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THE 5 with Wendi Cooper Every podcast has its reason. This podcast has no real reason other than to bring joy, humor, a new point of view, and a really fun way of looking at life. Each episode is unique and timeless - so scroll to Episode 1 and binge-listen! You'll find edited snippets of long-form content to conversations with my alter ego. Improvisation is a love of mine, and as a Live Host you better be good at it...add the chance to edit on the fly and each episode is guaranteed to make you love, laugh, cry, or open your eyes to finding "joy". About: Created, edited, hosted, and designed by Wendi Cooper a self-taught award-winning television commercial Writer, Director, Creative Director and Live Shopping Host, she is the Founder of C Spot Run Productions, the spot for direct response since 1997, where she consulted with fortune 500 companies around the globe. Here's to health and happiness for all humankind. #HappinessWarrior #CancerWarrior Wendi Cooper - Host Theme Music: Tom Orsi


Episode 160 Brands with No Names
BRANDS WITH NO NAMES (edited) Originally recorded in front of a live audience on the FiresideChat app in Cooper Time - Community Culture and Creativity over 1 hour, now you can enjoy this fun 5-minute snippet of Brands with No Names, meaning brands that have names but are not "real" names at all. Listen to a quick engaging and entertaining POV on how or why Etsy, Google, Roku, Netflix, etc., were named?  Why it does matter to all products and services, especially in today's solopreneur and entrepreneur craze.   And most of all, how in 5 minutes you'll walk away with the most valuable tip of a lifetime. Everyone has 5 minutes and that's why I created this for you.  (I got that from Emily Binder).   Subscribe and Follow and Tell the World! Produced by:  C Spot Run Productions Hosted & Written by:  Wendi Cooper Editor:  Wendi Cooper Theme music:  Tom Orsi  All rights reserved.  Copyright C Spot Run Productions 2022 All Rights Reserved 
05:45 05/30/2022
Episode 159 The Future of Influence
THE FUTURE OF INFLUENCE - an edited version of a full-length live episode recorded in front of a live audience on    In this episode, you'll hear different opinions from Gen Z to Gen X to Baby Boomers - unscripted on the Future of Influence. Topics: Metaverse Kardashians Fondling Avatars Botox and Butts 16M Dollar a Year Youtubers Produced by:  C Spot Run Productions Hosted & Written by:  Wendi Cooper Editor:  Wendi Cooper Music: All rights reserved.  Copyright 2022 C Spot Run Productions  Thank you Federick Penney of Radio Law Talk, Stephan of "Conversations", Kiesha, Ray Z who has a daily show on, and all the listeners.  
23:13 03/23/2022
Episode 158 The Irregular Jelly Belly
FROM: *** Did you ever wonder what happens to the Jelly Belly jelly beans that are a little less than perfect or the ones that somehow escaped the Jelly Belly logo stamper? Well, those are our beloved Belly Flops! For whatever reason, the jelly beans in these bags didn’t quite make it through production as they should have. Because of this, they’re all a little bit strange and special in their own unique ways. Jelly Belly Belly Flops are no less flavorful, or lovable, than regular Jelly Belly jelly beans; they just come in wild shapes and sizes. You may find one that's round, one that's square, or you may even find a bunch stuck together. On very rare occasions, a flavor may not match a color. A red Belly Flop might taste like Blueberry, or a white one might taste like Chocolate Pudding. Crazy! These bulk bags of Jelly Belly Belly Flops aren’t just great deals, they’re a lot of fun. They’re also perfect for the adventurous candy-lover who doesn’t mind getting a treat that’s a little bit different or unexpected. *** Yup, I discovered Belly Flops at the 99 cent store today!   Make sure to subscribe and leave a review. Thanks for listening. Produced by:  C Spot Run Productions Hosted & Written by:  Wendi Cooper Editor:  Wendi Cooper Theme music:  Tom Orsi  All rights reserved.  copyright 2022 C Spot Run Productions  
05:35 02/04/2022
Episode 156 The Human Common Denominator
