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Passionate about NFTs, Web3, and the Creator Economy. I interview everyone from artists & builders, to collectors & entrepreneurs. Come join us, as we re-write the rules of the past for a brighter future!


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00:55 12/03/2019
Why being a drug addict is a blessing
I cover the question: As a recovered opiate addict, have you ever encouraged, given advice, or helped out anyone that has reached out to you through your stream/presence in the gaming community? How do you try and use your platform to inspire other people to overcome the same struggles you have experienced?Support the show (
03:35 12/03/2019
Esports & The Challenges I've faced
In this episode, we cover what got me into esports, and how the process has impacted & shaped me.Support the show (
07:13 12/04/2019
Yes vs. No
These 2 simple words can have such a deep meaning with our daily decisions. I go down the rabbit hole of how this has positively impacted my day to day life and how it can help you as well. Support the show (
13:37 12/05/2019
Drug addict vs. Non Drug addict
On a high level discuss the differences between the real drug addict/alcoholic and the heavy user/drinker. We bounce around between a few other topics surrounding this as well as some of my personal experience before & after I got sober. Support the show
07:51 12/06/2019
80% isn't enough
This covers my childhood work ethic up to this point, and what's been holding me back from really sharing my story & how you could be doing the same thing.Support the show
20:39 12/07/2019
It’s not about the substance
It’s about the behavior around the substance. Whether it’s pot, or heroin, the result is the same. Support the show (
13:09 12/08/2019
What is a Twitch?
I do a brief overview of what Twitch, the culture of content creation, and why people support the creators in the space. Support the show
15:22 12/10/2019
7 days, 4 lessons learned.
I set a commitment out to myself that I would make 7 podcasts in a row, 1 a day. Honestly pretty freakin proud of myself. Hopefully this helps you to get honest with yourself on how you use your time!Support the show (
07:41 12/11/2019
Momentum, which way are you carrying it?
Momentum is constant, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. Support the show
09:16 12/12/2019
The right motives?
Don’t get down on yourself if you think your motives are too selfish. They most likely are, but the good news is that you CAN & WILL evolve, if you want too. Support the show (
11:52 12/13/2019
Gaming with a purpose
Gaming can be fun and intoxicating, don’t let it take over your life. Do something with it. Support the show (
16:34 12/16/2019
I dive deep into Halo from the beginning, my experience with it, and why it’s relevant today and will be a dominant force in 2020Support the show (
23:24 12/19/2019
What I learned this year while Streaming
I cover a few valuable lessons that were presented to me this year, and provide a few helpful tips on how to be present for the holdays.Support the show (
09:05 12/24/2019
Judging Yourself, and why you need to stop
After 27 years, it finally clicked, and it can for you, too.Support the show (
06:36 01/01/2020
You’re more powerful than you think
You’re unique, and so is your story. Don’t be afraid to share it. If you don’t, someone who needs to hear it won’t get the chance too. Support the show
11:12 01/12/2020
Facing your Fears to Help Others
Ever wonder how people are able to provide constant value? I did as well until this hit me. We keep providing extra value to the people who follow us by not only conquering our fears but sharing it with the world.Follow Me: the show (
10:27 02/17/2020
How to achieve REAL happiness.
A problem that I've seen that nobody seems to share is how they achieve true happiness. You know, the ones that have that glow in their face that you can't help but be attracted to. Well, I break that down in this week's episode of the BoonaFide Experience. Watch me 📺👉👉 me 📱👉👉👉👉👉 👕👉 the show (
14:10 02/24/2020
E: 18- Bryan Truong of Oxygen Supremacy, Halo, Esports, & Content Creation
I am extremely pumped to have my first guest on the show who has accomplished so much since he's started his journey in esports only 4 years ago.Bryan is the Owner and Co-Founder of the content creation organization Oxygen Supremacy. We dive deep into the world of Halo, COD Franchising, Current & Future State Esports, as well as touching on the family dynamic and some of the struggles that families face with their kids wanting to purse Content Creation & Esports.Support the show (
87:13 03/31/2020
E: 19- Phazed: Former Gears of War Pro & Coach
In this week's episode, Chuck "Phazed" shares his come up into the Gears of War pro scene, we chat about the current state of Gears, and Esports as a whole. This episode is chock-full of good advice for the novice as well as current pro players, and content creators trying to excel and make a name for themselves.Support the show (
52:56 04/08/2020
E: 20- Hudgens_GG Content Creator/FPS God
I sit down with Marc, AKA Hudgens_GG, we burn the midnight oil (well 7pm HST) discussing his upbringing, his journey in streaming so far, as well as his tremendous work ethic that it takes to be successful as a creator.Support the show (
29:45 04/15/2020
