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Duos The Co-Founders Podcast

Where we dig in to the power of two people coming together to build successful partnerships, companies, brands. Co-hosts Michael Czirjak and Justin Marcus will explore how co-founders met, began working together, shared vision and growth in the course of business and life.


Travis Talmadge and Jason Goodman, Co-Founders of Bathhouse 69:18 12/02/2020
Joe Du Bey and Kyle Wilkinson, Co-Founders of Eden 53:31 11/08/2020
Adam Small and Jake Moses of My Music Masterclass, Inc. 72:36 08/11/2020
Stephen DeAcutis of Stevie D ft. Corey Glover and Doug Henthorn of Doug Henthorn & The LLC 88:39 06/11/2020
Steven Rosenblatt, Josh Rahn & Glenn Handler, Co-Founders and General Partners at OCEANS 79:45 06/03/2020
Tim Jackson and David Kahn, Co-Founders of Jackson Kahn Design 77:19 05/27/2020
Nick Romito and Ryan Masiello, Co-Founders of VTS 52:33 04/16/2020
Anthony Collias and Jacob Wedderburn-Day, Co-Founders of Stasher 69:07 03/26/2020
James McGoff, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of TemperPack 56:18 03/12/2020
Stefani Greenfield, Co-Founder of SCOOP NYC and MY NEXT ACT, Brand Consulting Agency 80:33 02/13/2020
Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, Co-Founders of Coore & Crenshaw 68:31 01/17/2020
Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams, Co-Founders of Jopwell 56:39 12/18/2019
Mike Alfred and Ryan Alfred, Co-Founders of Digital Assets Data 79:01 12/12/2019
Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.® Co-Founder Dennis Riedel 58:00 11/22/2019
Legendary Broadcaster Bob Costas 80:56 10/25/2019
Duos Co-Founders Podcast Season 1 Recap with Hosts Michael Czirjak and Justin Marcus 13:21 06/26/2019
Jenny Evans and Kirsten Ludwig, Co-Founders of BeautyGrass 48:06 06/05/2019
Drew Train and Bill Oberlander, Co-Founders of OBERLAND 62:22 05/10/2019
Josh Thompson and Brad Tucker Co-Founders of Onward Labs 58:10 04/25/2019
Team Reinking Co-Founders Sascha and Jackie Reinking The New York City Elopement Team 53:30 04/11/2019
Sandy Wollman, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Westchester Angels 59:28 04/04/2019
Scout Lab Co-Founders Kaitlyn Barclay and Willow Hill 60:53 03/21/2019
First Due Co-Founders Andreas Huber and Rami El-choufani 56:22 03/12/2019
Jump 450 Co-Founders Patrick Peters and Shaun Sheikh 59:30 03/05/2019
Evan Goldberg, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Development of Oracle NetSuite 74:41 02/05/2019
Flatiron Health CEO and Co-Founder Nat Turner 49:44 01/21/2019
Fairygodboss Co-Founders Georgene Huang and Romy Newman 57:26 01/09/2019
RippleMatch Co-Founders Andrew Myers and Eric Ho 66:30 12/27/2018
Silverline Co-Founders Gireesh Sonnad and Rich Resnick 58:04 12/14/2018
Duos Co-Founders Podcast Genesis with Hosts Michael Czirjak and Justin Marcus 10:07 12/14/2018