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Taproot Therapy: A Mindful Moment

Mindfulness only takes a moment – but that moment is a beautiful space to create balance, peace, and compassion. Erin Iwanusa, LCSW, CDWF, is a psychotherapist and social worker. She is the owner and founder of Taproot Therapy, LCSW, PLLC in New York City. Her practice focuses on mindfulness-based therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She is also a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, a highly experiential methodology based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown. Mindfulness is a core component to any therapeutic practice, and this podcast is designed to support your own practice, by offering mindfulness and meditation exercises, lessons in mindfulness and our mental health, as well as interviews and talks with other experts in the mental health and wellness field.


Time for Rest and Relaxation - Exploring Katherine May’s “Wintering.” 27:52 10/21/2021
DBT Skill: Opposite Action to Emotion 11:38 10/14/2021
Encore Episode: Wise Mind 14:15 10/08/2021
Spirituality and Psychotherapy with Jennifer Ciraulo, LMSW 42:02 09/30/2021
Intimacy, Mindfulness, Anxiety and Sex with Kelli Morin, LCSW 48:01 09/23/2021
Tips for Surviving a Miscarriage Through the Lens of Shame and Vulnerability 28:56 09/16/2021
Encore Episode: Radical Acceptance 14:50 09/09/2021
Supporting Trauma and Grief in Pregnancy Loss - A Conversation with Tracy Gilmour-Nimoy, LMFT 47:32 08/27/2021
Encore episode: Self-Compassion 26:49 08/19/2021
Giving Ourselves What We Need 15:44 08/12/2021
The Cognitive Triangle - Ways to Combat Anxiety 15:54 08/05/2021
Wellness in a Post-Pandemic World 33:22 07/29/2021
DBT Skill : Self-Soothing 21:55 07/22/2021
Vulnerability, Connection, and Love 13:18 07/15/2021
How to Practice Empathy 23:23 07/08/2021
Comparative Suffering 13:48 07/01/2021
Welcome to Season 2! Riding the Wave of Emotion 16:03 06/24/2021
ACCEPTS - a DBT skill for navigating challenging emotions 09:53 04/15/2021
DBT Challenge Day 4: Emotion Regulation 06:47 04/03/2021
DBT Challenge Day 3: Interpersonal Effectiveness 08:00 04/02/2021
DBT Challenge Day 2: Distress Tolerance 09:11 04/01/2021
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Challenge Day 1 : Mindfulness 32:39 03/31/2021
How to Continue During Grief 20:59 03/26/2021
Navigating Shame and Grief in Pregnancy Loss 44:36 03/19/2021
Creating Your Self-Care Plan 16:37 03/04/2021
Burnout 22:00 02/24/2021
From The Archives: When Civil Discourse No longer Feels Civil: Loving Kindness 18:11 02/17/2021
The Science of Hugs 15:13 02/12/2021
Scarcity Mindset versus Abundance Mindset 20:59 02/04/2021
Wise Mind 14:15 01/14/2021