Show cover of Taming Disaster: Drones For Good

Taming Disaster: Drones For Good

Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods. Drones and related technologies are helping to reshape the way we prepare for, respond to, and recover from complex incidents and disasters. Immerse yourself into the conversation with Christopher Todd, a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and FAA-certified remote pilot, as he features new industry-leading subject matter experts to discuss the use of Drones for Good on Taming Disaster™!


Episode 017: AT&T’s Contribution to Disaster Response Operations with Art Pregler 31:59 04/19/2021
Episode 016: The Evolution of the Commercial Drone Industry with Brandon Torres Declet 31:29 03/14/2021
Episode 015: The Future of Unmanned Aviation with Ken Stewart 31:19 02/28/2021
Episode 014: UAS Training Programs at Kansas State University with Kurt Carraway 34:06 02/15/2021
Episode 013: From Ecology and Evolutionary Biology to Disaster Mapping with Dr. Gregory Crutsinger 54:44 12/14/2020
Episode 012: FAA and DRONE RESPONDERS: Uniting Forces for Successful Public Safety Operations with Michael O’Shea and Charles Werner 53:00 12/01/2020
Episode 011: The United Nations World Food Program Using Drones for Good with Patrick McKay and Matthias Boyen 43:30 11/09/2020
Episode 010: Disaster Relief Australia with Richard Adams 45:32 10/19/2020
Episode 009: Pennsylvania Drone Association with David Heath 47:03 09/21/2020
Episode 008: Drone Testing and The Upcoming DRONERSPONDERS Public Safety UAS Summit at Commercial UAV Expo with Danielle Gagne and Garret Bryl 54:44 09/07/2020
Episode 007: An Overview of the FAA UAS Virtual Symposium with Charles Werner 46:22 08/24/2020
Episode 006: Public Reception and Acceptance of Drones with Grant Guillot 46:30 08/10/2020
Episode 005: Drone Technology for HAZMAT and Emergency Response with Brandon Morris 40:11 07/27/2020
Episode 004: Drones For Public Safety and Rescue in the UK with Gemma Alcock 45:58 07/13/2020
Episode 003: The Role of Drones for Humanitarian Use Around the World with Dr. Patrick Meier 45:31 06/29/2020
Episode 002: The Perfect Storm: Hurricane Season, Wildfires, and COVID-19 with David Merrick 49:03 06/15/2020
Episode 001: Chief Charles Werner, DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance 45:50 06/01/2020