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BillChete and Lady Phantom review, rate and grade 4K Ultra HD movies in all genres.


111. Rankin Bass 4K Christmas Collection
HappyHolidays from the hosts and staff here at MOVIES in 4K! This episode will be the last one of the year and serve as the Christmas release to all of our listeners all over the world! Rankin/Bass (master animators) was a thing back in the day and it was a surprising announcement that these long beloved TV Specials were coming to the 4K format. Well…it’s here, being released on November 1st for families and … CONTINUE READING
41:57 12/01/2022
110. SPECIAL! New Format
I bet you wasn’t expecting a release this quick, eh? Well…we have a major announcement with a new theming to MOVIES in 4K! Due to the response on Episode 108…and…to get more episodes out to you in a quicker span, we thought this change will come as a nice little surprise to the listenership. Starting in 2023, our show will begin with a 4 movie soundtrack music quiz, similar to the Spotify challenge that took … CONTINUE READING
60:07 10/27/2022
109. Superheroes, Monsters, Chucky And Tony Montana
Five movie reviews, five 4K gradings…are back…in full force! New releases…remasters of classics…and more! We made mention of a podcast release from Planet Macabre and wanted to link it here…Episode Number 11 from 2011, jump to 38min and 42sec to dig your teeth into a full review of Child’s Play…where BillChete and Lady Phantom have changed there mind on this so-called masterpiece with a huge rating deduction! More coming soon…Subscribe Today with any of … CONTINUE READING
70:08 10/06/2022
108. Friday The 13th In 4K Plus Horror Music Quiz
It’s been a minute, but we are back with an entertaining show for you! We wanted to be the first podcast out there to cover the brand new, recently released Friday The 13th original slasher on 4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray! This is the 7th format this brutal piece of cinema has appeared on making this an epic masterpiece standing the test of time! We divulge our grade on the 4K Disc! Friday the 13th … CONTINUE READING
58:13 09/15/2022
107. A Dozen Genres Variety Show
We have a doozy for you this episode. We cover the typical five movies that are listed in a multitude of genres so there is something for every film watcher in this show! You will be shocked, stunned and blown away that The Phantom has rated 3 out of 5 masterpieces…wowzers! Your announcers have vast differing opinions which makes for a MUST LISTEN broadcast for you to raise your astute rabbit ears high. Pounce into … CONTINUE READING
66:34 06/30/2022
106. Ten Avengers Battled Five Alligators In Phoenix
We wrap up The Hobbit franchise (finally, whew!) and continue our march through the Harry Potter series on this episode. Staying in the fantasy realm we cover a much beloved superhero film, while concluding with 2 fairly new 4K releases! Smash that Play Button to tune in now! Movies covered on this show: * Alligator – BillChete: 6 / D+ | Lady Phantom: 7.5 / D+ | Average: 6.7 / D+ * Avengers: Infinity War… CONTINUE READING
72:49 04/28/2022
105. A Hobbit Drinking Water From A Goblet Met Spiderman At The Casino
For only the 7th time in over 160 movies BillChete and Lady Phantom agree on a masterpiece with a perfect “10” rated movie! If that’s not enough, the couple undeniably agree on our 5th extremely impressive, top-notch, demo-worthy, absolutely incredible A+ 4K Blu-ray release which YOU MUST buy right now! All that goodness plus much more happens during this episode so hit that Play Button now to hear it in detail! Movies covered … CONTINUE READING
64:54 03/03/2022
104. An Inglorious Journey Breaks Crystals Through The Dune
It’s 2022 and the MOVIES IN 4K crew are hoping this year is a great one for you, your family and friends! We also wish to thank Sam for his suggestion that we cover during this show! This is our first release for ’22 and we pop some new release reviews with a surprising DEMO WORTHY disc for a movie that is not that good. This is our longest episode to date clocking in at … CONTINUE READING
79:18 02/03/2022
103. Holiday Edition – 5 Naughty Cut 4K Reviews
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from MOVIES in 4K! A new release comes your way just in time for the holidays. This is an eclectic show with reviews, ratings and gradings of 5 diverse films for all of you 4K fans out there. Hit that Play Button while trimming the tree and wrapping presents to enjoy a full fledged episode with 3 popular Christmas songs scattered throughout! Movies covered on this show: * Forrest … CONTINUE READING
71:47 12/16/2021
102. Zack, Carlito & Howard Are Walking In The Cold
Five more 4K Blu-rays have been seen so it’s time for another episode of MOVIES in 4K featuring BillChete & Lady Phantom! Four of these movies covered are 2021 releases on the 4K format! Two brand new flix, one a 2019 film and the other two are catalog titles. Sit back, relax and enjoy this show for a full hour! Movies covered on this show: * Carlito’s Way – BillChete: 10 / B | Lady … CONTINUE READING
