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As a woman/womxn in business, you've got a passion for being a leader, a wayfinder, or a luminary for other women. You understand that it's time for us all to shine. Meaghan Lamm is right there with you, a no-holds-barred, inspiring powerhouse leading the charge as she interviews feminist visionaries who have created movements, changed culture, and built legacies. Certified by the International Association of Online Business Managers, Meaghan Lamm believes that empowering women is a feminist act. Having discovered a deep love for women-owned businesses and all that they bring to the online community, Meaghan and her team work with coaches who are passionate about their missions to change the world. Do YOU have a vision to fulfill? You’re in the right place! Grab your headphones and join your fellow Feminist Visionaries here every week on the podcast.


How to Scale Your Business with Systems with Rebecca Muriuki
If you want to effectively scale your business, then you need to put foundations in place that support that growth. The best foundations come from implementing systems.  Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking with system strategist Rebecca Muriuki about the importance of laying a solid foundation with systems so that you can hire and scale to run a business that is meaningful and fulfilling. For full show notes, visit:
36:59 03/16/2022
How To Spot Toxic Advice In Online Business
As with any industry, toxic advice isn’t hard to come by. In today’s episode, Meaghan Lamm is sharing some of the worst toxic advice I see floating around the internet and how you can discern what is and isn’t toxic so that you can make the best decisions for you and your business. For full show notes, visit:
27:19 03/02/2022
The Accidental Suffragist with Author Galia Gichon
Change throughout history has always come at a cost and even though we still have a long way to go, we would not be where we are without the men and women who were willing to pay those costs.  Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking with author Galia Gichon about her book The Accidental Suffragist, a novel about one woman’s journey to becoming a suffrage activist and navigating life as a wife and mother in 20th century New York City. For full show notes, visit:
34:37 02/16/2022
Hire For Values Over Skills
Hiring, like everything else in business, is a skill you can learn. And in order to learn it, you need to know what pitfalls and stumbling blocks to look out for.  Today, Meaghan Lamm is sharing why she thinks you should prioritize values over skills while hiring and where she usually sees people getting it wrong. For full show notes, visit:
11:51 02/02/2022
The Power of Feminine Empathic Leadership with Ber-Henda Williams
The role of the feminine in leadership is crucial to achieving the intersectionality required to actually smash the patriarchy and establish a society that is fair and equitable for EVERYone.  Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking with Visionary and Empath Coach Ber-Henda Williams about the power of feminine leadership, the importance of allowing both thoughts AND feelings, and the necessary role of white women in the intersectional feminist movement. For full show notes, visit:
51:19 01/19/2022
The Hard Truth of Doing Your Best
We’ve all heard “do your best” since childhood. It’s a mantra our parents repeated to encourage us to be the very best version of ourselves. But for many, it has turned into a way to push ourselves to achieve the impossible while simultaneously beating ourselves up for not getting to where we think we should be.  Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking about how we’ve been defining what it means to “be our best” wrong all these years and how we can reframe this to actually help us move the needle without guilt, shame, or overwhelm. For full show notes, visit:
26:08 01/05/2022
When Anxiety Becomes Your Entrepreneurial Superpower with Jessica Rodriguez
Anxiety can feel completely overwhelming, which is why the idea of turning it into a superpower seems impossible.  Today. Meaghan Lamm is talking with Jessica Rodriguez, owner and CEO of Freedom Driven Success, about the importance of recognizing how anxiety shows up in your body, working through the thoughts that come up for you, and using those thoughts to make decisions for yourself and your business. For full show notes, visit:
52:19 12/15/2021
Choosing A Word Of The Year
Choosing a word of the year is a fun thing I started doing back in 2016 that has turned into a deeply meaningful exercise for me each year. Today Meaghan Lamm is reflecting on my 2021 word of the year and giving some quick tips on how to choose your own word of the year for 2022. For full show notes, visit:
19:48 12/01/2021
How To Fully Leverage Your Creative Potential with Samoa Blanchet
Personal development can be a minefield of messaging that tells you that you are broken and need fixing. Even though you aren’t and you don’t.  Today Meaghan Lamm is talking with Creative Mastery Mentor Samoa Blanchet about how the personal development space is holding women back, how to make the mindset advice we see online actually work for us, and how to use that advice to leverage our creative potential. For full show notes, visit:
