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Scale Up Africa

A podcast on building resilient African entrepreneurs and businesses hosted by Tafadzwa Bete-Sasa and Mulumba Lwatula.


Ruvimbo Chikwava on creating shared value through collaboration 65:31 04/30/2021
Guidione Machava on revolutionizing design with African culture 41:36 04/09/2021
Ojok Okello on creating catalytic rural transformation 58:11 04/02/2021
Nyeji Chilembo on scaling through innovation and financial deepening 35:05 03/26/2021
Claudine Moore on theme, tone, and timing in brand communication 52:57 03/18/2021
Simunza Muyangana on being an eternal optimist 59:04 03/12/2021
Janice Sambaza on the principles of Ubuntu in business 35:47 03/05/2021
Saray Khumalo on changing the African narrative through education 36:26 02/26/2021
Chilu Lemba on paying attention to small details 50:17 02/19/2021
Natasha Chiumya on niching down and customer centricity 42:21 02/12/2021
Special: Season One Recap and Looking Forward 31:31 07/31/2020
Kitawa Wemo on the business of building of businesses in Africa 49:05 07/24/2020
Edwin Tambara on why Africans should take the lead on conservation conversations 33:41 07/17/2020
Heba Elhanafy on building sustainable and resilient cities to improve livelihoods 34:26 07/10/2020
Terence Chambati on his pivot from ad agency exec to the internet of bees 37:16 07/03/2020
Inutu Zaloumis on the importance of being a constant learning machine 63:51 06/26/2020
BongoHive Founders on partnerships being the norm for successful businesses 85:55 06/18/2020
Tsitsi Mutendi on building legacy businesses through collaboration 48:38 06/12/2020
Manji Cheto on being mission driven 47:31 06/05/2020
Scale Up Africa celebrates Africa Day 2020 15:13 05/29/2020
Jito Kayumba on scaling ventures through specialisation, skills, and capital 52:06 05/22/2020
Brian Mataruka on how he flipped the script during a pandemic 49:44 05/15/2020
Chidi Afulezi on entrepreneurship and owning the African narrative 56:54 04/20/2020
Introducing Scale Up Africa 09:53 04/10/2020