/2021
Fights with Your Spouse 02:41 05/30/2021
Fights with Your Employer 02:39 05/23/2021
Fights with Multinationals 03:02 05/16/2021
Fights involving the Ombudsman - Front Rank File 02:41 04/25/2021
Fights With Government Departments 02:51 04/18/2021
Fights Over the Carcass 03:03 03/28/2021
Oppression, oppression… of minority shareholders. 02:26 03/21/2021
Breaking Up is Hard to Do 03:20 03/07/2021
The Mechanics of Termination 02:54 02/28/2021
Terminating a Contract- it is not over until it is over 02:10 02/21/2021
Courts Will Enforce Contacts 01:33 02/14/2021
How to Make Contract Terms Stick 01:39 02/14/2021
"Time of the Essence" May Not Always Mean Time of the Essence 01:51 01/31/2021
Some Contract Terms are More Important That Others 01:37 01/31/2021
Deals - Assume That You Have a Duty of Good Faith 02:25 01/24/2021
Winning is Not Always a Joyous Experience 02:36 01/17/2021
The Gathering Storm – The First Visit to Your Lawyer 02:11 12/13/2020
Matters Of Principle And Your Money 02:07 12/13/2020
Why read the Art of War by Sun Tzu? 03:25 12/06/2020
Behind every heroic legal action there is a lawyer advising against it 02:08 12/06/2020
How far are you prepared to go? 03:08 11/22/2020
Being arrested—what you need to know 02:20 10/25/2020
Fights with Members of your Club or Association 02:54 10/11/2020
Tone down your IP threats 02:19 10/04/2020
Injunctions - Stop in the name of the law 02:20 09/26/2020
Looking the IP opportunity in the mouth —some traps for budding entrepreneurs 03:02 09/19/2020