63:07 11/11/2021
101. A Quiet Black Spider Thing On Elysium
We are back! We have decided to release new episodes after every FIVE (5) 4K Blu-ray Discs watched, instead of TEN. We hope you stood by us and remained subscribed, if not…or you are new to MOVIES in 4K then grab one of those subscriptions on the right side of every webpage here on! Movies covered on this show: * A Quiet Place Part II – BillChete: 6 / B+ | Lady Phantom: 8.5 … CONTINUE READING
59:10 09/30/2021
100. Finale – Ten 4K Gradings
We are signing off with a bang as we provide you ten quick reviews and 4K Blu-ray Disc grades on our semi-retirement of MOVIES in 4K. Please tune in to find out all of the details on the state of the podcast. This episode is broken down into 3 segments noted below: * Website/Podcast Statistics * Huge Thanks To Our Top Requesters * 10 Rapid Fire Movie Reviews & 4K Gradings Movies covered, many with … CONTINUE READING
78:04 08/05/2021
099. La La Land
Does the ode to Hollywood work in our coverage this week with La La Land from 2016? A film that received 6 Oscar nods which stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Oh boy do we have a lot to say about this dancing musical with a whimsical flare. How is the 35mm and 16mm shot film converted to the digital 4K Disc…does it appeal to 4K’ers? Is this a beautifully vibrant transfer? Does the Dolby … CONTINUE READING
39:10 07/29/2021
098. Bonus – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Extra episode for you this week as we breakdown the 50th Anniversary Edition of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory from Warner Brothers. This classic stars Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, Denise Nickerson and Peter Ostrum as Charlie. A scrumdidilyumptious thank you goes out to Shawn Taylor from the mid-west for his request to cover the ins and outs of this 50-year-old movie and the 4K Disc quality. This is one of Shawn’s favorite films ever … CONTINUE READING
42:56 07/26/2021
097. Smokey And The Bandit
We cover the film that Jackie Gleason refused to take a percentage cut of the box office, instead…opting for a one-time check for his work on Smokey And The Bandit from the late 70’s. We do a detailed movie review and provide much love to many technical aspects including acting, cinematography, stunt-work and the “major” set piece, the 1977 6.6 liter V8 Pontiac Trans Am! Does this new 4K Blu-ray release warrant an upgrade? Has … CONTINUE READING
52:11 07/22/2021
096. Bonus – Deepwater Horizon
Pow! An extra episode for you this week! This fan recommendation is Deepwater Horizon, a “based on actual events” flick about the notorious oil spill from BP in the Gulf of Mexico. Stars include; Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez, John Malkovich and Kate Hudson (the step-daughter of Kurt). A cinematic thank you heads out to Lemarcus from Lansing, Michigan for his request for us to cover this one. He wants our impression of the … CONTINUE READING
40:04 07/18/2021
095. Mission: Impossible – Fallout
This episode SHOULD self-destruct according to BillChete as we cover the latest release in the Mission Impossible franchise, namely, Fallout or Part 6. This series is known for its epic action scenes and you get more of the same with this one. Tom Cruise is the Executive Producer along with being the featured star. There are a bunch of notable actors in this franchise and they are all quite talented. It’s the story and set … CONTINUE READING
50:19 07/15/2021
094. Ghost In The Shell
Just to be clear – we are covering the live-action rendition of Ghost In The Shell from 2017, and not any of the animated versions that came beforehand. Your hosts are like “deer in the headlights” on this one as we have never seen any previous iteration and didn’t know a smidge about this flick. This movie stars the talented Scarlett Jo, Pilau Asbaek and Takeshi Tikano. “In a world…lol” that is created far in … CONTINUE READING
46:09 07/08/2021
093. Bonus – The Birds
Start grilling some hot dogs and burgers while celebrating Independence Day with our extra release today playing on the Bluetooth speakers by the pool! We journey back almost 60 years on this one to a masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock. We are not talking about Psycho, but The Birds, which stars Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette and a young Veronica Cartwright. A flying high thank you goes out to Ross S. from Arizona … CONTINUE READING
53:21 07/04/2021
092. Joker
Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix stars in Joker alongside the late night talk show host Murray Franklin played by Robert De Niro. You get to hear 2 sides of the coin on this show; one a huge fan of Batman, and one that couldn’t care less. Is this a good take on the Arthur Fleck character that has been around for decades? Is Batman in this film? Is this movie trying to make a point about … CONTINUE READING