The Human Common Denominator Are you insulted when someone calls you a common denominator? I pulled some comments from a chat that asked that question.  The comments are interesting as to what makes a human common denominator.  It's the same as a narcissist - it's always someone else's fault. @realwendicooper Twitter @wendicreates IG Music by Tom Orsi
04:22 01/26/2022
Episode 157 Your Electromagnetic Soul
The AfterLife Frequency, since the original recording of this story view, has now reached Best Seller status! (11/6/21) original interview conducted on 9/8/21. "Compelling evidence of what happens after death, spiced with heartwarming and hair-raising stories."  - Dr. Bruce Greyson, University of Virginia, Founder of IANDS Mark Anthony is the author of Evidence of Eternity, Never Letting Go, and now THE AFTERLIFE FREQUENCY.   This epidsode I have compiled a few clips from The Wendi Cooper Show Storyviews with Mark Anthony about his book The AfterLife Frequency.   World-renowned psychic medium and Oxford-educated attorney Mark Anthony bridges the divide between faith and science in this fascinating afterlife exploration, taking you around the globe, from the cosmic to the subatomic, and into the human soul itself. Combining physics, neuroscience, and riveting true stories, this book: Reveals how our “electromagnetic soul” is pure eternal energy that never dies Takes spirit communication, near-death experiences, and deathbed visions out of the shadows of superstition and into the light of 21st-century science Hear the storyview.   Includes:  Presents Anthony’s RAFT technique to recognize contact with spirits, accept it as real, feel it without fear, and trust in the experience Provides hope for recovery from grief, PTSD, survivor’s guilt, or a loved one’s suicide or homicide Illuminates how contact with spirits is a powerful instrument of healing and love. Quotes:  "Utterly fascinating!  Describes the very mysteries of life and death, electromagnetics, karma, heaven and hell in ways no one else does."  - Dr. P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. "Provides healing for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual suffering." - Dr. Pim van Lommel, NDE Research Scientist. Theme music by: Orsi Digital Post Edited and designed:  Wendi Cooper Hosted by:  Wendi Cooper Bed Music:  Courtesy of Early Avril - Unicorn Heads No.7 Alone With My Thoughts - Esther Abrami Produced by C Spot Run Productions, all rights reserved. 
06:30 01/26/2022
Episode 155 This IS Normal. Get Used To It
Posting real-time illness is just weird.   As more and more people get the virus, just like the flu, doesn't it become normal to get it, and abnormal to post while you are sick? The symptoms are the same as the flu; strep throat; pneumonia; bronchitis, whatever.  My point is that don't people die of complications if unvaccinated from the flu, et al. So what is the real difference at this point?  What weird society are we creating and living in where we have the need to share too much?   The vaccinated get IT but don't get really sick.  The unvaccinated don't get IT and get really sick.  Just like the flu..... CoVid vaccines are here to stay.  It's normal. Get used to it. @realwendicooper (Twitter) @wendicreates (IG) @wendiC (ClubHouse) Theme Music:  Tom Orsi Music: Cat-Walk C Spot Run Productions - all rights reserved. Opinion podcast.
03:12 01/12/2022
Episode 154 Dumb & Dumber Are Alive
Dumber and Dumber a movie from 1994, starring Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels as Dumb and Dumber was a fun, silly, comedy.   Two guys that weren't very smart took off together on a road trip and took the audience along with them.  It was not real life.  In fact, it was far from it.   Today with social media and live social audio platforms so accessible, and without any best practices or rules in place,  it appears the road trip of Dumb and Dumber is in full swine, especially on Club House I'm not sure if this is Dumb or if it is Dumber in this episode, but he is a person of influence and a public figure.  It's also surprising how many people put this man on a pedestal. Music by Tom Orsi Produced:  C Spot Run Productions All rights reserved.      
