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The Gab with the Gurus Show is a motivating, encouraging, empowering podcast featuring interviews with prominent, bestselling, inspiring guru guests from a variety of fields -- health, wellness, blogging, personal growth and empowerment, Law of Attraction, etc. The host is trained journalist Connie Bennett, who, after reluctantly letting go of her dangerous habit more than a decade ago, became a certified health coach, life coach, Sweet Freedom Coach, and author of the bestselling books, Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock.


Earth Day at 50 — What’s still missing? Is Coronavirus Tied to Climate Change? 42:19 04/22/2020
Heartbreak to Wholeness with Bestselling Author Kristine Carlson 35:03 06/13/2018
Happiness Guru Marci Shimoff Shares Top Tips to Be Happy 34:40 05/02/2018
Holistic Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn Tells You How to Have a Healthy Heart 23:51 02/14/2018
Upgrade Your Vibes with Robyn Openshaw 44:21 10/18/2017
Addicted to Your Cell? Discover “The Power of Off” with Dr. Nancy Colier 43:11 03/02/2017
Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson Tells You How to Be Happy, Thin and Free 44:25 02/02/2017
Halloween Tips for Parents 33:59 10/29/2015
Jayson and Mira Calton Explain Their Micronutrient Miracle Plan 30:25 08/13/2015
Damon Gameau of "That Sugar Film" Blows the Lid on Processed Foods 36:19 07/31/2015
Is Your Diet a Disaster? Professor Traci Mann Blasts Weight-Loss Myths 20:42 07/23/2015
Dr. Dennis W. Thomas on Whole Pet Healing 30:03 07/09/2015
Get Energy All Day with Yuri Elkaim 28:19 09/24/2014
Dieting's 7 Deadly Sins with Dr. Yoni Freedhoff 29:56 04/23/2014
David Kessler Tells You How to Heal Your Heart 43:29 03/25/2014
E-Squared Author Pam Grout on the Power of Your Thoughts 43:54 02/20/2014
The Sugar Detox with Dr. Patricia Farris 45:10 02/13/2014
Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much With Colette Baron-Reid 44:39 02/07/2014
Lean Body, Fat Wallet with Danna Demetre 44:13 02/06/2014
Addicted to Sugar? Find Out Why with Dr. Nicole Avena 39:18 01/23/2014
Dr. David Perlmutter Reveals How Carbs Trigger "Grain Brain" 43:56 12/18/2013
Jacqueline Marcell Shares Tips for Caregivers 29:50 12/10/2013
Nick Ortner on The Tapping Solution 44:51 04/24/2013
Secrets to 15 Years Sugar-Free: With HSF's Roberta Ruggiero 59:47 04/17/2013
Becki Hawkins: A Nurse's Insights on Life & Death 41:13 01/02/2013
Heal Your Grief & Find Peace with Dr. Louis E. LaGrand 45:00 12/12/2012
Self-Compassion: The Key to Lose Weight & Be Happy with Jean Fain 29:53 07/25/2012
Dr. Christiane Northrup Helps You Create Vibrant Health 45:19 07/18/2012
Dr. Eric Pearl Tells You How to Heal Using New Tools 37:55 07/11/2012
Sugar is Addictive: Dr. Nicole Avena Shares Proof 23:25 06/27/2012