53:23 07/01/2021
091. American Made
A based on real events flick is under the microscope this week on MOVIES in 4K. American Made has a major tonality issue according to one of the hosts, and to the other one…it just may be a mockery of the events that happened during the late 70’s into the mid 80’s all revolving around a drug-runner. This movie stars Tom Cruise playing Barry Seal and Domhnall Gleeson playing “Schafer”. Is this a film worth … CONTINUE READING
48:17 06/24/2021
090. Bonus – Lone Survivor
You guessed it…another extra fan pick for you…this time we cover a biographical war film named Lone Survivor, a flick that both the hosts were unaware of. This one has many first-rate stars, including; Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch, Alexander Ludwig and Eric Bana. A bombastic thanks goes out to Lemarcus from Michigan for his request. He thoroughly enjoys the acting chops of Ben Foster and wanted our opinion on the movie … CONTINUE READING
51:26 06/21/2021
089. A Quiet Place
The sequel is on the horizon so we figured it was a great time to cover A Quiet Place that was directed by and stars John Krasinski. This monster flick made a splash when it was released but do the hosts think it was well deserved? Which of your unflappable hosts thinks this is a “small” story? Are viewers and fans of this letting blaring faults go? Just how scary is this PG-13 horror film? … CONTINUE READING
43:18 06/17/2021
088. Bonus – Brawl In Cell Block 99
Bony Bonus time once again! On this one we plummet head first into an independent and quite unknown title of Brawl In Cell Block 99. This several years old RLJ Entertainment flick stars Vince Vaughn (the quirky comedian), Don Johnson (Det. Crockett of Miami fame) and Udo Kier (the bizarre horror star). A crushing thank you goes out to Sam from Snomonton for requesting us to review this bad boy as it is one of … CONTINUE READING
45:45 06/14/2021
087. Men In Black
Get ready for a fun experience into an intergalactic alien romp with our review and grading this week on Men In Black starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Fiorentino, Rip Torn and basically an unknown actor at the time, Mr. Vincent D’Onofrio. Does the practical effects hold up today? How is the green-screening? Does the newly re-produced Dolby Atmos track add a new auditory level? Did Sony do justice to this masterpiece on the … CONTINUE READING
52:21 06/10/2021
086. Bonus – Beetlejuice
Betelgeuse the sarcastic, perverse and wicked ghost is under review this time around on an extra show! Michael Keaton knocks it out of the park, depicted as this rather rude and crude spirit. Both hosts agree that Catherine O’Hara is supremely underrated as an actress and performs at the top of the charts on her portrayal of Della. We also have pleasing acting chops by; Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, and Winona Ryder. A triple-threat thanks … CONTINUE READING
41:00 06/06/2021
085. Jojo Rabbit
An Oscar nominated Picture-Of-The-Year is blathered upon this episode. Jojo Rabbit is the coverage and let the debate begin as the hosts vary vastly. Directed by and starring Taika Waititi who is well known among cinephiles. Is this movie disrespectful? Is the story “clever” or “ridiculous”? Is this comedic satire, “humorous” or “stupid”? Why does BillChete mention Jo Jo Dancer Your Life Is Calling? Is this movie filmed with old era cameras or modern day … CONTINUE READING
44:15 06/03/2021
084. Bonus – Requiem For A Dream
We love producing extra shows for all of the listeners and this is one of them! We summarize Darren Aronofsky’s big millennium hit while diving into Lionsgate’s 4K release. Requiem stars Ellen Burstyn whose performance was downright incredible. In addition, we get acting chops from Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Marlon Wayans and Christopher McDonald. A dreamy thank you goes out to Sam for requesting this review and grading. He has not seen this movie on … CONTINUE READING
42:42 05/30/2021
083. Hustlers
This week we cover Hustlers, a movie that was inspired by real events. It stars Jennifer Lopez as a veteran pole dancer who turns to the dark side, along with Constance Wu, her sidekick in crime, playing a fresh, new and naïve young stripper. How is the mixture in the story of comedy and crime? Are the actors portrayal of nightclub workers any good? How about the soundtrack of popular songs, does it fit? Did … CONTINUE READING
48:38 05/27/2021
082. The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
Clocking in at well over 3 hours we dive down deep into the final installment of The Lord Of The Rings franchise…Lady Phantom’s #1 movie ever filmed! This monumental flick is considered by most as the KING of the fantasy genre. We explain as much as possible about the story without diving into any spoilery topic. We then tackle technicals which for the most part are unparalleled even for todays time. We then march onto … CONTINUE READING
61:42 05/20/2021