07:12 01/10/2022
Episode 153 What Does the World Really Think?
 What Does the Global Community think about the US and the Insurrection? Today I was looking for a tidbit of "news" for this episode on the anniversary of the insurrection at the Capital.   I was on Clubhouse and found a room discussing what the rest of the world thinks about the insurrection.  It was fascinating to hear all of the opinions from other countries.   A colleague from 20 years ago pop up - it was great to hear Ben's voice and super cool to be connected in a group of 100's of people from around the world sharing points of view.   Ben is living in West Africa.  So, I pushed the record button and captured some great stuff - one man's POV. Thank you, Ben Mendelson Here are some people to follow on Clubhouse.  @docdanmd, @benmendelson @myglobalmuse, @davidinvenice @wendic C Spot Run Productions Theme Music by:  Tom Orsi Background:  Youtube Music     
08:14 01/07/2022
Episode 152 Not So Sexy in the City
Is it ageist to write scripts that stereotype people over 50? ...And Just Like That, HBO MAX, the new 10 episodes of Sex in the City totally took the sex out of the city. Darren Star and Michael Patrick King you had a chance to make 50+ sexy and vibrant, and healthy.  Like in the real world. They reinvent themselves, explore new adventures and business because they are savvy superhumans living to 100 - unstoppable - still sexy in the city.   But no. You focus on hearing aids, brittle bones, getting fingered, not kissed for a lesbian experience, heart attacks on a Peloton, and life's goals as "getting back in heels".    You took the sex out of the city with ageist comments and storylines, why not put the fucking Sexy in the City at 50?. Or is it about the costumes? Hmm, because nothing else is working. Correction:  There are 5 episodes on HBOMax, not 4. I'm not alone, follow #andjustlikethat on IG and Twitter @wendicreates IG @realwendicooper Twitter C Spot Run Production, all rights reserved.   Opinion podcast.  
07:25 01/05/2022
Episode 151 It Really Is "All About Me" in Season 3
In 1998 I met Phillip Keel through a friend from the Foundation Room at the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA 1997.  She was dating him, we were all in our 30's.  Phillip was the author of "All About Me" a hybrid journal that contained questions, and blank pages to fill. I remember him telling me that it was a way to leave your story behind for others to find in years to come.  (It was 1997). Of course, we all lost contact over the years.  I knew Phillip lived in Zurich when not in L.A. and that his family had been in book publishing for many, many years in Switzerland.   It is no wonder that he grew a simple idea into the business of beautifully crafted journals.  I truly had no idea until he popped into my head doing this recording. This episode isn't about Phillip Keel, but it is about how it took me 24 years to embrace that it is  "All About Me", and it's important to leave a legacy that can be cherished, in a physical time and space. I even changed my artwork!   Contact me: Website: Twitter: @realwendicooper IG: @wendicreates Produced by: C Spot Run Productions Music by: "Sun and Daughter"
07:07 01/03/2022
Episode 150 See Ya Later 2021
Some of my favorite epsides in a fun montage.  2021 has been a year that feels like it wasn't.  I wasn't here much this year because its been a tough one for me.   I thought I would create a montage of past episodes, of course in just 5 minutes, to have a little year end fun. All of the episode clips you'll enjoy here are available in their full glory if you scroll down and binge for a while! Happy 2022 everyone, wherever you are in the world. Stay Safe - Stay Healthy - Thanks for listening. Twitter @realwendicooper IG @wendicreates  Music by Tom Orsi All rights reserved - C Spot Run Productions 
05:29 12/30/2021
Episode 149 Ode' to OG Fireside Creators - 2021
NOVEMBER 29, 2021 It's not cool to disrespect your Creators, and so I decided to put it to a cute little tune. Enjoy!   And thanks for listening. Music         
03:00 11/30/2021
Episode 148 What is the Creator Economy Anyway?
