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Technology continues to challenge the legal system and sometimes laws battle to keep up with the speed at which technology is changing, and the various new technologies that are launched. The Tech Legal Matters podcast will explore cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection and other similar topics at the intersection of technology and the law.


What you need to know about POPIA and PAIA 25:46 07/15/2021
Compliance with South Africa's POPIA 25:05 07/08/2021
Cyber security trends for enterprises in 2020 47:39 01/16/2021
The five digital forces for post-COVID-19 pandemic organizations 16:04 11/19/2020
Cybersecurity's role in the digital transformation journey 42:55 11/06/2020
The role of privacy regulation in fighting cybercrime 26:33 11/04/2020
Changing information security cultures 18:10 10/20/2020
An African approach to cybersecurity 40:09 10/12/2020
How Kenya's government approaches national cybersecurity 24:29 10/02/2020
Consumer and business legal options regarding the Experian Data Breach 12:02 09/04/2020
Everything you need to know regarding the Experian Data Breach 20:45 08/26/2020
The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation explained 18:05 08/14/2020
Understanding South Africa's cyber laws 18:28 08/07/2020
How to protect your data online 23:43 07/24/2020
Fighting and prosecuting corruption in South Africa 30:55 07/10/2020
Legal and regulatory considerations for FinTech solutions 33:44 07/03/2020
Everything you need to know about the EU's GDPR 26:58 06/26/2020
What you need to know about the Life Healthcare data breach 27:17 06/19/2020
South African case law regarding defamation and freedom of expression on social media 32:32 06/05/2020
Legal implications of what you post on social media 29:38 05/29/2020
Digital technology solutions for legal professionals 24:45 05/22/2020
Legal considerations when live streaming 37:22 05/15/2020
The role of South Africa's Protection of Personal Information Act during the COVID-19 pandemic 22:03 05/08/2020
Welcome to Tech Legal Matters 22:35 05/01/2020