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A theory is defined as an idea used to account for a situation or to justify a course of action. It can sometimes answer the question “why?”, but can also be the basis of good conversation.New Theory Radio is a weekly talk show hosted by local media personality Nav Nanwa, where we focus on the ‘why’ within the world of arts and pop culture.Each week, he’s joined by a panel of guests to ‘theorize’ on the week’s biggest pop culture news/happenings within music, movies, television and media. He also profiles notable creatives pushing the scene forward within Peel and the World.Topics in the past have included minority representation within the arts, classic albums, cancel culture, popular memes, mental health and more.New Theory Radio airs on News Talk Sauga 960 AM ( Sundays from 11am-12 pm and Mondays from 8-9pm. The podcast version is available Tuesdays via iTunes ( and Spotify (


Episode 106. Theories on Hiatuses, Finales, and Staying Above The Waters 58:12 05/04/2021
Episode 105. Theories on Learning Through A Pandemic, Going Independent, & Ringside Heat 72:33 04/27/2021
Episode 104. Theories on Arts Agencies, CD Burners, and Breaking Kayfabe 88:45 04/20/2021
Episode 103. Theories on Wrestlemania 37, The Best Wrestlemania Match & Ms. Wrestlemania 49:39 04/06/2021
Episode 102. Theories on Bieber's Top 5, Dr. Dre's Verzuz Opponent, and Music that can make you dance and cry 75:21 03/30/2021
Episode 101. Theories on The Legacy of Daft Punk, Sampling, and Shaking Off The Rust 61:50 03/23/2021
Episode 100. Theories on #IWD2021, Challenging Bias, and Lifting Up 49:41 03/09/2021
Episode 99. Theories on Balance, Support Systems, and Brotherhood 75:03 03/02/2021
Episode 98. Theories on Reflection, Creative Processes, and the Garden of Truth 63:25 02/23/2021
Episode 97. Theories on Valentine's Day Movies, Rom-Coms, and Gracias a la Vida 58:22 02/09/2021
Episode 96. Theories on Mental Health: Isolation, Creation, and Mindfulness 86:01 01/26/2021
Episode 95. Theories on Textures, Global Citizenship, and Social Good 60:43 01/19/2021
Episode 94. Theories on Synthwave, Betting On Yourself, and Being Mighty 76:24 01/12/2021
Episode 93. Recap of 2020 & Theories on 2021 68:04 12/29/2020
Episode 92. Theories on Pivots, Learning, and Open Innovation 48:06 12/22/2020
Episode 91. Theories on Dining and Dashing, Full Spectrum, and Twitch DJ Sets 48:22 12/15/2020
Episode 90. Theories on The Birds, Migration, and Moving On 49:44 12/08/2020
BONUS: Theories, Tips and Tricks - Episode One with GoDaddy's Young Lee 22:31 12/03/2020
Episode 89. Theories on Grammy Snubs, The Skydome & the 'Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives' 47:44 12/01/2020
Episode 88. Theories on New Caribbean Cinema, Moments In Time, & A Thousand Ways 78:56 11/24/2020
Episode 87. Theories on Records, Rockstars, and Leadership 57:55 11/10/2020
Episode 86. Theories on Virtual Award Shows, Music Usage, and Full Albums vs. Singles 58:37 11/03/2020
Episode 85. Theories on When Night Stirred At Sea, Inclusive Art Exhibits & Underrated Halloween Movies 59:33 10/27/2020
Episode 84. Theories on D.N.A. Activation, Being Free, and Creative Residency 56:49 10/20/2020
Episode 83. Theories on The Social Dilemma: The Documentary, The Impact, and The Future 49:02 10/06/2020
Episode 82. Theories on Equality in the Music Industry, the Return of Live Events & Silver Anniversaries 47:29 09/29/2020
Episode 81. Theories on Lil Miss Canada, Decoys, and Espiral 37:02 09/22/2020
Episode 80. Theories on the Fresh Prince, Accountability, and Music for a Cause 42:41 09/15/2020
Episode 79. Theories on the Canadian Media Industry, Distinct Categories & Genesis. Plus Thoughts On Chadwick (R.I.P.) 107:45 09/01/2020
Episode 78. Theories on the Megan/Tory Situation, Collab Albums & Tropical R&B 99:21 08/25/2020