The Creator Economy - this term bugs me.   Is it really an economy if the Creator isn't making money and is putting in all the work?  Why is our content subject to artificial intelligence algorithms that can sink you on the whim of a line of code?  What came first the Creator or the Startup - that needs the Creator to exist?  I've been creating for 27 years, some for passion and most for my profession.  Creating content isn't something one wakes up to do..or do they? If this is a Creator Economy then who is really making the money? Enjoy this short plea for Creator to embrace their power and preserve their passion by controlling their content completely. C Spot Run Productions  Theme Music:  Orsi Digital Post - Tom Orsi Music:  No. 6  In My Dreams by Esther Abrams Youtube Music Track.
03:29 10/15/2021
Episode 147 A Sonic Childhood Memory
"Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage..."  this song was the theme to the 80s sit-com Married with Children making in familiar to many generations.   It is the song that I hear when I think of my youth, my very young youth, like baby youth.  That's going way back.   Throughout my life that song has always sprung a connection to my mother, I hear her voice singing it, even though I haven't heard her voice for 16 years. Is this my sonic childhood memory. @Wendicooper on Clubhouse @WendiCooperShow on Greenroom Music: Fair Use 
05:02 06/19/2021
Episode 146 BETA Testing Is ClubHouse's Best Friend, Again
So much money is made in credit card processing that Clubhouse spoke much too soon when they swore it was all about the creator.   Townhall is every Sunday on Clubhouse at 9AM PST.  The founders review this and that and the other thing.  Very curated.  But, this Sunday they announced that there will soon be, in the next few months, giving the ability to tip and send payments to creators in app and through Strip globally.  And, that they would be taking a percentage of that revenue. No shit Sherlock.  The statement by the founders that they would not be taking a percentage I found extremely odd and also against their fiduciary responsibility to their share holders as it would make perfect sense to take a "gateway" type fee, resulting in a self sustaining revenue model.  It appears the founders realized they had misspoken.   That's what I talk about in this episode. Clubhouse @wendicooper  email: music by Tom Orsi  
05:50 06/15/2021
Episode 145 Apple Podcast Wants You to Pay Me
MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE :)  How often do you hear hosts say "make sure to "subscribe to my podcast"....what does that mean to you?  And why am I talking about it?  More than likely it means that they want you to "follow" the podcast and by subscribing to an Apple Podcast it won't cost you a penny, but now it may just cost you whatever...the host wants to charge. Why is podcasting becoming a pay to listen medium?  I don't have the answer to that, but I do have an opinion on how to use "subscribe" and why it's about time...kind of.  So how does that work?  Well, here is the email that I received from Apple - letting me know how excited they are!    Follow me on @wendicooper - ClubHouse email:  Music by:  Tom Orsi Make sure to subscribe.  LOL 
04:53 06/12/2021
Episode 144 The Most Ergonomic Toilet Stool Ever Sold
Wendi Cooper - the host of this show - is also the owner of easyGopro - go time just got easier ergonomic toilet stool.  Launched since 2014, it is self-funded and managed for the past 7 years solely by Wendi.   It's not that poop stools aren't a great business, or it's a bad product.  I am not selling the business.  I am selling the balance of the inventory  and the IP/Tooling to whomever would like to buy it.  The proceeds will pay off the debt of the company that has become a challenge because no employees, no PPE loans. Combined with fees, warehouse charges, and competing in the category, it is just time to move on.  Behind the scenes information, so make sure to go grab one while there is still some left.  It's not a sales pitch, it's fact. Thanks for listening!  Elevate to Eliminate  This is not a paid ad.  Coupon Code 5OFF  While supply lasts. or  Theme Music by:  Tom Orsi  Clubhouse:  @wendicooper Twitter: @therealwendi IG: @wendicreates   
05:48 06/10/2021
Welcome to my improvisational moments where I share my truth in 5-6 minutes a day.   SAY HELLO TO KARMA - I AM NOT YOUR SAVIOR Unscripted, and "unmixed" professionally, I express my truth about a "brand", and I use that term lightly, that heard me speak on Clubhouse and decided I was their next victim to blame for their bad decisions.   I would never use my voice to belittle, berate, or call anyone out in public for their actions, but these (2) people deserve every ounce of karma I can throw their way.  You deserve every once of it, if not more.   Enjoy the Karma.  Thanks for listening. Original Music by:  Tom Orsi  Produced by:  C Spot Run Productions or  The opinions expressed are solely those of the host.  
