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Artgasm is about the intersections of art, media, and sex. Episodes feature interviews with working artists, sex professionals, and cultural critics. We talk about your favorite movies, shows, artists and artworks that move the needle around the way we discuss and perceive sex. Is the MCU all cheesecake and no sauce? What's unique about indigenous sexuality? How can porn change the way normies understand sex? Host Allison Moon is the author of Girl Sex 101, Bad Dyke, and a bunch of other things you've never read or seen. She teaches workshops on polyamory, sexual pleasure, and all sorts of other things you wish you learned about when you were younger.


Safe Sex with Tina Horn
Writer Tina Horn has created one of the most sex positive and sex worker positive pieces of media with her new comic SFSX (aka Safe Sex). We talk about how sex work informed her take on a dystopian San Francisco, and about the business of moving from nonfiction writing to journalism to comics.
95:03 08/26/2020
Adipositivity with Substantia Jones
Photographer Substantia Jones joins Allison to discuss fat visibility. We discuss the challenges and joys of working with amateur models, the barriers fat people face when trying to exist let alone thrive in a world that wants them to disappear, and the utter joy of watching people embrace their bodies on camera. 
48:52 08/12/2020
Naked Athena and Portland's Protest Symbols
Naked Athena and the Wall of Moms have been getting a lot of mainstream news coverage in response to Federal agents' hostile occupation of Portland, Oregon. Is this a show of allyship or appropriation?  For more, read Mitchell S. Jackson's "Who Gets to Be Naked Athena?" in the New York Times Op-Ed section. 
31:32 07/29/2020
Rope and Sweet Grass with Midori
Installation artist and Shibari educator Midori joins me for an exploration of some of her most evocative installation pieces and how her work as a bondage educator intersects with her artistic practice.  Midori ( 美登里 ) is a multidisciplinary, social practice artist and activist. A Tokyo native and long-time San Franciscan, she’s known for her durational and interactive performances and engaged installations. She’s shown at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay Lesbian Art, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Open Society Foundations NYC, Root Division San Francisco, Das Arts Amsterdam, Gorilla Gallery Oaxaca Mexico, VN Jaeger & Schwarzwald in Vienna, among others. 
71:21 07/15/2020
Reluctant Sexpertise with Stephen Penta
Sex podcaster Stephen Penta talks with Allison about gender, being a dude in the sex-ed world, RomComs as "pornography of the heart" and talking love with people who just want to learn about bjs. 
46:41 07/01/2020
Creative Partnerships with Kevin Patterson and Alana Phelan
Co-writers Alana Phelan and Kevin Patterson discuss navigating metamour-ship and friendship while writing books, making private lives public, and bridging the gap between relationship education and narrative fiction.  Find their books here:
63:16 06/10/2020
Neurodiversity and Superpowers with Rachel Gold
Allison is joined by old friend and splendid writer Rachel Gold to discuss queer representation in lit, sex in YA, neurodiversity as a superpower. From lesbian werewolves to Wolverine doing dusting, we cover a lot of ground! Learn more about Rachel at 
44:02 05/27/2020
Hidden Queer Histories with Booksellers Charlotte and Fi
Booksellers Charlotte and Fi of Category Is in Glasgow, Scotland, join Allison to discuss the politics of queer visibility and the ongoing need for social spaces for sexual minorities. Come for the vampires and stay for the Gore Vidal.
43:37 05/13/2020
American Gothic and the Fear of Being Wrong
A writer shared an interesting fact about American Gothic and got odd blowback from people who refused to acknowledge the truth. When our opinions are so tied to our emotions, how can we ever hope to have our minds changed?
19:11 05/05/2020
Prevention Meets Fashion with Nhakia Outland
Fashion designer and social worker Nhakia Outland uses fashion to teach young audiences in Philadelphia about empowerment, sex education, and healthy relationships.  Plus: A short tribute to fetish artist Namio Harukawa
46:39 04/28/2020
The Problem with Sexual Archetypes - Angela Carter's The Sadeian Woman
Commonly used in sexual healing practices and ritual, what's the problem with sexual archetypes based on the 'universal' concepts of men and women? What's the opposite of depersonalizing sex? In this Artgasm Quickie, Allison discusses a concept and critique that opens Angela Carter's classic sexual philosophy text The Sadeian Woman. 
26:45 04/21/2020
The Body Political with Laika Fox
Burlesque performer and producer, Laika Fox digs into the the business and politics of burlesque and what it means to use stripping as a means of explorating the politicization of the body.
62:34 04/14/2020
The Incentive to Create
Do you have to make stuff to matter? Do you have to provide value to deserve to live? Allison gets personal on this special productivity-focused solo episode of Artgasm.