E: 21- TheOneSaiyan- Professional Halo Athlete & Content Creator
I get the honor and privilege to sit down with the legend himself Tommy "TheOneSaiyan" Wilson. We jump right into all things Halo, he describes his journey to becoming a  professional, the current state of the franchise, he shares his personal motivations and his dream of becoming a household name in Halo Infinite.You're not going to want to miss this! Saiyan's Socials:Twitter: the show
70:41 04/22/2020
E: 22- Eric "FarCognitions" CMO of AdvancedGG
This week, we take a different angle into the Esports world, by interviewing the CMO of a gaming supplement company called AdvancedGG. We dive deep into the history of the company, what their mission in esports is, and what they stand for. He sheds light on the truly blind double placebo test that they put their products through before they go to market. We also chat about their newest product, Chill, which is a CBD infused sports drink that's meant to help gamers wind down after a night of intense cognitive effort on the keyboard, or controller. This episode is chock-full of valuable insights from a completely new perspective. I hope you enjoy!Company Website & Socials:Main site: www.advanced.ggChill (CBD): www.chillbyadvanced.ggTwitter: @AdvancedGGInstagram: @AdvancedGGEric "FarCognitions" CMO:Twitter: @FarCognitionsSupport the show (
60:10 04/30/2020
E: 23- Alex "Shyway" Hope
Shyway is a Halo YouTuber who is deeply passionate about Halo 5 and it's complex movements. He has dedicated his YouTube channel to not only exposing new game mechanic hacks, but also map manipulation, strategies, and he does it all so effortlessly (Or at least he makes it look that way).Let him show you the way.Support the show (
49:34 05/07/2020
E: 25- Harry "Lethal" Thomas, Esports Commentator & Host
This week, we take a peek into another side of the world of esports, and that's the world of the casters& analyst desk. If you're a sports fan, you already are familiar with this role in traditional sports. That's not how Harry started out though, like many of us, he started with his passion for gaming, he is an Ex- Halo pro with 20+ wins (watch for the podcast fail, lol). Once he got his foot in the door, he really got to explore a passion he didn't know he had. I know you'll enjoy this episode as much as I did. Lethal's Socials:ShowReel: @Lethal_HTTwitch: @Lethal_HTSupport the show (
51:00 05/27/2020
E: 26- My "Why"
I truly believe that the most important thing in creating something from scratch is understanding your "Why". This may sound corny, cheesy, or any other acronym that you would use to dismiss the importance of it, but I assure you, it's not. It's one of the main reasons people either give up, or burn out, there's nothing beyond hitting the live button, recording for YouTube, "Networking" becomes disingenuous, and it eventually becomes less fulfilling. If this is something you struggle with, this is the right podcast for you. I share with you the main mission of my personal content, my "Why" overall, and my "Why" of the podcast" in hopes that you'll find yours, too.Support the show (
39:42 06/04/2020
E: 27- Street Grind
Man... Man, oh man, oh man... Y'all are going to dig this week's episode. I remember when I first meet street back in a gaming support group that we were both a part of, and I remember asking myself... who is this guy? And why have I just now heard of him?! Street has been not only an inspiration to me but to so many others, he has a genuine heart of gold and is firm in his message. His growth has been a direct result of the grind that he puts in on a daily basis. We cover everything from his childhood gaming, Black Lives Matter, and where he truly wants to take his content. Street Grind Socials:Twitter: @streetgrind_Boonafide Socials:Twitter: @boonafidegamingSupport the show
57:54 06/18/2020
E: 28 Xera Tricky, Pro Apex Player & Content Creator
Xera "Nelson" Tricky is in the house, well, virtually! This was an absolute blast to record. We discuss his upbringing into gaming, what the games were that hooked him, and spent the last half diving headfirst into his competitive journey in Apex. He's been on an absolute tear and has an awesome story to share.Enjoy!Xera Socials:Twitch: the show (
71:46 07/02/2020
E: 29- HeHe_TV Content Creator, Stream & Setup Enthusiast
I feel like this could have gone another hour, easily! Please welcome Zack "HeHe" to the show!! I found his content via twitter, I know I can always go to his page for a good laugh. Aside from being a complete jokster, this episode contains so much valuable information, such as his journey into content creation, the steps to growing a lasting brand, as well as some valuable lessons learned that got him to where he's at today.HeHe Socials:Twitter: Socials:YouTube: the show (
74:20 07/09/2020
E 30: ObeyDrix- Former GOW Pro, Full Time Content Creator for Rise Nation
For our 30th episode, I bring to you none other than the man, the myth, the legend himself, Mr. Obey (Demarco) Drix. He is a full-time Gears of War content creator for the Rise Nation, previous esports professional. This episode was so much fun, we got to dive into his journey into gaming, his career as an esports athlete, as well as how he manages to raise his son and balances being a full-time creator at the same time.Drix Socials:Twitch: Rise NationTwitter: the show
55:33 07/23/2020