06:17 05/28/2021
Episode 142 Welcome to Normal - It's Not New BTW
I speak with my alter ego about getting back to the studio and what I've learned from the pandemic and what needs to change as we go back to work and see, smell and work with each other again.  Is it really a new normal, or is just a better version of normal.   Unfiltered and unedited.  I love improv.  What do you think?  Make sure to subscribe for free - and to check out the 140 episodes below...starting with number 1!   Thanks for listening. @wendicooper Clubhouse     
06:30 05/27/2021
Episode 141 It's Been A Minute - Who Said It First?
It's been a minute is a phrase used to express the opposite of what it sounds like it means.  Which can be extremely confusing yet fun at the same time.  Like "cool" or "bitch'n". When is it appropriate to use it and when not?   Have you ever wondered, who said it first?  Does it translate well?   What does "it's been a minute" sound like to others?   It's a fun episode of not so thought provoking banter, but hey, it was one of those nights, and it's really has been a minute. Thanks for listening. Clubhouse:  @wendicooper Music by:  Tom Orsi     
06:17 03/31/2021
Episode 140 In Search of Kobe We Found Joy
My family has a plot at the same cemetery that Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna are laid to rest.   My mother was laid to rest there 15 years ago, she was a huge Kobe Bryant fan. Today, I decided to visit my mother with my friend Hannah.  I never really thought about finding Kobe's resting place before, but today we set out to find it.   Tripping around a cemetery with another fellow jew - is quite the celebration of joy...I"m serious.  ClubHouse @wendicooper Club:  Sixty Something  
05:06 03/18/2021
Episode 139 Clubhouse Opens Up The Pearly Gates
March 7, 2021 Clubhouse Open Ups the Pearly Gates  This week Clubhouse opened "club" creation to everyone.  In fact, not only did one get to create one club, but 2.   I don't know about you but when there are too many choices the first thing I do as a consumer is run the other way. By opening up the Club creation to everyone it diluted the importance of the "early adopters" who have a huge following, pretty much by default and had dominated the "club" scene for a long time - giving grown-ups follower fatigue.   Newcomers began feeling the unfair advantage, in my eyes, and the "follower" fatigue happened from some influential people outside of the walls of clubhouse and complaints started to come in.   In my opinion, as Clubhouse grew after opening up in late December 2020, other more pressing matters like privacy, scams, grifters, trolls, IP protection, monetization, customer service, HR, came into play - so they had to stop the slow clog in the pipeline which was caused by poor planning and management.  After all, one guy to approve clubs, who is he to approve the club?  That's weird, no?  I don't know.  I am now less apt to use Clubhouse because it's a hassle to find what I want. It gives me anxiety just creating this episode about it.  :).  On March 7, 2021  "Join My Club" requests.   We'll see what happens. CH @wendicooper IG:  @wendicreates  CH Club:  Sixty Something  I did use a short clip of Usher's Let's Make Love in the Club. 