29:26 04/07/2020
Queering Storybooks with Felix D'eon
Illustrator Felix D'eon shares his love of storybook aesthetics, representing queer love through erotic and tender depictions, and his commitment to cultural and historical accuracy in representing LGBTQ stories around the globe.
60:00 03/31/2020
Maltese "Goddess" Figures and the Errors of Interpretation
Malta has some of the most remarkable Neolithic artifacts including what many refer to as "goddess" figures. But what do these figures actually represent? What were they for? And how do our modern sensibilities skew understanding of ancient cultures?
24:27 03/24/2020
Erotica with Rachel Kramer Bussel
Artgasm is back! Kick of season 2 with erotica writer/editor Rachel Kramer Bussel. We talk about the power of listening to smut while shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers AND how filthy fiction can expand your mind.
73:27 03/18/2020
QUICKIE: Sex Positivity, Myths, & Choosing the Right Enemies
This Artgasm Quickie is inspired by a recent dust-up I had over on the book of faces. I talk about what sex positivity is, where it came from, what it's for, and why so many people misunderstand it.  As always, I welcome your thoughts in the comments! Thank you for your support!    ** To get more content like this, support my Patreon at where I post mini-solo episodes on a monthly basis. ** ::The main podcast is currently on hiatus! Subscribe to get new episodes when we come back in the Fall! ::
27:27 07/15/2019
Accidental Orgies with Reid Mihalko
Allison joins her partner of 12 years, Reid Mihalko, for an intimate conversation about their journeys through sex and kink, their philosophies on the erotica and the taboo, and how Reid discovered the transformative power of touch.  Plus: Throwing orgies in 250 sq. Ft | The sexy secrets of old New York | Celebrity run-ins in the Meatpacking district | The gentrification of queerness | If BDSM dungeons were like Equinox gyms | Taboo and the erotic | Exploring kink | Being a service switch | Sanitization of the illicit | The power of the erotic mind | The sensuous vs the erotic | Sex as nourishment | Performative vulnerability | The modest origins of Cuddle Party | Psychedelics | Discovering your identity in a sea of writhing bodies      
122:23 03/26/2019
Sex Tech with Liz Klinger of Lioness
We explore the interface between sex and technology with the co-founder of Lioness, Liz Klinger. Lioness is a smart vibrator that uses biofeedback to help map your orgasm and do super nifty stuff with the data. Listen to learn what experiments Allison ran with it!   Close In Munch Portland:   A tribute to Carolee Schneemann:
53:32 03/12/2019
Sexual Anthropology with Dr. Carol Queen
Dr. Carol Queen created the Center for Sex and Culture over 20 years ago with her partner Robert Lawrence. Together they amassed a HUGE amount of San Francisco sex culture history. We talk about the brilliant mystery of the secret sex lives of the people around us and dive deep into “Erotology” aka the study of eroticism.   In the intro: Men’s fashion and the way the Napoleonic Wars took away men’s cultural permission to be pretty.   Plus: Betty Dodson “The Mother of Masturbation” | the Lusty Lady | San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI)| Jack and Jill Off Parties | Queen of Heaven Parties | Masturbate-A-Thon | Getting non-profit status as a sex-positive organization | The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality | Good Vibrations | 848 Community Space | The Silo-ing of Gay Communities | The Zine Revolution & On Our Backs Magazine | Perverts Put Out | The safety of being an audience member | Coming of age in Eugene, Oregon | The joy of small-town gay bars | Polyamory vs. Sex Positivity | The Individuality of Sexual Etiquette | HIV and surviving community crisis | Patrick Califia & Samois | Charles Gatewood | Larry Townsend & Drummer Magazine | The “Nomenclature Wars”   Links: Support Artgasm: Upcoming event: Close In Munch on March 18 - Https://
93:42 02/27/2019
Bare Men with Abigail Ekue
Photographer Abigail Ekue talks about finding models on Craigslist, creating a safe space for amateur models to relax, and the intimacy of capturing men in quiet places. Plus, in honor of Valentine’s day, Allison shares a bonus intro about the erotic letters of James Joyce and Kahlil Gibran! Plus: Cyanotypes | Working with amateurs | Letting “flaws” stay in the frame | The beauty of wrinkles and scars | The value of “full frontal” | The importance of context in photography | Erotic props | Healing body image issues with nude modeling | Photogenic penises | Female bikers | Interracial couples | Edgy erotic stories | Eroticizing abuse narratives and much more! From the intro:   From the interview:
73:07 02/12/2019
Naked on Stage with Woody Shticks
Performance artist, dancer, and storyteller Woody Shticks graces your ears with his exuberance on today's Artgasm. He talks about growing up in a closed religious community, finding ballet as a means of escaping his fundamentalist roots, surviving ex-gay conversion therapy, and developing body confidence through solo performance.   
