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The NY NOW Podcast brings real-life education, strategies, and ideas to our community through conversations and webinars that are relevant to our industry. NY NOW is a modern wholesale experience for retailers and specialty buyers who are looking for a rich diverse range of new products and exciting new brands. Located in the heart of NYC, the NY NOW tradeshow is a community driving style, success, discovery, innovation and collaboration. Visit us at to learn more!


Migrations from Journalism to Handmade with Kinship Stories 48:29 09/15/2021
The Paper Plane Cocktail Hour: The New NOW! 50:36 09/09/2021
Fashion, Film and Textile Design with Kerrie Brown 35:36 09/02/2021
First Time Exhibitor... from SoHo to the Javits Center 54:17 08/25/2021
The Paper Plane Cocktail Hour: Pencil This In 50:19 08/12/2021
A Deep Dive with Patti Carpenter 48:58 07/28/2021
Café Garden Inspirations with Onatah Seed Company 48:49 07/26/2021
NYC Cultural Powerhouse 61:50 07/21/2021
The Paper Plane Cocktail Hour: The LOUIE Virtual Red Carpet 41:57 07/08/2021
Tomorrows Retail World 34:56 06/23/2021
Coffee Culture and Equity with Don Carvajal Café 51:59 06/17/2021
The Paper Plane Cocktail Hour: PAPER PRIDE 27:22 06/10/2021
The Artisan Business Lab 36:02 06/02/2021
Modern Italian Illustrations with The Napking by Bellavia Ricami 32:46 05/26/2021
The Essential Delectable Pantry with The French Farm 35:46 05/19/2021
The Paper Plane Cocktail Hour: The Perfect Pitch 41:37 05/13/2021
Walk It Out 42:30 05/11/2021
Awesome Brooklyn! 32:56 04/21/2021
The Paper Plane Cocktail Hour: Blue Ribbon Retail 28:11 04/08/2021
Artisans, Fair Trade and Overcoming Barriers 48:19 03/26/2021
etúHOME - Modern Sustainability x European Design 34:41 03/26/2021
Empowering Change 76:48 03/26/2021
The Paper Plane Cocktail Hour: A Sticky Subject 37:57 03/11/2021
The Paper Plane Cocktail Hour: Stationery, Sales & Success in 2021 60:12 02/25/2021
Learn How to Do It: Measure Twice 36:48 02/24/2021
Fair Trade Enterprises: Innovating During COVID-19 Times 37:28 02/24/2021
A Conversation with CEO & Founder of The Mama Foundation - Vy Higginsen 31:16 02/24/2021
Harlem Chocolate Factory: How They Get the Essence of Harlem in Every Bite 54:58 02/24/2021
Reimaging Connections as a Global Handmade Business with SASHA Craft 37:49 02/24/2021
How to Discover Your Home Office Style 40:57 01/20/2021