04:59 03/09/2021
Episoded 138 Sarah Silverman Apologizes to Paris Hilton
Sarah Silverman has a podcast IGTV, which is where I came across her very public plea to be forgiven for being a jerk to Paris Hilton 14 years ago at the 2007 MTV Awards. You see, Paris Hilton has a podcast too and she called-out Sarah Silverman by saying that what she did to Paris in 2007 would never be allowed today.  It's culturally unacceptable. Sarah claims she sent an apology the next day and never knew that Paris didn't get it until now.   After all, why would Pari care about a note from the comedian that insulted her - at the height of her fame? Sarah claims that she has found Jesus, and is a reborn comedian that realizes she hurt people and how unacceptable that type of behavior is, then and now. @Sarahkatesilverman Clubhouse:  @wendicooper    
07:26 03/06/2021
Episode 137 Grown-Ups with Follower Anxiety on Clubhouse - WTF
I call it FOLLOWER FOMO on Social Audio, which is now the official new name for drop-in live conversations.  There are several and more coming, but currently the HOT one is Clubhouse. So what does it feel like to go from a solid foundation across social media, to a zero pretty much fucks with your head, everyone's head. I talk to Bud, my good friend who knows me better than anyone, about my disappointment in those that I really did admire, until Clubhouse and experienced their egoist as they came face to face with Zero Followers and the fact that their shit did stink after all. Clubhouse is an invite only app for IOS users and is in BETA with over 10 million users.  Just think, 477 are following me. side note:  I heard that the Chinese (Clubhouse runs on the Agora RTC platform aka Chinese) are capturing our unique voice data and giving them the aliens that Rover finds on Mars our identity. Enjoy! ClubHouse @wendicooper Music by:  Tom Orsi - Orsi Digital Post Thank you Sesame Street - Raise Your Hand in School  Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization. The Workshop produces Sesame Street programs, seen in over 150 countries, and other acclaimed shows, including The Electric Company.  Beyond television, the Workshop produces content for multiple media platforms on a wide range of issues including literacy and numeracy, emotional wellbeing, health and wellness, and respect and understanding.  Learn more at​.      
07:50 02/25/2021
BONUS TIME! From Muck to Magic, an Uplifting Story by Wendi Knox
A SPECIAL BONUS from The Wendi Cooper Show - conversations with remarkable people over 50 - STORYVIEWS Wendi Knox was an award-winning copywriter and Creative Director at one of the largest advertising agencies in Los Angeles, but her soul longed for something more. Unexpectedly, she was forced to find it when she lost her big fat job at 50.  She asked The Universe, “Am I too old to reinvent myself?  Please give me a sign.”  This story view is edited from a 1.5 hour conversation with Wendi Knox into a 15 minute story that will fill your heart.. Use the 20% off "Magic"  From Muck To Magic is a one-of-a-kind inspirational book. With heart, art and humor, it takes you on a poetic journey from self-doubt to self-love. Within its colorful pages is a powerful blueprint for transformation. And an invitation for us all to rise up from our personal muck to bring our own unique magic into a world that has never needed it more. “The most beautiful dose of therapy you could ever get your hands on. A feast for the eye, the heart and the soul. Read it and be uplifted. Drink in its gorgeous paintings and fly.” —Daphne Rose KingmaBest-selling author of The Ten Things To Do When Your Life Falls Apart Clubhouse @wendicooper Produced by C Spot Run Productions Hosted and Narrated by:  Wendi Cooper Original Music by: Tom Orsi      
16:07 02/22/2021
Episode 135 It's Friday Again, The Pandemic Dilemma
Father Time Returns Life hasn't been the same since March 2020, just week before my 65th birthday - 3/20/2020. It's difficult to believe a year has passed since life around the globe changed forever.   Today I came across an episode from June 16th, 2020 when I was posting a daily podcast.  Father Time was 3 months into the pandemic and serious lock down in Los Angeles.   We've come a long way since June 16, 2020, or have we? Scroll down for 134 more "easy to consume" episodes, always unscripted, always my truth, never boring, always different. Everyone has 5 minutes, right!  Father Time Is Watching ClubHouse @wendicooper 
06:17 02/06/2021
Episode 134 The Club House App Blew Up Today
It only too 12 days for my prediction from Episode 132 on January 18th, to come true.  Slime Time Big Time on Club House. I remember once someone saying to me, "You have the podium use it wisely."   Some of the best advice I've gotten in my career and it has always stood the test of time, until Club House. It was like a huge slime bomb fell on the new social media love child sent to us from Silicon Valley to make us all feel inclusive and heard.  It's a great concept, and can work in moderation, but opening it up around the world...well there are some problems, like BEST PRACTICES.  Based on the honor system it appears manipulation of the audience, scams, and  fraud are running wild, but most of all people are getting hurt and feeling mentally ruined.  I also predicted this.  (Episode 131 Mother of All FOMO)  The problem is that all of those amazing humans on Club House think they can come together and fix it - if they can, then that's the answer to the world's problems. In my opinion that's what broken.  Club House has given the podium away to everyone which dilute responsibility.  @wendicooper - come talk with me on Club House before it's shut down, as that is the only solution I see to fixing the slimey mess. 