51:30 11/17/2021
5 Hidden Signs You’re A Micromanager
No one identifies as a micromanager or wakes up one day aspiring to be one. Micromanagers often see themselves as detailed oriented people who strive for perfection. But there’s always something else at play.  Today Meaghan Lamm is talking about why we find ourselves in the micromanager trap, the 5 hidden signs that you might be one, and how to avoid letting these things bleed into your management style and affect your business.  For full show notes, visit:
17:33 11/03/2021
How To Confidently Sell (And Convert) Online with Kia Young
So much marketing advice out there is watered down and so vague you’re still left scratching your head after buying yet another masterclass or course.  Today Meaghan Lamm is talking with Digital Marketing & Social Strategist Kia Young about how to confidently sell and convert online. Plus she shares real, actionable strategies you can start implementing right away. For full show notes, visit:
36:59 10/20/2021
Comparing Yourself To Others Is Hurting You
We tend to talk about comparing ourselves to others in a way that’s always felt watered down and doesn’t get to the heart of the issue.  Today Meaghan Lamm is talking about how comparing yourself to others is actually hurting you, keeping you from taking action, and why we shouldn’t judge ourselves based on the success of others.  For full show notes, visit:
16:40 10/06/2021
Running A Values-Based Business with Nicole Lintemuth
Running a values-based business can often feel daunting and isolating. There are a lot of things to do, consider, and navigate. Especially in today’s social and political climate. But it’s also incredibly freeing.  Today Meaghan Lamm is talking with Nicole Lintemuth, owner and founder of Bettie’s Pages, an independent bookstore in Michigan, about her experience running a values-based business and how that shows up in everything she does. For full show notes, visit:
43:23 09/22/2021
Quitting Ahead Of Time
It’s easier than you think to quit before you start and even easier to make that sound like a logical choice. Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking about what it means to quit ahead of time, how that’s closely related to perfectionism and fear, and how to figure out if we’re really quitting or just don’t have the space in our life right now. For full show notes, visit:
09:42 09/08/2021
Creating A Company Culture
What does it really mean to create a company culture? The media tells us it’s brightly colored employee lounges with catered staff lunches and meditation rooms but it’s so much more than that.  If you want to create a company culture, you have to focus on what you believe in, how you show up, and who you hire. Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking about all of that and more. For full show notes, visit:
22:07 08/25/2021
Niching Down To Stand Out with Lisa Princic
It can be intimidating to choose a niche when there are so many options and when you’re worried about pigeonholing yourself into a specific role you might grow out of later. But choosing a niche is the perfect way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.  Today Meaghan Lamm is talking with Lisa Princic about the importance of niching down and why you need to choose a lane, experiment with what really makes you happy, and be known for something in order to create the impact you’re desperate to create.  For full show notes, visit:
36:07 08/11/2021
4 Red Flags In Your Job Description
Attracting quality candidates all starts with a job description. And your job description has the power to attract or repel the right people based on the language that you're using. Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking about 4 common red flags I see in job descriptions that are probably keeping you from finding really amazing team members who want to grow with your business. For full show notes, visit
23:20 07/28/2021
Dealing With Pandemic Stress & Trauma with Justine Sones
After over 18 months of dealing with a global pandemic that’s claimed millions of lives plus ongoing racial injustice, police brutality, social awakenings, political coups, and climate change, we’re tired. We’re dealing not just with stress and trauma on an individual level but as a collective. And that’s hard on our minds and our bodies.    Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking with writer and stress management coach Justine Sones about the effects of stress and trauma on our lives and bodies and how we can foster connection with people around us to get ourselves through to the other side.   For full show notes, visit
54:20 07/14/2021
Failure Is Data
For so many high achievers, failure feels like the end of the world. But a subtle, yet crucial, shift in how we look at failure can be the difference between becoming an expert in something or learning a new skill, and giving up and feeling like a failure.  Today Meaghan Lamm discusses what she means when she says 'failure is data' and how we can overcome our fear to get what we want. For full show notes, visit:
16:03 06/30/2021
Avoiding Launch Fatigue with TaVona Denise
