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Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Fear stops us from achieving our true greatness. Are you a professional woman who is feeling stuck, unmotivated or burned out? Are you worried about your wellness? Are you letting fear stop you from crushing your goals? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then this is the podcast for you. Dr. Charmaine Gregory, night shift Emergency physician, burnout thriver, and wellness champion, along with everyday heroes just like you will explore how to face fear in our lives and emerge victoriously.


Personal Development and Facing Fears as an Entrepreneur: Blaine Oelkers 36:52 06/26/2022
Ending the Stigma of People in Larger Bodies: Dr. Ashley White 49:41 06/19/2022
Cancer Death Scare Transforms Dulcimer Player’s Life: Kevin Roth 47:06 06/12/2022
Beyond the Secret - The Truth About Transformation: Dr. Travis Fox 60:00 06/05/2022
The Skill of Communication & Empowering the “Next Elon Musk”: Brenden Kumarasamy 30:44 05/29/2022
Lifestyle and Mindset Transformations to Overcome Stress and Anxiety: Dai Manuel 47:42 05/22/2022
Healing Journey from Pregnant with Breast Cancer to Vibrant Mompreneur: Kristen Chester 44:52 05/15/2022
Using Video to Scale Your Business - Where to Start: Suzanne Glover 38:24 05/08/2022
Motivating Others in Their Personal and Professional Development: Sam Thiara 35:47 05/01/2022
One Year in Guam - Anniversary Episode: Dr. Charmaine Gregory 35:42 04/24/2022
Using Fear as a Tool to Pay Attention in Life: Dr. Dana Cowles 32:05 04/17/2022
Trading Education for Financial Peace: Dr. Charmaine Gregory 33:48 04/10/2022
Morning Upgrade - Personal Development for Entrepreneurial Success: Ryan Cote 26:40 03/27/2022
Unexpected Journey of Becoming an Amateur Competitive Sprinter at 57: Madonna Hanna 53:16 03/20/2022
Combining Western Medicine with a Holistic Approach to Create Comprehensive Care: Dr. Andree LeRoy 49:23 03/13/2022
Facing Fear as an Entrepreneur - Starting a Passion Project: Elizabeth Arnold 33:43 03/06/2022
Finding Self-Love, Empowerment, and Confidence as a Young Women: Lacey C. Clark! 29:17 02/27/2022
Physicians Need Personal Finance & Business Financial Training for Debt Management: Eric Miller 45:48 02/20/2022
Facing Fear and Following Dreams as a Grandma: Veronica Ebanks 34:20 02/13/2022
Doctors are Human Beings - A Look Inside the Lives of Physicians: Dr. Sandra Miller 50:11 02/06/2022
Innovative and Interactive Podcast App - Level Up Your Listening: Sean Li 28:34 01/30/2022
Generating Income Through Real Estate Investing: Dr. Ronnie Shalev 45:08 01/23/2022
Rise Above the Trials and Tribulations Like a Phoenix: Martin Salama 38:55 01/16/2022
Women Who Podcast - Podcasting for Therapy and Growth: Dr. Jennifer Roelands 26:43 01/09/2022
What Works Better Than New Year’s Resolutions: Dr. Charmaine Gregory 51:08 01/02/2022
Facing New Fears in Guam - Money and Swimming: Dr. Charmaine Gregory 48:17 12/26/2021
Meaningful Success Without Sacrificing What’s Important in Life - Rob Cook 31:16 12/19/2021
How to Own Your Amazing and Be Unapologetically You: Dr. Denise Moore Revel 26:33 12/12/2021
Race Literacy for Healing and Transformation - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Milagros Phillips 47:13 12/05/2021
Becoming Best Friends with Fear Will Transform Your Life Too: Kelle Sparta 40:37 11/28/2021