66:41 01/30/2019
Reprogramming sexy with MATH Magazine founder MacKenzie Peck
MATH Magazine is high-quality smut for discerning tastes. It has a commitment to showing a range of body types, beauty ideals, genders, and identities all having a grand old sexy time together. Founder MacKenzie Peck talks about her journey to creating MATH Magazine and what it’s like to run a smut-powered business.   Plus:   Searching for the Big Bad Peanut Man | Horny teenage Googling | Hairy Hippies in Love | Not finding the right kind of porn | The ambiguously sexual narratives of Balthus | The sexy potential of dress up | Some simple questions to ask yourself to figure out what kind of life you want | Confronting internal biases of what is sexy | Reprogramming the masses through porn | Representing people without it being “about” that representation | Scaling up ethics | The Cambria List    Links: Mystery Box - February 14 Hound Tall at Sketchfest: Artgasm on Patreon:
69:03 01/15/2019
The Female Gaze with Alexandra Rubinstein
Painter Alexandra Rubinstein talks about being slut shamed as an artist, celebrating female pleasure, and appreciating the beauty of naked men. Also: The Female Gaze | Cunnilingus Celebration | The Challenge of Finding Male Nude Models | Fear of Flaccidity | Understanding Masculinity | Female Passivity | Non-erotic Nudity | Russian Gender Stereotypes | Loving American Pop Culture | Tackling the Patriarchy Through Paint   Links: Alexandra's website: Alexandra's Instagram: Allison at Sketchfest:
62:45 01/02/2019
Loving Monsters with Kevin Allison of RISK!
Kevin Allison of the RISK! Podcast joins Artgasm to talk about being the only gay member of his comedy troupe, feeling like a monster in love, and talking about some heavy stuff with humor and grace. PLUS! Polyamory as time travel | Race play | Cincinnati’s Sexphobia | Trauma | Relating to monsters | Internalizing privilege & hate | Femmephobia | Racism in the gay community | Defeating stage fright with storytelling | Playing a character versus being yourself on stage  
104:16 12/11/2018
We’re all cuckolds! With Isabel Dresler
Erotic filmmaker and photographer Isabel Dresler goes deep talking porn like an art queer, being a Snack Daddy, being the only female type on gay porn sets, and reveals the secret for making super convincing cum shots.   Snack daddies | We’re all cuckolds! (And it’s awesome) | Watching other people have sex is chill | Toxic Masculinity even exists on gay porn sets | Kanye West’s nonsense | Deep fakes |  Sexual fantasies | Subverting sexual stereotypes | Exhibitionism is awesome | Masturbation stigma | Gay porn vs straight porn | Being creepy for fun | The joys of color photography | The Male Gayz | Respecting the boners | Toilet slaves is safer to say than “water sports” | Harlequin romance gay boy porn
91:41 11/27/2018
The Power of the Naive Question with Journalist Michael Schulman
Journalist Michael Schulman teaches Allison how to delicately pry into the private lives of celebrities and how to ask a dumb question with style. Also: remembering Stan Lee, consent conversations on college campuses, Camp John Waters, and talking to young people about sex. Plus: Journalistic standards for transgender subjects | Privacy versus shame | Doing your homework | How social justice shapes language | Restorative justice |
54:56 11/13/2018
Caveman Orgies with Dixie De La Tour
PART 2 with Dixie De La Tour!  After a 15 minute rant about bisexual and queer erasure in Bohemian Rhapsody and the artistic imperative for explicit sex scenes, Dixie and I talk about how to create an effective sex positive story, how much detail is too much detail, why she uses celebrity avatars, and so much more. 
64:55 11/06/2018
Bawdy Storytelling with Dixie De La Tour
Allison sits down with her good friend Dixie De La Tour to tell stories of accidental swinging, being really into feet, and wondering how many drugs are too many drugs. They also talk about how details make a story feel real, how to talk about filthy stuff without alienating an audience, and the subtle art of smutty storytelling. Links: Buy Allison's books at
72:34 10/30/2018
Is it Awesome, or is it Cool? with Brendan Jay Sullivan
Brendan Jay Sullivan got his start DJing for Lady Gaga, and he's still devoted to the underground nightlife of New York City. We talk about finding special spots in a city, how it feels to generate resonance in a room, the intimacy of sharing music with strangers, and the freedom that comes from not taking things personally.  Also: The end of New York Megaclubs | Club Kids | iPods changing everything | Labels as a kind of performance | Purity Politics | WHen everything is indie, does the underground still exist?   Learn more: Support our patreon:
53:44 10/16/2018