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Hello, and Welcome! I am excited you are here, and I am grateful that his platform can connect us as we create new opportunities for ourselves and others. Join our weekly encouraging conversations to advance your career, expand your unique potential, and become a better leader. My name is Janna Macik. I am Global HR, Talent Mobility & Immigration Expert, Career and Leadership Strategist, and Empowerment Enthusiast. I proudly hold the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP), the Global Mobility Specialist (GMS), and Global Mobility Specialist-Talent (GMS-T) designations from Worldwide ERCĀ®. As an accredited Judgment Index Consultant, I am passionate about sharing personal development, empowerment, leadership, and growth. Outside of my consulting work, I enjoy being present with my family of nine and advocate for children with unique abilities. I am excited to see you join me on this journey of Personal Empowerment!


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