When people think launches, they imagine this huge undertaking that leaves them a stressed out, overwhelmed, shell of a person. But what if I told you it didn’t have to be that way?    Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking with launch strategist TaVona Denise about how to avoid launch fatigue and say no to hustle culture so that you can have a launch that fits your lifestyle and grows your bank account.   For full show notes, visit
46:43 06/16/2021
Powering Through vs. Feeling Through
In a society that says that feelings are weakness, we spend too much time stuffing down our feelings instead of dealing with them and then wondering why we feel so bad all of the time.  Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking about the difference between powering through a tough situation and feeling through it instead so that you can honor your full range of human emotions and learn to work through the pain instead of avoiding it.  Ready? Let’s get started. For full show notes, visit
21:11 06/02/2021
Designing Client Experiences with Amy Feierman
Once someone hands you their money in exchange for your service, your client experience gives them an immediate taste of what it will be like working with you. And you want to start off on the right foot so that there are clear expectations and no regrets.    Today, Meaghan Lamm is speaking with Amy Feierman about designing a client experience that puts the client first at every step and the importance of establishing a client relationship built on trust and communication.   For full show notes, visit:
39:14 05/19/2021
The Myth Of Multitasking
That women are better at multitasking than men is something that’s been repeated as fact for as long as I can remember but—spoiler alert—it isn’t true. Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking about how multitasking actually costs us more time than we think, how it’s a tool of the patriarchy, and how we can shift our perspectives on multitasking so we can get out of the cycle and propel ourselves forward. For full show notes, visit:
18:47 05/05/2021
Spiritual Bypassing
In a society obsessed with spiritualism, whether it’s found through organized religion or in the woo community, it’s not hard to find examples of spiritual bypassing. Today, Meaghan Lamm is talking about what spiritual bypassing is and how it’s causing real harm not just in marginalized communities but in achieving our anti-racist agenda and smashing the patriarchy. For full show notes, visit:
16:40 04/21/2021
Doing Shit That Scares You with Erika Tebbens
It's usually the important stuff that scares us. Today, Meaghan Lamm talks with business strategist and coach Erika Tebbens about her run for political office and how important it is to do things that matter, even when you feel unqualified or scared to do it, because representation matters. And you never know who you'll inspire along the way. For full show notes, visit:
49:01 04/14/2021
Behind The Scenes Of Performative Marketing with Briar Harvey
Performative marketing often starts with your company culture. It's something that starts on the inside. Today I'm speaking with Briar Harvey, a storyteller and systems witch, about the corrosive effects of performative marketing on your team, how to handle when you get called out in the online space, and the steps to take to do better if that happens. For full show notes, visit:
43:47 04/07/2021
What To Expect When Onboarding A New Team Member
When we hire a new team member, it can be easy to get caught up in what we think it SHOULD look like that we can be blindsided by what it actually looks like. Today, Meaghan Lamm is helping set some expectations for anyone who’s hiring a new team member so that you both start out on the right foot. Ready? Let’s get started. For full show notes, visit:
16:42 03/31/2021
Performative Marketing with Alison Tedford
If your goal is to be an ally in your business, then it's important to make sure that you don't slip into performative marketing where you talk the talk, but you don't walk the walk.  Today, Meaghan Lamm is chatting with marketer and social justice educator Alison Tedford about how we can identify and avoid falling into the trap of performative marketing and show up as allies in our businesses. For full show notes, visit:    
33:38 03/24/2021
4 Systems Every Business Owner Needs
A solid system can be the difference between struggling through the day-to-day operations of your business and thriving through them. Systems aren’t always sexy but they are always necessary and if you’re ready to scale up to create more wealth and change, then this one’s for you.  Today Meaghan Lamm is talking about the difference between a system and a tool and the top 4 systems every business owner needs to have in place. For full show notes, visit:
13:23 03/17/2021
The Feedback Trap
Feedback is a necessary part of the human experience. We need feedback from the world around us to survive and thrive. But we fall into a feedback trap when we decide that we can only accumulate feedback if it is presented to us in precisely the right way. Today Meaghan is talking about how we can be open to feedback in all its forms and not get stuck in the trap of wanting it to look a certain way.   For full show notes, visit:
13:46 03/10/2021