06:54 01/31/2021
Episode 133 Even Moderators Need to Be Moderated
EVEN MODERATORS NEED MODERATION on CLUBHOUSE Updated February 2, 2022 Nothing has changed. The problem continues. Clubhouse allows everyone to moderate rooms, or tracks, under any topic you like.  It's like VC heaven all in one stop.  Want to make a movie, no problem. Be a Voice actor, easy peasy. Win in real estate? Be on the MOD SQUAD? Get advice from global experts in tech, medicine, and science.....? Where do the expert Moderators find the time, day after day, for hours in a day and often in GMT zone, to give free advice?  My nose puckers... IRL a Moderator is the tradeshow keynote Host and may also Moderate an expert panel discussion and deliver talking points, not an expert opinion.   The Showrunner on TV like GMA, a live news show, oversees the entire show and is responsible for its success that includes many experts in their own field, cast, crew, wrters, producers, post, deliverables, backoffice, etc. As a Moderator on Clubhouse  You must do all of the above, and that takes talent, expertise, humility, curiosity, and most of all, time.  Make sure to subscribe and leave a review. Thanks for listening. Produced by:  C Spot Run Productions Hosted & Written by:  Wendi Cooper Editor:  Wendi Cooper Theme music:  Tom Orsi  All rights reserved.  copyright 2022 C Spot Run Productions  
06:05 01/22/2021
Episode 132 Suit Up Everyone It's Slime Time on Club House
Suit Up Everyone It's Slime Time on Club House @JoinClubHouse app may still be in Beta but they have opened the doors to millions of people so in order to listen and learn and build a better experience.    I do love that culture in a company. But, there is a dark side to ClubHouse and I don't know if the Founders realize it, and if it will ever be able to be fixed. In this episode I explain why you should never pitch your idea for a product or service, or website, or name for a product, on ClubHouse!     Before you pitch anything in a room of hundreds of people make sure your website URL is protected, trademark, brand name, patent on product, etc., is PROTECTED.  You do not know who is lurking in the audience ready to run with it faster than you can. Provisional Patent, Trademark, Domain Registration.   Be aware.  Be very aware.   CH @wendicooper 
05:28 01/18/2021
Episode131 ClubHouse App is Giving People a Hang-Over
ClubHouse the New Live Drop In Conversation App will maKe you want to have a cig. After the movie Social Dilemma one would think we would be more conscious about the amount of time spent on social media.  But it appears it's only getting worse with ClubHouse. After spending 3 days on ClubHouse, I felt the adrenalin racing through my body and I felt like I was missing something and needed to constantly be involved, or listening, or curious, or I would miss...Yikes...I can't even explain the FOMO I was experiencing. Today I realized that ClubHouse is a combination of Linkedin, HSN and Twitter.   Linkedin for the professional networking and sharing of wisdom.  HSN live TV selling a product in a limited amount of time by two hosts speaking to an audience of millions with limited time. Twitter because it's topical and fast moving. If you think you have FOMO now, well hold on to your hat, ClubHouse has been known to give people hang-overs!  ClubHouse @wendicooper  
06:57 01/15/2021