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The Stay Creative Podcast

The Stay Creative podcast is a show dedicated to discovering great Indie Music, using their talent and insights to inspire listeners to get creative, and learning how to grow together! Join T-Rex Jones as he interviews artists about their journey, and enjoys some great music along the way!


Camoragi, Felknia, Saul Devlin, and DavidWRCampbell 112:54 06/22/2021
TVLA, RIELLE, and PIX3LARMY 119:22 06/07/2021
Mike and Jesse from Celluloid Dumpster Fire: A B-Movie Appreciation Podcast! 41:29 05/26/2021
Doomsavers, Dilemma, and The F-Use 118:29 05/22/2021
Into the Red, Simms, Eliphosys, and Bear Ley 127:52 05/08/2021
Echo, Good Morning Daydreamer, Flora Lin, and Bug 118:21 04/24/2021
Atlantic Canyons, Andrew Riley, Frances Gein, and Pultixima 111:40 04/10/2021
Long Distance Collabs with RIELLE, LOHM, and Neon M 57:31 02/27/2021
In the band with Minor Inconvenience 48:51 02/20/2021
Routines and Discipline with Soran Leif, River Rapkins, and Somewhat Incognito 51:50 02/13/2021
Singles, EPs, Albums with Ellis Berry, DHXP, and Striped McCoy 42:57 02/06/2021
Promoting Well with Slackerman and Andy Feldman 28:03 01/30/2021
Creativity and Parenting with Atlantic Canyons, Starcry, and Dreams of Lasers 46:26 01/23/2021
One Man Bands with MagicJones, Hankus, and The F-Use 43:09 01/16/2021
Hip-Hop with Osay, Thelo, and HunterDutkiewicz 45:42 01/09/2021
Tone Deaf Jeff 38:08 01/02/2021
Songwriting with Dewi, Porkboii, and Ayavaron 45:18 12/26/2020
Bug 33:18 12/19/2020
TomerKrail 44:37 12/12/2020
Pultixima 44:39 12/05/2020
Gratitude Day Playlist! 49:36 11/26/2020
Van Damage: Aging, but Not Jaded 67:19 11/07/2020
Moonglow: The Legend of Jeff 50:18 10/31/2020
Fuck Yeah Dinosaurs! : Punk, Uh, Finds a Way. 38:28 10/24/2020
Antediluvian Projekt: Holy $%#@ its Jazz Metal! 59:29 10/17/2020
Porkboii: Keep it Simple, Let it Shine. 63:58 10/10/2020
Oshua: Sounding Great, and Staying Up Late. 46:33 10/07/2020
LOHM: Create, Produce, Listen, Repeat 57:03 09/23/2020
Neon M: A Little Old, A Little New 54:59 09/09/2020
Big Beat: Caleb and Allison Share Big Band Music With Singer Songwriter Soul! 67:03 08/26/2020